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Laser tool The PMC 36 combilaser combines the functions of a point laser and a line laser in one tool. The device projects five visible points and two reference lines (horizontal and vertical) at the touch of a button. With the aid of the accessory laser receiver, the laser beams can be detected at distances up to 100 ft and in unfavorable lighting conditions, according to the company.HiltiCircle

Laser tool

The PMC 36 combilaser combines the functions of a point laser and a line laser in one tool. The device projects five visible points and two reference lines (horizontal and vertical) at the touch of a button. With the aid of the accessory laser receiver, the laser beams can be detected at distances up to 100 ft and in unfavorable lighting conditions, according to the company.
Circle 250

Analytics software

Project Portfolio Analytics software provides users with instant insight into project and corporate health, according to the company. Users can customize more than 20 analytics via a number of filters to summarize and present the requested information. Customizable estimating and project operations analytics as well as executive analytics are available.
Hard Dollar
Circle 251

Entrance plates and hoods

The SCOOP Series of reversible entrance plates and hoods is designed to protect cable. Constructed of rustproof, paintable plastic, the devices can be used facing in or out. The entrance plates are offered in single- (CE1) and 2-gang (CE2) models, while the cable entrance hood is designed for use with decorator plates.
Arlington Industries
Circle 252

Media distribution system

This media distribution system consolidates incoming communication cabling into one centralized location. Offering high-density capacity to maximize enclosure space and minimize the size of in-wall installations, the company says the product supports a greater number of connections in a smaller enclosure as compared to similar products. In addition, it offers the flexibility to mix and match triple play services.
Circle 253

Relay monitors/timers

The DLA Series of 3-phase monitors provides protection for 3-phase equipment in an easy-to-install DIN rail-mounted enclosure, according to the company. In addition, the DTA Series of multifunction time delay relays combines multiple timing functions and ranges into one DIN rail-mounted package.
ATC-Diversified Electronics
Circle 254

Aluminum connectors

These 750kcmil aluminum connectors — for use in terminating 900kcmil compact aluminum conductor — are UL-listed and CSA-certified when installed using the 644-family of dieless compression tools. Manufactured from high conductivity wrought aluminum, the connector's standard tin plating provides corrosion resistance. In addition, the products are dual rated for use on aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-copper, and copper-to-copper conductor combinations.
Circle 255

Emergency luminaires

In the event of a power outage, these power failure lights automatically switch into power failure mode, at which time three high-intensity LEDs are driven to full brightness. In addition, the lights feature a rechargeable battery, fit into standard electrical wall boxes, and include a nightlight mode to provide low-level lighting.
Circle 256

Asset management device

The TrimTrac Pro Locator is a hardware enabler for the company's Construction Manager software. The device uses GPS technology, a motion sensor, and general packet radio service to monitor smaller portable equipment activity. Key data is transmitted to the Construction Manager data center for access to numerous charts and reports, including display of daily activity, asset utilization, and hours of use.
Circle 257

Fire alarm boxes/fittings

These red steel boxes and fittings meet visual identification requirements for fire alarm installations, according to the company. The boxes are designed for use with the company's Red connectors and couplings. Fittings are furnished with Tri-Drive slot/Phillips/Robertson head screws and can be used for emergency circuits and security system applications, as well as for fire alarm systems.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 258

Aerial work platform

This custom aerial work platform measures 45-ft long × 72-in. wide and extends from a lowered height of 5 ft to a maximum raised height of 12-ft, 6-in. Featuring a lift capacity of 1,500 lb, the platform has two independent control stations. In addition, the product's floor-mounted pedestal control station includes a Z-axis control for up and down movement and a Y-axis control for the extension and retraction of platform movement. According to the company, the platform's selector switch secures the platform and determines whether the controls on the platform can be operated with a single station by one person or two-station operation when more than one worker is on the platform.
LPI Lift Systems
Circle 259


According to the company, this line of LED-based retail display luminaires produces true-to-color illumination suitable for retail shelving, display cases, showcases, exhibits, and architectural applications. Offered in flat, corner, slim, and round models, the luminaires are available in either a black or natural aluminum finish, are RoHS-compliant, and contain no mercury, lead, or glass.
Lighting Science Group
Circle 260

Roller shade

The Sivoia QED Roller 20 digitally controlled shade features a 1.25-in. diameter tube and a drive that allows the shades to be smaller in width (a minimum of 18.5 in.). The product can be installed with a 2.75-in. top/back cover and fascia. Square and curved fascias are available in white, bronze, and adonized aluminum.
Circle 261

Cable reel

The CRS/RPR Combo Unit is a cable reel stand and paralleling reel combination designed for dispensing cable. According to the company, the unit is easily transported and protects the paralleling reel from job-site damage. In addition, the product can handle loads up to 5,000 lb.
Circle 262


Circuit Alert GPT-90 linesmens' pliers allow users to cut cable and wire, crimp terminals, hammer staples, and check for live wires. Constructed of forged steel with an over-molded comfort grip, the pliers feature cross knurled jaws for firm gripping, precision hardened cutting blades, a terminal crimping station, and a diagonal cutting head.
Gardner Bender
Circle 263

Service entrance devices

Square D combination service entrance devices feature space for a back-fed inverter circuit breaker along with current transformer mounting for current monitoring equipment, making them suitable for use with a utility interactive inverter. Developed to comply with 2008 NEC 690.64 (B), the devices feature semi-flush construction with a 200A or 225A main circuit breaker and a 26-space/36-circuit Square D Homeline interior.
Schneider Electric
Circle 264

Power distribution box

The X-Treme Box work-site power distribution box is now available in a roll cage version with a stackable design. The cage is constructed with a tubular steel frame that is tapered on its topside to allow several boxes to be vertically stacked together when being moved from one job site to another. OSHA- and NEC-compliant and ETL-listed, the company says the stackable boxes are easier to handle and take up a smaller footprint inside a vehicle than the previous model.
Coleman Cable
Circle 265

Extension brackets

netSELECT extension brackets can be used with either 14-in. or 28-in. height enclosures. Requiring no assembly, the brackets enable enclosures to accommodate networking and A/V equipment installations that require heat dissipation. Attached to the face of the enclosure, the devices extend the cabinet door out 2 in. Louvers on the product's top and bottom panels feature multiple knockouts for cable entry/exit and to accommodate a WiFi antenna attachment.
Hubbell Wiring Systems
Circle 266

Time tracking software

This software package, which is built on a scalable SQL database, allows users to collect employee time, daily field reports, and equipment usage in real time or for input later. Additional product features include ultrafast synchronization, straightforward screens, easy defaults, and an optional Spanish language interface.
Circle 267

Grounding tails

Pail-o-Tails is a re-closable 1-gal pail featuring 500 6.5-in., 12 AWG solid wire grounding tails. According to the company, the ruggedly built pail moves with the user from one job site to the next without spilling, taking up space in a vehicle, or allowing dirt or moisture inside. Once emptied, the pail can be used to hold additional supplies.
Ideal Industries
Circle 268

Tamper-resistant nightlight/GFCI

This tamper-resistant nightlight/GFCI combination device meets the 2008 NEC standards for child electrical safety. The device incorporates a sealed LED nightlight into a duplex receptacle. The nightlight is sealed with a Lexan lens and features a 20-year life expectancy, according to the company. A photocell illuminates the light in the dark and turns it off automatically in the daytime. In addition, the receptacle's built-in shutter system prevents children from inserting metal objects into the slots and touching electrically live components.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 269

Lensless shower trim

The NTM-726W is 6-in. lensless shower trim. UL-listed and labeled for wet locations, the product is designed for use with 75W PAR30 and 100W PAR38 lamps (not included). According to the company, the product's open design allows the use of more efficient lamps.
Nora Lighting
Circle 270

Inspection lighting fixtures/carts

This series of inspection lighting fixtures and carts is designed for standardized and specialized use in hazardous, industrial, and commercial work areas. Included in the series are permanent fixtures for hazardous locations. Available in 4-ft and 8-ft lengths, the fixtures are constructed from a cold-rolled steel 1-piece housing and finished with a specular polished reflector. In addition, the 4-ft 2-fixture and 3-fixture inspection light carts provide portable lighting solutions for numerous applications. Light fixtures are mounted either vertically or horizontally (horizontal mounting is available only on the 2-fixture cart), and are attached with swivel mounting brackets.
LDPI Lighting
Circle 271


The ARCA enclosure product line now features optional mounting flanges. When used in pairs, they allow the box to be mounted in both normal portrait orientation and landscape orientation. Featuring an opaque or transparent cover, the devices are available in seven standard interior enclosure sizes, ranging from 6 in. × 6 in. × 4 in to 18 in. × 16 in. × 10 in. In addition, the products are UL-listed and NEMA-rated Type 4, 4X, 12, and 13.
Fibox Enclosures
Circle 272

Outdoor luminaires

The Site Wallforms Series of luminaires now includes super bright white LED versions in 30W or 60W modules. Featuring heavy-wall cast aluminum heads, the luminaires have a sealed fixture-to-wall junction and no exposed mounting hardware. Offered in two fixture styles, available finishes include black, dark bronze, light gray, platinum silver, and white.
Kim Lighting
Circle 273

WiFi system

Pro-WAV 100 is designed to deliver complete home wireless coverage with minimal equipment. When combined with a standard, commercially available access point or router, the company says a single Pro-WAV 100 system can cover an entire home or area of up to 10,000 sq ft. In addition, the company says the product extends wireless network coverage by 400% or more.
Luxul Wireless
Circle 274

Universal voltage switch

The Vierti product line of dimmers and switches now includes a universal voltage switch. According to the company, the voltage switch is able to operate magnetic low voltage (MLV), electronic low voltage (ELV), and fluorescent load types at 277V.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 275

Tire pressure monitoring system

The Doran 360HD tire pressure monitoring system provides drivers with at-a-glance status updates via the company's Green Means GOOD indicator. The system monitors up to 36 tires for truck, tractor, and trailer applications with wireless tire pressure sensors that are screwed onto the valve stems and transmit a signal to a monitor in the cab. The driver is alerted through multiple alarms types (audible, location, pressure, and warning symbol) and a “Fast Leak” alarm so that low tire-pressure problems can be addressed. The system works with dual-wheel configuration or wide-base single configuration.
Doran Mfg.
Circle 276

Photoluminescent lighting

Acriglo photoluminescent lighting is designed for use in security lighting applications. According to the company, the product provides an additional 1½ hr to 2 hr of illumination without a back-up power source during the loss of electricity. Charged by the luminosity emitted during the normal operation of a light, the product is offered in several colors and textures, and can be charged and discharged indefinitely, without any degradation to the performance of the acrylic. Available thicknesses range from ⅛ in to ⅜ in.
Circle 277

Solar carport

The PowerPort is a freestanding, 2-vehicle carport that features double-sided solar panels integrated into its structure. According to the company, the structure takes one day to install. In addition, the company says the 3.42kW structure generates enough electricity to offset a modest household's electrical needs or the recharging of two electric vehicles.
Lumos Solar
Circle 278

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