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Scissor lift The Model 500RTS rough terrain scissor lift is now available with a platform that extends to form a 25 ft6 ft, 11 in. deck. Powered extensions measuring 6 ft, 2 in. at one end and 4 ft at the other form the longer deck, which may be raised up to 50 ft.JLG IndustriesCircle 260 Electrical tools The Ridgid line of electrical tools consists of the No. 46E wire cutter/stripper/crimper, No.

Scissor lift

The Model 500RTS rough terrain scissor lift is now available with a platform that extends to form a 25 ft×6 ft, 11 in. deck. Powered extensions measuring 6 ft, 2 in. at one end and 4 ft at the other form the longer deck, which may be raised up to 50 ft.
JLG Industries
Circle 260

Electrical tools

The Ridgid line of electrical tools consists of the No. 46E wire cutter/stripper/crimper, No. 70E coax stripper/crimper/cutter, No. 72E dual Romex cable stripper/cutter, No. 62R automatic retaining ring pliers, No. 73E wire stripper/cutter, No. 52E wire stripper/crimper/cutter, and a No. 700E 3-piece set of mini cutters/strippers/crimpers.
Ridge Tool
Circle 253

Time clock system

The Jobclock is a hardware and software package that allows remote job time and attendance tracking using a Palm Pilot and PC technology. The weatherproof, battery-powered time clock can be affixed and left at the job site. Employees clock in using buttons they can carry on their keychains.
Circle 250

Telescoping boom crane

The Model 40T is a 40 ton-rated telescoping boom crane mounted on a Caterpillar excavator-based power module, including an undercarriage, engine, and cab. It is capable of 360° lifting on slopes as steep as 5°.
Favelle Favco USA
Circle 265

Electrical plug lockout

The Lockbox lockable enclosure fits over and secures the plug of most cord-connected devices, allowing workers to operate electrical equipment without the possibility of unexpected or unauthorized start-up. The enclosure can be secured with cable ties or up to two padlocks. It complies with OSHA standards.
Circle 256

Wire stripping and cutting tools

The Model No. 11055 and No. 11057 lightweight wire strippers and cutters are designed to strip, cut, loop, and gauge solid and stranded wire. The tools feature Klein-Kurve handles for ease of use when reaching into confined areas.
Klein Tools
Circle 264

Storage boxes

These storage boxes have full-width, grooved-edge lids that provide an easy grip. Overlapping lid closures and welded seams are stiff and secure, helping to lock out weather and vandals. Large, heavy-duty handles fold flush to avoid impact damage.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 266

Fiberglass van body

The Aerocell SRW van body is designed for the Chevrolet and GMC single rear wheel cutaway chassis. The seamless, one-piece, fiberglass body is stronger than .040-in. aluminum and more puncture-resistant. It is also available for the Ford E350 van.
Circle 268

Wire-pulling tool

The Pull-It 3000 is a wire-pulling tool that sets up in less than 2 min and weighs 60 lb. It can exert more than 3,000 lb of pulling force, and its design accommodates both rope and Mule tape.
Ray Practical Technologies
Circle 254

Multimode/single-mode connector

The UniCam LC multimode and single-mode connector requires no epoxy or polishing. Designed like a mini pigtail, the small form factor connector may be installed in the field, and incorporates a fiber stud fully bonded into a ceramic ferrule. The connector suits high-performance networks.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 164

Fiber products

The FiberSmart product line includes wall- and rack-mount enclosures, fiber management products, interconnect products, accessories, and test and termination equipment. The enclosures can be ordered in standard configurations, and can be configured at the factory or in the field.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 161

Connectors and adapters

These connectors and adapters meet FCC Part 15 regulations by incorporating reverse, or left-handed threads. Standard coaxial connectors will not mate with them. Only the threads are modified, so their performance remains unchanged.
RF Connectors
Circle 154

Twisted-pair patch cables

DataMax 5e screened twisted-pair patch cables meet the requirements of TIA/EIA 568B for ScTP enhanced Category 5e. The cables also comply with applicable European ISO 11801 and EN 50173 Class D requirements. They are constructed with 26 AWG stranded copper wire and insulated with low-loss foamed dielectric material.
Quabbin Wire & Cable Co.
Circle 191

Adjustable power supply

Factory-set at 12VDC, the SDP2-12-100 converts to a fully adjustable supply with the removal of a jumper. The adjustment ranges from 9.8VDC to 12.2VDC, with 30W of available power (2.5A at 12VDC, 3A at 10VDC). The supply can provide power for analog I/O and control.
Circle 201

Multimount UPSs

The Nexsys 750 and 750i multimount uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are designed to protect mission-critical telephony equipment from power line noise, spikes, surges, and blackouts. They provide 750VA/525W-output, hot-swappable batteries stored in a front compartment of a freestanding tower unit.
Alpha Technologies
Circle 217

Lamp replacement kit

The HID 1 Trip Lamp and Ballast Replacement Kit contains components for a fixture replacement or retrofit, including a ballast, lamp, fusing, and stainless-steel fasteners. The box of parts is available in wattages ranging from 100 M-H to 1,000 M-H and from 70 HPS to 400 HPS.
SLI Lighting
Circle 219

Hand-held oscilloscopes

The ScopeMeter 196C and 199C hand-held oscilloscopes feature full-color, 320 pixel × 240 pixel resolution displays, and fast display update rates that immediately display signal changes, allowing users to analyze complex, modulated, and other fast-changing waveforms.
Circle 203

EMC gaskets

This series of EMC gaskets is designed to shield stainless-steel enclosures against high-frequency radiation. The gaskets are covered with a special alloy to prevent galvanic corrosion and assure an electrically conductive contact at the slightest contact. A self-adhesive is provided for easy mounting.
Holland Shielding BV
Circle 205

Clamp-on meter

The Model 502 true rms clamp-on meter provides measurements for nonlinear environments, such as variable-speed drives or computers. It is autoranging and measures 400AAC, 600VAC, 600VDC, resistance, continuity, and frequency. The jaw opening accommodates 500MCM cable. The meter complies with international safety and quality standards.
AEMC Instruments
Circle 214

Reversible ratchet

This narrow head reversible ratchet can engage nuts or bolt heads in as little as 11° of arc. Designed for tight tolerances between pawl and gear, it reduces metal fatigue and slippage. A reverse lever allows users to change direction with one hand.
J.H. Williams
Circle 202

Office lighting system

Ergolight Discus is an intelligent office lighting system that includes integrated control and energy-management features such as onboard occupancy and daylight sensors. The system can dim all the fixtures in a building to reduce the load during peak demand periods. Lighting can also be controlled via a pop-up screen on a computer.
Ledalite Architectural Products
Circle 218

Old work deep plastic box

This old work deep plastic box has a 22.5 cu in. capacity for wiring devices. It features long swing brackets that accommodate oversized cutouts. The box drops into a 2.375-in. × 3.7-in. hole.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 221

Earth leakage tester

The socket polarity and earth leakage tester tests 3-wire 125VAC outlets and earth leakage circuit breakers. A rotary dial on the front of the unit controls the circuit breaker trip current.
Circle 220

Highbay reflector

The Superbay glass highbay reflector has an open design that prevents dust buildup. Available in 150W HPS, the borosilicate glass reflector is designed with an uplight component that eliminates the “cave” effect. You can specify 16 in. or 22 in. diameters with or without a full bottom enclosure.
Hubbell Lighting
Circle 230

Lightweight dimming ballast

The Mark VII is a 0V to 10V ballast designed for the 277V operation of four F32T8, F25T8, or F17T8 lamps. It measures 1 in. × 1.18 in. × 16.7 in. and provides an input range of 116W to 25W. You can control it via occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors, energy-management systems, or load-shedding devices.
Advance Transformer
Circle 207

Protective relay

The Edison Idea protective relay offers a graphical programming language in the field. With Idea Workbench software, the relay enables customers to use modules similar to Web browser plug-ins to add new protection and control functions.
Cooper Power Systems
Circle 211

Remote-operated circuit breakers

These remote-operated circuit breakers consist of a custom-designed motor (housed within a circuit breaker molding), coupled with this company's C-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breaker. The package mounts into existing panel designs, and its compact size and precise current-sensing capability make it suitable for protecting remotely located equipment.
Carling Technologies
Circle 210

Surge protector with sensor

The Isolé IDP-3050 plug load control consists of an 8-outlet power strip and an occupancy sensor. The system turns on the power strip-controlled devices when a workspace is occupied. When the space becomes vacant and the adjustable time delay elapses, controlled equipment turns off.
The Watt Stopper
Circle 212

IEC-type fuseholders

These IEC-type fuseholders feature a finger-safe enclosed design. Available in 20A through 125A varieties, the DF6 and GK1 fuseholders can handle high-current interruptible CC fuses. They are UR- and CE-listed. Fuses can be installed or replaced without any tools. An optional blown-fuse LED indicator is available.
Square D
Circle 206

Wire mesh cable tray

The Ameri-Tray wire mesh cable tray system is manufactured in English measurements, eliminating the need to convert tray requirements from the metric system. The tray can be cut with hand tools to fit cable layouts. Fasteners and connectors allow wall, ceiling, underfloor, and multi-tiered layouts.
Circle 215

Busway for retail applications

An expansion of the Starline Track product line, these busways are designed for use as lighting track and as power supplies to equipment, electronics, and appliances in retail stores. They include industrial 40A, 50A, and 60A systems. The square tube-shaped busways are available in several colors.
Universal Electric
Circle 222

Voltage/continuity tester

The Vol-Con Elite digital voltage/continuity tester combines the safety and accuracy of a digital tester with the features of a solenoid tester, such as a vibration mode, low impedance, and ruggedness. It measures voltage up to 600VAC/220VDC, or as low as 24VAC/6VDC.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 204

Management software

QuickGantt for Windows Version 3.1 is project management software that allows you to enter all project information in a work sheet that produces a printer-ready Gantt chart at the click of a button.
Ballantine & Co.
Circle 247

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