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Cordless drills The Lok-Tor series of 14.4V and 18V cordless driver/drills and hammer-drills delivers high torque and high speeds. The drills feature an all-metal, single-sleeve ratcheting chuck with carbide jaws that provides grip torque on the drill. They also produce speeds as high as 1,700 rpm in 2-speed gear cases.Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.Circle 250 Electronic ballast The ICN-4S54-90C-2LS

Cordless drills

The Lok-Tor series of 14.4V and 18V cordless driver/drills and hammer-drills delivers high torque and high speeds. The drills feature an all-metal, single-sleeve ratcheting chuck with carbide jaws that provides grip torque on the drill. They also produce speeds as high as 1,700 rpm in 2-speed gear cases.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
Circle 250

Electronic ballast

The ICN-4S54-90C-2LS is designed for the operation of as many as four lamps, at any input voltage between 120V and 277V, 50/60 Hz. The electronic ballast also operates 36/39W, 50W, and 55W long twin tube lamps, as well as F58T8 lamps.
Advance Transformer Co.
Circle 251

Crimping/cutting tool

The J1005 is designed to crimp insulated and non-insulated 10 AWG to 20 AWG solderless terminals and connectors. The tool has markings to identify the insulated or non-insulated crimping dies. It features a dual-material handle design, measuring 9.75 in. in length. The crimping/cutting tool also carries a lifetime warranty.
Klein Tools
Circle 252

Vinyl cloth labels

The B498 vinyl cloth labels use a pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive to allow clean removal and repositioning. The labels have a formulated topcoat for thermal transfer printing and are designed for use in general industrial, datacom, and electrical applications. They allow end-users to identify the wires during assembly, both before and after termination.
Brady, Inc.
Circle 253

Cable ties

Low-Profile cable ties eliminate cuts and abrasions to wires, cables, hoses, products, and users. The 7.5-in. ties provide strength while allowing the head to flex around the contour of the bundled wires or tubing. They have a tensile strength of 50 lbs and come in bags of 100 and 1,000. The ties can be used in OEM, HVAC, and telecom projects.
Circle 254

Plate and box supports

Uni-Mount mounting plate and box supports fit 4-in. square boxes and eliminate the need to stock and assemble multiple parts. The plate and box supports are designed for use with metal or wood studs. UL Listed and CSA certified, they're available as a single or two-device cover and come in .5-in., .625-in. and .75-in. raised covers.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 255

Duct rodders

These duct rodders are constructed of fiberglass strands with thermosetting gel and proprietary strengthening agents. A UV-stabilized safety-yellow polypropylene coating offers protection against water and extreme temperature conditions. The rodders are mounted on lightweight tubular steel carriers protected from corrosion by a black-oxide finish. They're available in .25-in., .375-in., and .5-in. diameters in lengths from 100 ft to 1,000 ft.
General Machine Products Co.
Circle 256

Crimping dies

These 12-ton and 6-ton crimping dies are available in four different kits, allowing distributors a single source for crimping dies. They save the time required to inventory multiple die sets. The UL and cUL classified dies are designed for use on copper and aluminum lugs and splices. The 12-ton kits contain 15 dies for color-coded aluminum or copper connectors from 6 AWG through 750Kcmil, and the 6-ton kits contain 15 connectors from 8 AWG through 350Kcmil.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 257

Power analyzer

The 806 power analyzer offers four test programs, including the standard energy and harmonics program and optional disturbances program. It provides single- and 3-phase measurements with auto-configuration to standard electrical systems, along with true rms readings. Other features include 1MB of internal memory, optional FIFO memory, and auto detect clamps.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Circle 200

Web reporting tool

The Total Web Solutions (TWS) Ethernet card and Web reporting tool allows users to access and monitor real-time power data via the Internet. It provides Web-based power meter information features from online substation monitoring to system-wide energy management. It hosts the data directly on the series power meter and includes a range of features, including fully customized Web page development and instant alarm e-mails direct from the meter.
Electro Industries/Gauge Tech
Circle 201

Integration software

The UniNet 2000 incorporates fire, security, access control, and CCTV on a single network. This client-server technology allows operators to integrate fire and security building systems into a customized, graphics-oriented platform, creating a unified command center for monitoring and controlling building safety systems. It features a history manager that provides flexible access to stored events using filters and configurable automatic history backups.
Circle 202

Trip units

Micrologic trip units provide power metering and monitoring, protective relaying, and the ability to communicate with an entire electric distribution system. They offer basic circuit protection, including LED trip indication and long-time, optional short-time, and instantaneous protection adjustments. The ammeter version provides a phase-loading bar graph, ground-fault protection, zone selective interlocking, and communications interfaces.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 203

Safety training program

The “Safe Behavior — No Regrets” CD-ROM teaches workers to analyze everyday choices to ensure workplace safety. The program covers principles of behavior awareness, the power of positive reinforcement, the importance of interpersonal communication, and how to make safety a part of everyday work practices.
Summit Training Source, Inc.
Circle 204

Battery system

The PowerSafe DDm battery system provides long service life for applications that require large capacity valve-regulated batteries, such as telecommunications, power generation and distribution, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications. The battery cells are encased in protective steel shells that provide consistent compression. The module design uses thermal management that allows airflow, and the one-piece container construction helps improve leak resistance.
EnerSys, Inc.
Circle 201

Clamp meter test kit

The TK32 clamp meter test kit is designed for professionals who install, troubleshoot, and repair electrical and HVAC equipment. The kit includes an autoranging, true rms clamp-plus-multimeter that measures AC/DC current to 600A with 0.1A resolution. It measures voltage, resistance, capacitance, and temperature. The kit also includes a set of 1,000V CAT III test leads, a type-K temperature probe, and a carrying case with wrist strap.
Extech Instruments
Circle 205

Explosion-proof enclosures

These explosion-proof enclosures are available with bi-directional bolt-on mounting lugs that allow either vertical or horizontal mounting orientation. The ductile aluminum alloy lugs adapt to irregular surfaces so the bolts can be tightened without damaging the enclosure. Certifications include UL Standard 1203 and CSA Standard C22.2 No. 30.
Circle 206

Generator set

The G3500 series natural-gas-fueled gen-sets are designed to deliver electricity at low cost per kilowatt-hour in both island mode and grid parallel operations. The gen-sets are driven by lean-burn gas reciprocating engines in 12-, 16-, and 20-cylinder configurations, operating at 1,500 rpm/50 Hz, 1,200 rpm/60 Hz, or 1,800 rpm/60 Hz, with ratings as high as 2.1MW. They use an open combustion chamber design, and their low-pressure fuel systems allow them to fit in a range of distributed generation settings.
Circle 207

Stainless steel motor

Premium stainless steel motors are designed to withstand corrosive solutions containing lye, bleach, acids, alkalines, and surfactants. Double-sealed bearings pre-lubricated with moisture-resistant, high-temperature grease are used on both ends of the motor. They're available with stock ratings from .5 hp to 10 hp and 1,750 rpm to 3,450 rpm, with selected ratings available in 1,140 rpm. The stock motors are configured with NEMA C faces and mounting bases for universal mounting.
Circle 208

Safety signs

Trident safety signs are easy to mount and come with a 30-year warranty. The three-color, 3-D engraved signs won't fade, crack, chip, or peel, and will withstand the damaging effects of extreme temperatures and other harmful weather conditions. They're available in three standard sizes of 7 in.×11 in., 10 in.×14 in., and 14 in.×20 in., with a choice of hundreds of safety messages.
Circle 209

Surveillance systems

The Quiet-Cool series security surveillance and monitoring console is designed to meet the demands of today's technology with an active thermal management system to keep equipment cool. It also has sound isolation capabilities, including acoustic damping material on the insides of side panels, gasketing on all doors, quiet-running fans, baffled fan exhausts, and air intakes.
Middle Atlantic Products
Circle 210

Surge protector device

This line of Surgelogic surge protector devices (SPDs) provide transient voltage surge suppression. The SPDs meet a range of peak surge protection to 480kA. They're available in multiple formats and meet a range of application needs, from commissioning to retrofit.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 150

Power management software

The upgraded Personal Solutions-Pac power management software offers user-friendly features to SOHO and small businesses. The software can operate in Windows ME/2000/XP hibernate mode, and when input power is interrupted, it will automatically save all open files in process and initiate hibernation. It also includes a screen that displays remaining battery backup time available, letting the user know whether additional devices can be safely plugged into the UPS without overloading the system.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 151

Surge protector

The Snap Lite is a quick-connect surge protector for 66-block multiple-line systems. Its single-pair configuration and five service voltage options (30V to 130V) addresses a variety of telecom, voice data, and twisted-pair video applications on the same 66-block. An LED light on the face of the unit goes out if the surge protector has blown, simplifying troubleshooting. If the light is off, the protector has performed its job and protected telecom equipment. The surge protector features sneak-current protection and guards against both over-amperage and over-voltage conditions. Able to survive thousands of small surges, it allows a continuous current of 150mA and offers tip-to-ground and ring-to-ground protection modes. The surge protector measures 3.25 in.×1.6 in.×.38 in. and weighs 14g.
Ditek Corp.
Circle 152

Monitoring system

The I-Grid is an Internet-based, real-time distributed power quality and reliability monitoring and notification system that uses low-cost monitors. The system-wide grid monitoring effort helps improve customer service by using monitors that are less than 10% of the cost of existing monitors. Utility applications range in variety from monitoring customer sites, substations, and feeders, to outage reporting and enabling delivery of value-added services.
SoftSwitching Technologies
Circle 153

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