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2002 Code changes DVD The Essential Changes in the 2002 National Electrical Code DVD covers more than 60 changes in the 2002 Code. Each section of the 120-min-long DVD includes direct references to the 2002 Code and Stallcup's Illustrated Code Changes. James Stallcup Sr. presents the information, which is illustrated with graphics.EC&M BooksCircle 229 Battery monitoring system The Powerware Cellwatch

2002 Code changes DVD
The Essential Changes in the 2002 National Electrical Code DVD covers more than 60 changes in the 2002 Code. Each section of the 120-min-long DVD includes direct references to the 2002 Code and Stallcup's Illustrated Code Changes. James Stallcup Sr. presents the information, which is illustrated with graphics.
EC&M Books
Circle 229 Battery monitoring system
The Powerware Cellwatch battery monitoring system is designed for 3-phase uninterruptible power supply systems. It uses fiber optic technology to provide rapid, noise-free transmission of information. Throughout the charge, discharge, and float periods, it continuously monitors the battery system, including string and cell level voltage, internal resistance, current and temperature.
Invensys Power Systems
Circle 203 Protective relay
The Sepam 1000+ family of modular, medium-voltage protective relays interface with this company's Powerlogic power monitoring systems. The relays come standard on the manufacturer's new medium-voltage switchgear and as an upgrade to existing switchgear.
Square D
Circle 235 Fire detection products
The Onyx series of fire alarm control panels and peripherals includes detectors, power supplies, and audio transponders. This product line interfaces with the company's existing products. The series includes the 640 fire alarm control panel, the ACPS addressable power supply, and the XPIQ multichannel audio transponder.
Circle 218 Pre-insulated connectors
This expanded line of IPB pre-insulated connectors includes type IPBM mountable insulated bars that can be fastened in panels, troughs, and ducts. IPBM connectors have an isolated mounting port on each end of the bar for direct mounting that accommodates standard 5/16-in.-diameter hardware.
Circle 228 Automation software
Think & Do Studio is PC-based software that offers automation and control solutions using Microsoft Visio 2000 technology. It integrates control logic and HMI development with standard drawing tools for related automation drawings (such as network diagrams and electrical engineering drawings).
Think & Do Software
Circle 200 Padlock management system
To remove a lock from this padlock management system, an employee must use an access key with an injection molded, numerical identifier. Once the padlock is removed, the access key remains in the management system, identifying who has that lock.
Signmark, a Div. of Brady Worldwide
Circle 207 Fiberglass fittings
Molded from fiberglass, these fittings are shipped with covers and gasket and conform to NEMA 4X and UL 1684 for above-ground installations. They are available in sizes ¾ in. to 2 in. in C, LB, LL, LR, T, and TB configurations.
Champion Fiberglass
Circle 210 Circuit breaker seals
These UL-recognized, transparent silicone rubber boots protect circuit breakers from ozone, water, cleaning solvents, most acids, oils, dirt, dust, washdowns, and other hostile contaminants. They feature a perimeter sealing rib that protects behind-panel components by sealing the cutout in which the circuit breaker is mounted.
APM Hexseal
Circle 242 High-torque hybrid step motor
The series H56S is a high-torque 56 mm hybrid step motor suitable for 56 mm (NEMA 23) motor applications, and for replacing 57 mm hybrid motors with a smaller profile step motor. The 1.8° step motors are available in four motor lengths: 41 mm, 50 mm, 54 mm, and 76 mm.
Thomson Airpax Mechatronics
Circle 233 Compact UPS
The Comet Extreme UPS provides more than an hour of scalable power protection in a compact tower or rack configuration. Suitable for facility networks, B2B, e-commerce, and other critical applications, the unit's modular design gives users the ability to scale the UPS as their requirements grow.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 202 Electronic photocontrol with timer
The phototimer series 5700T turns on outdoor lighting at dusk and shuts off lights during the night — without a separate time switch. Models can be ordered with different predetermined time-off settings.
Circle 231 Hazardous location lighting
The N2LS series is an IEC-style, nonmetallic emergency lighting system designed for highly corrosive, hazardous locations. Rated NEMA 3R (raintight), it offers remote or direct mounted fixtures. It is built from compression-molded, fiberglass-reinforced polyester, formed with a continuous silicone gasket.
Circle 227 Portable generator
The Power in a Box portable unit includes a four-stroke, aftercooled engine; lean-burn combustion system; 3-phase generator; engine generator control panel; twin circuit cooling system; and container air intake and outlet system.
GE Distributed Power
Circle 208 Large capacity poke-through
This flush furniture feed fire-rated poke-through supports up to 36 21-in.-diameter low-voltage cables in one location. The 2-in. single service units are UL-listed for floors with a 1- to 2-hr fire rating.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 216 Crimp tool
The Crimpmaster crimp tool offers a ratchet-type design that enables electricians, contractors, and datacom installers to quickly change dies and terminate dozens of types of wires and cables with a single tool. Twenty-one interchangeable modular plug die sets are available for the tool.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 254 Flexible power cable
TelcoFlex flexible, nonhalogenated, limited smoke-rated central office power cable features TelcoHyde insulation, which is constructed with silicon-free and lead-free materials. It is UL-listed and CSA certified. It can be specified in sizes from 14 AWG through 750 MCM.
American Insulated Wire
Circle 253 Construction software
The redesigned dispatch capability for Forefront construction management software provides a complete billing, tracking, and dispatch system that you can use to assign technicians to work orders and view the work orders scheduled on any given day. Dispatch is available in two formats designed to help control work flow.
Circle 256

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