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Range and dryer boxes These range and dryer boxes are available in both nail-on or screw-on mount styles. The boxes' large cable entry accommodates No. 6 or No. 8 gage copper or aluminum wire, commonly found in range and dryer applications. Its stabilizer legs and a positioning tab maintain device rigidity during plug insertion and removal, permitting the use of a phantom stud. With 42 cu in. of wire

Range and dryer boxes

These range and dryer boxes are available in both nail-on or screw-on mount styles. The boxes' large cable entry accommodates No. 6 or No. 8 gage copper or aluminum wire, commonly found in range and dryer applications. Its stabilizer legs and a positioning tab maintain device rigidity during plug insertion and removal, permitting the use of a phantom stud. With 42 cu in. of wire space, these boxes are designed for fast, simple installation.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 250

Screw-on conduit support

The CADDY CATCR50 cable retainer is a plastic, low-voltage cable support with an easy-lock closure and an attachment base. Featuring round edges to avoid over-bending and kinking of cables, the cable retainer can be installed on racks, ceilings, and walls, vertically or horizontally. Its patented closure is designed to permit cable to be added quickly and easily, and its locking teeth retain bundled cable in a one-piece support.
Circle 251

Residential networking kit

The MediaSync Value Solutions family of residential networking kits is designed to offer an efficient, easy-to-use platform for installing phone and video services. These networking kits come in a variety of flush- and surface-mounted panels, packaged with the core components required to complete most home structured wiring projects. The kit models including a 15-in. value kit, a surface mount with voice and video kit, a quad-gang plate with voice and video kit, and a dual-gang plate with voice kit.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 252

Nonmetallic nail-on boxes

Thomas & Betts introduces two nonmetallic nail-on boxes in its Steel City Bowers product line that offer time-saving features for residential wood-stud applications. The nonmetallic single-gang “fast-set” switch box offers quick device mounting and has a capacity of 20.3 cu. in. The nonmetallic 3 ½-in. fire alarm ceiling box is red for easy identification and has a capacity of 16 cu. in. Both are constructed of durable polycarbonate that is resistant to temperature extremes and offers a two-hour firewall and ceiling rating.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 253

Electronic HID ballast

The e-Vision electronic HID ballast for the operation of two 39W metal halide lamps is suited for a variety of recessed and accent lighting applications within the retail, commercial, institutional, and hospitality industries. Compact and lightweight, the ballast measures 4.7 in. × 3.6 in. × 1.5 in., enabling it to blend easily into modern fixture designs. Its HID technology is designed to last three times longer than halogen and up to five times longer than incandescent options. The ballast also features all-metallic enclosures for heat transfer, a 90°C maximum case temperature rating to ensure long life in high-temperature applications, and enhanced safety features.
Circle 254


This 2,000W dimmer is designed to provide high-capacity dimming for homes using Miro Wireless lighting control systems. The dimmer is compatible with most dimmable loads such as chandeliers, tiers of recessed lighting, or outdoor fixtures, as opposed to the previous method of separating circuits into different branches and controlling each branch separately. It can be controlled by Miro multilocation controllers, room or house level scene controllers, or other wireless Miro dimmers.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 255

IR thermometer

Extech Instruments introduces the 42515 wide range infrared thermometer with type K input. Storing up to 20 readings and capable of measuring both non-contact and contact temperature, the IR thermometer is designed for various industrial applications including automotive/transportation, HVAC/R, inks/laminates/coatings, plant maintenance and repair, electrical contracting, and food services. The 42515 delivers a wide temperature range for infrared measurements from -58 to 1472°F (-50 to 800°C) as well as the type K thermocouple measurements from -58 to 2498°F (-50 to 1370°C). An adjustable high/low alarm that alerts the user visually and audibly when temperatures exceed programmed limits is included.
Extech Instruments
Circle 256

Dieless crimping tool

The EK121D and CK121D dieless crimping tools are designed for non-residential electrical contractors and power utility underground and substation crews. The crimpers feature an indentor crimping head capable of crimping a wide range of lugs and splices, as well as a flip-open crimping head to help get around large lugs and splices. They are UL and cUL classified for eight brands of aluminum color-coded connectors from 6 AWG to 1,000 kcmil and for eight brands of copper-coded connectors from 4 AWG to 1,000 kcmil.
Circle 257

Annular cutters

The line of RotaCut annular cutters is designed for making holes in sheet metal and plate materials, including non-ferrous alloys, plastics and other materials up to ½-in. thick. RotaCut cutters are hardened, precision ground tools that are able to produce round, virtually burr-free holes without deforming the surrounding material. The cutters are designed to work in standard ⅜ in. and ½ in. hand-held drills, as well as air feed drilling spindles for high volume production applications.
Circle 258

Outlet cover

The WP3100C while-in-use outlet cover offers 2 ¾-in. internal depth to accommodate standard residential applications with ½-in. outlet ports. The unit installs in the vertical or horizontal position, and features hinges that are concealed behind the clear cover. The base features easy-to-remove outlet ports, a locking hasp for a ⅛-in. shank lock, and a pre-adhered gasket for secure installation.
Circle 259

Carrying gear

The HawkNose cordless drill module features an angled hawk-nosed design that captures and settles the tool's center of gravity. The double-strut MaxCon docking system distributes the balanced weight of the tool in a vertical orientation at the base of the wearer's back. The deep-pocket HawkNose cordless drill module is crafted to accommodate any ⅜-in. or ½-in. pistol-grip style cordless drill driver or hammer drill. The wide-mouth top opening is flared down and out to make drill access and retrieval easy and direct.
Circle 260

Conduit installation clip

The Fly-Trip Clip is the latest Stick-E accessory for the company's Trak-It gas-fastening tool. The clip's adjustable grip is designed to simplify installation. To use the clip, place it on the nose of the company's C3-ST tool, press the clip against the wall, and shoot. Then position the conduit, pipe, or cable run between two or more clips and snap the clips shut. The clip is available in three size ranges and secures the conduit, pipe, or cable run in place.
Power Fasteners
Circle 261

Residential wiring devices

This company's homeSELECT residential electrical wiring devices and its netSELECT residential communications, data, and structured wiring products include standard decorator style receptacles and switches, GFCIs, lighting controls, wallplates, weather resistant covers, lamp holders, electrical accessories, residential delivery systems, voice/data/audio/video products, and structured wiring systems.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 262

Halogen lamp

The Capsylite e-Pro halogen PAR38 lamp is designed with a rocket-shaped circuit board. This circuit board enables the lamp to produce 35% more lumens and last 80% longer than a similar wattage halogen PAR lamp, according to the manufacturer. The e-Pro boasts a 4500-hour lamp life and is lead-free.
Osram Sylvania
Circle 263

Cable tray system

The Flip Clip offers an inexpensive way to securely hang and level wire basket trays in commercial facilities. It can be used with ¼-in. and ⅜-in. threaded rods, eliminating the need for multiple clip sizes. It requires only one nut and one tool for installation, reducing material costs. To install wire baskets using Flip Clip, simply place the nut onto a threaded rode, slide the clip onto the rod, hang the wire basket on the hooks and adjust the nut for leveling. Then bend two tabs with a screwdriver or pliers, securing the clip to the basket and to the rod.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 264

Fluorescent lamp

The Neolite T2 compact fluorescent lamp is an Energy Star qualified lamp with a 10,000-hr life and an average of up to 70 lumens per watt. Because it uses up to 75% less energy than incandescent lamps, Neolite conserves energy and significantly decreases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere by power plants, according to the manufacturer. Neolite CFLs contain only 1 mg of mercury inside its tube, making it safer for the environment when it is disposed at the end of life.
Litetronics International
Circle 265

Electrical boxes

These steel electrical boxes are preassembled with metal clad (MC) cable clamps. The boxes are available in 3½-in., 4-in. and 411/16-in. octagons and squares in a range of depths. All boxes are UL-listed, and some models include mounting brackets. The preassembled cable clamps save installation time and labor costs.
Circle 266

Cordless driver and wrench

The SID 121-A cordless impact driver and SIW 121-A cordless impact wrench offer high torque, and power. The SID 121-A features a torque rating of 1,155 in.-lbs. And the SIW 121-A features a torque of 1,290 in.-lbs. The impact driver and wrench have little reactionary torque, so users can work longer, which helps to increase jobsite productivity. With two digitally controlled speeds for better screw fastening performance, the operator can select the right speed for his application. The units are also equipped with dual spindle bearings and a drop-resistant casing made from a glass fiber composite.
Circle 267

Fall protection kit

Compliance-in-a-Can fall protection system has been upgraded to a ⅝-in. lifeline and rope adjuster. OSHA/ANSI approved, it includes a full body harness, shock-absorbing lanyard with attached rope grab, roof anchor device, and 50-ft rope lifeline all packaged in a can that acts as a counterweight.
Capital Safety
Circle 268

Coax connector

This tool works on both the compression-style hex F connectors popular in CATV installations and the BNC-style connectors used for CCTV. It's useful when installing video surveillance systems, professional AV equipment, and satellite and cable television systems. Its thin shaft allows installers to slide the tool's open socket onto a connector and then tighten or loosen it without damaging the termination.
Ideal Industries
Circle 269

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