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Wire duct Clipline wire duct features flexible that have two score lines, facilitating removal. In addition, the wire duct features a notched score line that eliminates the need for notching pliers to break off the fingers. Ranging in size from 25 mm to 120 mm, the product is available in 2-m lengths, matching the company's standard DIN rail.Phoenix ContactCircle High-output

Wire duct

Clipline wire duct features flexible “fingers” that have two score lines, facilitating removal. In addition, the wire duct features a notched score line that eliminates the need for notching pliers to break off the fingers. Ranging in size from 25 mm to 120 mm, the product is available in 2-m lengths, matching the company's standard DIN rail.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 200

High-output lamp

This 49W high-output T5 fluorescent lamp offers users up to 50% energy savings over typical metal-halide lamps, according to the company. Featuring a mercury content of only 1.4 mg, the lamp has a rated life of up to 35,000 hr. Suitable for medium- and high-bay applications, the product is safety-coated with a clear plastic coating that will safely contain virtually all glass, phosphors, and mercury in the event the lamp is broken.
Circle 201

Operating handles

These door-mounted operating handles are for Series G circuit breakers. Offered in three shaft lengths, two color schemes, and type 1/12/3R or Type 4/4X ratings, the handle mechanism is designed to fit a variety of applications and enclosure configurations. In addition, the product's metal-on-metal defeater between the handle and shaft is designed to prevent contaminant build-up that could impede operation, while ultraviolet- and chemical agent-resistant materials protect the handle from heat and fading in direct sunlight and from contaminants in harsh environments. The product also features stand-off support that the company says allows for easy operation with a gloved hand.
Circle 202

Sway bracing products

The Caddy brand line of sway bracing products for seismic and other catastrophic events includes structural attachments and longitudinal and lateral sway braces. Featuring a one-size-fits-all design, the NFPA-compliant products are UL-listed and FM compliant. In addition, they are suitable for use with service pipe up to 10 in.
Circle 203

Energy tracking software

Energy Track Reporting Tool software displays a space's actual energy usage on an intuitive dashboard interface. Energy monitoring chips built into the company's control components allow for accurate reporting via the Energy Track tool at a zone or circuit level. In addition, the software can record the occupancy of any space equipped with an occupancy sensor. By applying continuous commissioning, users can add 15% to 45% savings over a normally commissioned building, according to the company.
Convia/a Herman Miller Co.
Circle 204

Transfer switches

RTS Series transfer switches are capable of closing in on and withstanding 30 cycles of fault current, according to the company. In addition, the switches have the withstand capacity to allow downstream devices to clear a fault before upstream devices. Available in single- and dual-motor versions in ratings from 100A to 4,000A for either open- or closed-transition switching, the devices are also available in load-break bypass and no load-break bypass versions.
Circle 205

Flood light

The Woodhead hazardous location portable flood light features two 300W halogen lamps that do not heat the enclosure above 160°C, according to the company. Featuring a rubber (SOW) cord set and a hazardous location plug, the product includes a collapsible tripod. The shock-absorbent ABS base support allows the legs to open to more than 5 ft in diameter when fully opened. In addition, the product features full 3-axis adjustable light heads, 360° directional range, and a telescoping height from 50 in. to 64 in.
Circle 206

Voltage transducers

The VTR Series of AC voltage transducers now features a 36.5-mm-wide DIN-rail-compatible enclosure and expanded models for applications up to 500V. Additionally, the ROHS-compliant transducers include an optional extended-duty transformer that provides for isolation voltages of up to 3,500V. Other features include true rms sensing, quick response time, wide temperature range, and galvanic isolation.
NK Technologies
Circle 207

Panel Management Software

eye:d electrical panel management software is a Web-based program that allows users to keep up-to-date information on electrical loads throughout a facility. The program's highlights include the ability to track measured loads versus connected loads and track verified and non-verified loads. In addition, users can print customized electrical panel directories, panel schedules, and power load summaries.
Circle XXX

Photovoltaic fuse

The PV Fuse amperage now covers 1A through 15A for protecting solar panel photovoltaic (PV) cell strings. The fuse provides low-level fault protection that can clear faults as low as 1.3 × In at 1,000VDC. Designed for 4-in., 5-in., and 6-in. solar cell-based panels as well as thin-film based panels, the device is designed with a maximum 1,000VDC operating voltage based on typical solar panel systems with L/R of 1 msec and below. In addition, the product is available in the globally accepted 10-mm × 38-mm dimension with all amp ratings available with standard ferrule, bolt, and PCB-mount options.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle XXX

BACnet interface module

The ECS BACnet Interface Module enables the integration of ECS with any BACnet-compatible building automation system. According to the company, this permits ECS to share real-time data with a building automation system, including lighting status, lighting levels, occupancy status, and energy usage information. Product highlights enabling the building automation system to control switching and dimming functions as well as controlling load shedding by providing information about the amount of lighting load that can be reduced and where it is located.
Encelium Technologies
Circle XXX

Lighting controllers

This family of lighting control products is compliant with the Buy American provisions of the American Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).Comprised of occupancy sensors, relay panels, daylighting, and plug load controls, the products were selected to meet the growing demand on ARRA-funded public works projects for products that advance energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.
Circle XXX

Clamp meter

The EX840 1,000A CAT IV clamp meter features a built-in infrared thermometer. The meter's functions include AC-DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, and continuity. In addition, the product captures true rms current and voltage measurements and peak hold captures inrush currents and transients. Other features include a bright 4-digit 4,000 count backlit display, a 1.7-in. jaw opening for conductors up to 750MCM or two 500MCM, an auto power off feature, data hold and min/max, and autoranging with a manual range button. The device also includes an 8-piece test lead set, 9V battery, Type K probe, and belt holster.
Extech Instruments
Circle XXX

DDC controls

These DDC controls ship from the factory addressed and ready to install. Offered in BACnet and LON options, both models provide VAV controls that can easily be integrated into the building operating system.
Circle XXX

Power management software

PowerLogic ION Enterprise power management software has been enhanced to include a new Web Reporter module that allows users to quickly create, customize, and schedule reports. New reporting functions include period-over-period or by-shift comparisons, trending and tables, alarm and events history, and system configuration. In addition, the product provides a 100-msec time-stamped report, using circuit breaker activity, to aid power quality problem diagnosis and support evasive action control. New display formats include histograms, pie charts, tables, and trends. This latest release enhances report generation flexibility by exporting the reports to a PDF or Word format, in addition to the existing Excel, HTML, and XML formats.
Schneider Electric
Circle XXX


The ZDMB6B fiber-optic zone distribution enclosure is designed for spaces where space is limited. Suitable for indoor wall-mount applications, the enclosure accepts all of the company's fiber-optic adapter plates and provides splicing options for up to 12 fibers. In addition, the NEMA Type 3-compliant device can be installed in low-profile areas with less than a 2-in. clearance for either splicing or patching applications. Available in customized configurations, the product is MTP compatible for zone applications and accepts one OCC fiber-optic adapter plate. It also includes fiber management clips for cable identification and management and is lockable for secure access.
Optical Cable
Circle XXX

Industrial connectivity system

The Arrow Hart brand LynxPower industrial connectivity system features four application packages. The SoftPower application is designed for industrial applications in which electrical connections are exposed to physical abuse. The Mini-Line cordsets and receptacles allow users to select from a variety of standard and custom configurations as well as plex boxes and accessories. They are designed for industrial automation applications in which power or signal connections are exposed to long-term physical stresses and subjected to liquids and/or oils. The Micro-Mini and Pico-Line package is suitable for use in low-amperage AC or DC control systems and is designed for sensor and control equipment used in many manufacturing environments. The Industrial Network package is for data and signal transfer in industrial environments. In addition, it can be used with Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus, SDS, and Seriplex systems.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle XXX

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