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Waveshape alarm As the latest component for the Powerlogic series 4000 circuit monitor, this waveshape alarm detects changes in the shape of incoming voltage or current signal waveforms. The permanently mounted circuit monitor is equipped with impulsive transient detection capability. It can meter almost any time-of-use or real-time rate, and values can be scaled and displayed in any unit including

Waveshape alarm

As the latest component for the Powerlogic series 4000 circuit monitor, this waveshape alarm detects changes in the shape of incoming voltage or current signal waveforms. The permanently mounted circuit monitor is equipped with impulsive transient detection capability. It can meter almost any time-of-use or real-time rate, and values can be scaled and displayed in any unit including dollars.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 150

Power quality analyzer

The WM3-96 power quality analyzer measures system characteristics like TRMS of THD, voltage, current, and demand, and it performs harmonic analysis to the 50th harmonic. The analyzer includes a 32-bit microprocessor in a 96-mm × 96-mm housing and displays measurements on a 128-in. × 64-in. LCD. It uses RTU protocol for monitoring as many as 255 instruments.
Carlo Gavazzi
Circle 151

Energy and power quality meter

The Nexus 1252 energy and power quality meter enables users to perform flicker and power quality analysis. The meter features as many as 16 relays and eight resets controlled through DNP, freeze commands, auto calibration with temperature compensation, voltage surge and sag recording. It can store as many as 512 samples/cycle and it's EN50160 compliant.
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Circle 152

Line-interactive UPS system

The S2K series of ultra-compact, line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems protects equipment like PCs, workstations, and computer peripherals from damage during surges, spikes, and blackouts. The UPS system features voltage regulation topology, data line protection, and a built-in AVR that saves battery power when input voltage drops below 78V. It carries power ratings from 300VA through 1,000VA and is available with 120VAC and 230VAC.
Circle 153

Digital multimeter

The AC75 three-in-one, clamp-style digital multimeter incorporates a 4,000-count digital multimeter, a Type-K digital thermometer, and a 600A AC clamp. The multimeter measures as high as 600A AC and 4,000mA DC with 0.1mA resolution. It also includes capacitance measurement to 4,000µF, 750/1,000V AC/DC, 40 meg-ohms resistance, a jaw opening that accommodates up to a 1.3-in. diameter conductor, and a CAT III 600V UL safety rating.
Wavetek Meterman
Circle 205

Liquidtight fittings and conduits

This line of high/low temperature, insulated, liquid tight conduits and fittings is rated for environments from 260°C to 150°C. HT fittings feature a double-beveled sealing ring with five sealing mechanisms, and adjustable revolver grounding fittings. The metal conduits feature a standard core with a thermoplastic rubber jacket. Both are available in sizes from 0.375 in. to 4 in.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 212

Copper braid jumper

The flexible copper braid jumper is designed to take up linear expansion and contraction, compensate for misalignment, and absorb vibratory movement of electrical equipment and devices. The braids prevent breakage of insulators, bushings, and equipment due to misalignment during the settling of the foundation. They absorb shock and vibration of operating equipment by providing flexible, current-carrying leads between moving parts of heavy machinery and equipment. The braids are made of tinned pure copper wire that's woven and flattened in a rectangular shape. Seamless, pure copper ferrules are formed on each end.
Circle 204

Heat trace control panels

WeatherTrace heat trace control panels feature flexible power distribution, ground fault protection, circuit alarms, line sensing, and ambient sensing controls. The NEMA 4 panels are single-door, wall-mount enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications. Standard models are available in 12-, 18-, 20-, 30-, and 42-position panel boards with 100A and 225A bus ratings in single- and 3-phase configurations. Branch circuits are available in 20A, 25A, 30A, and 40A single-pole and 2-pole configurations with 30mA ground-fault equipment protection. The panels are UL and cUL compliant.
Circle 209

Floor boxes

RFB9 and RFB11 high-capacity A/V floor boxes feature covers with TopGuard protection that meet UL requirements for scrub water exclusion. The covers keep dirt and debris out of power and communications compartments and are approved for tile, wood, terrazzo, and carpet floors. The RFB9 floor box has four separate compartments and nine gangs for A/V power and communications. Its shallow profile allows installation in a 4-in. concrete pour. The RFB11 floor box has four compartments and 11 gangs and can be installed in a 6-in. pour.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 208

Modular switch

This modular managed switch features a head station and two side-by-side modules for expansion from two to 24 ports. The switch's front or bottom cable access options are compatible with twisted-pair, glass fiber, polymer, or HCS cables. Point-and-click diagnostics and LED indicators enable users to perform ongoing device and network checks. Additional features include vibration-proof push-pull locking, Web-based management, and network management protocol.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 203

Metering device

The 225A EZ Meter-Pak line of residential branch devices comprises metering devices designed to reduce horizontal wall space. The devices are applicable for structures like multi-floor office buildings, apartment complexes, multi-family mixed developments, or any space-constrained area. They're equipped with five 70A to 225A meter/circuit breaker positions for single-phase out service in 17.5 in. of wall space.
Schneider Electric
Circle 266

Luminescent fiberglass rods

The 540-15 Glo Stix luminescent fiberglass rods glow in the dark to make it easier to fish voice, data, and video wires in dark spaces like above ceilings and in walls. The Glo Stix kit includes three 5-ft fiberglass sections that thread together for a total of 15 ft. The rods feature a 200-lb minimum pulling strength and come in a clear, non-metallic storage tube that keeps them charged and ready to use. Each rod features a bullet nose tip and a hook nose tip.
Circle 260

Circular saw blades

Endurance carbide-tipped, 8-in., metal-cutting circular saw blades are designed for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The 42-tooth 48-40-4515 model is recommended for metals more than 0.09 in. thick, and the 50-tooth 48-40-4520 model is recommended for thinner materials. The carbide-tipped blade line also contains 6.5-in. blades in 40-, 48-, and 60-tooth configurations for non-ferrous metals and plastics or ferrous metals and fiber cement.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 262

Compact ballast

With temperature rise capability as high as 50°C, the 90-30 Extreme Temperature Compact Ballast can operate in ceiling fixtures as hot as 90°C because it operates at 40°C at room ambient temperature. The ballast case has a minimum operating temperature of -30°C.
AC Electronics
Circle 251

Multimode fiber

Gigalite-10XB 50-micron multimode fiber supports 10 gigabit Ethernet by using serial 850 nm VCSEL technologies, which allows the cable to operate up to 600 m. The fiber comes with a modal bandwidth of 4,900 MHz/km, and it delivers a maximum attenuation of 3.0 dB/km.
Circle 263

Hydraulic hand tools

The redesigned TDY-1 and TDY-U hydraulic hand tools feature a pressure selection control on the handle that permits the tool to crimp a variety of connector styles and sizes. The tool head rotates 180° and can insert or remove butt splices as high as 750 MCM. A two-speed hydraulic pump advances the ram into contact with the connector then automatically shifts it into crimping mode. The tools have a conductor range of 4 AWG to 750 MCM copper and 4 AWG to 1,000 MCM aluminum. They also feature a variable force as high as 14 tons.
Circle 258

Fire alarm control panel

The IdentiFlex (IF) 602 analog addressable fire alarm control panel is the latest addition to the 600 series of control panels. The IF 602 is best suited for small- to medium-sized installations of commercial, institutional, and industrial life safety applications. It uses peer-to-peer protocol that features connections to as many as 250 network nodes, is self-programming, and XP95 fully-digital communications protocol, which allows for compatibility with any type of new or existing wire. It also uses a SmartStart function that identifies and configures all system modules, circuits, and devices to default alarm mode. Fully-digital single or dual SLCs support as many as 126 analog points each for event reporting.
Circle 253

Fixture box

The model FB417S 20-cu-in. plastic fixture box nails onto a single or double joist to support fans and fixtures as heavy as 70 lb. The box fits ceilings as thick as 1.5 in. and comes with steel mounting brackets and an NM cable connector. The installation screws come in place.
Circle 250

Trench shovels

Designed to dig or clean out narrow trenches for irrigation supply lines, electrical conduit, or cable TV, the eight shovels in the Razor-Back line feature lowered-handle lifts and 12-gauge steel blades. Four of the shovels are equipped with ash handles, and the other four come with yellow fiberglass handles. The fiberglass shovels have a cast epoxy plug that reinforces the head-to-handle connection. Heads for both types of shovels are available in 3-in., 4-in., 5-in., and 6-in. blade widths.
Circle 254

Universal bushings

These universal bushings with open/close rings mount around pre-assembled wires, cable, and hose bundles to route and secure them inside electrical panels. The bushings absorb vibration, cushion, and insulate items in situations with limited internal clearance. Their split design allows side entry and permits use with through-routed assemblies. They're available in nine sizes with 0.5-in. to 1.5-in. diameter holes and accommodate any shape to a maximum diameter of 1.062 in.
Circle 257

Remote takeoff system

This remote takeoff system loads onto a handheld computer, which allows the user to perform an on-site takeoff. It works on both the Palm and Pocket PC operating systems.
McCormick Systems
Circle 265

Mesh netting

This plastic mesh netting is designed to organize and protect wire, fiber, cable, piping, tubing, hose, and other products. The netting surrounds the product in a 4-in. × 1.75-in. profile of flexible polypropylene plastic. It's waterproof, corrosion-proof, nonconductive, and crack resistant, and it's available in a variety of lengths and colors.
Creative Plastics & Design
Circle 255

Strain relief connectors

Grip-Tite strain relief connectors secure and seal cords or cables that enter an enclosure or cabinet and allow them to be installed without disassembling the fitting. Their slim profile permits closer spacing between connectors, and they have a two-piece internal design with a nylon gripper coupled with a neoprene grommet that provides pullout protection and a moisture-proof seal. The connectors are suitable for NEMA 4 enclosures and other wet locations like marinas and washdown areas. The connector body and gland nut are made of malleable iron with a protective zinc electroplate finish. They're available in 0.5-in. to 3-in. straight sections and 0.5-in. to 1.25-in. 90° bent sections to fit cords ranging from 0.156 in. to 2.5 in. The connectors come with a knockout sealing ring and locknut.
Circle 256

AFCI tester

The pocket-sized AS2000 simulates parallel arcing between line and neutral to test 15A and 20A fault-circuit breakers. When equipped with a two-wire adapter, it can test two-wire AFCI circuits. The AS2000 is UL 1436-Listed.
Fox Meter
Circle 252


Decora snap-on, screwless wallplates can be manually ratcheted into place once they're positioned over a subplate. They're made of polycarbonate and are available in 1- to 6-gang configurations, in a variety of colors.
Circle 261

LEDs and LED lamps

These 3,200K warm incandescent, white LEDs and LED lamps have 100,000-hr life spans. They're available in a variety of configurations, sizes, dispersion angles, packages, and standard electrical bases. The LED lamps come in sizes ranging from 3-mm midget flange to 3.75-in. R30-style spotlights. The standard electrical bases make it possible to integrate the lamps into existing wiring systems without modifications. Lamp bases are available in candelabra, 25-mm Edison screw, 15-mm bayonet, wedge, and flange. The LEDs and lamps are available in all standard domestic and international voltages.
Circle 264

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