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Ratcheting cable cutters These two new heavy-duty ratcheting cable cutters (Cat. No. 63600 and 63750) for larger capacities feature a high leverage ratchet mechanism designed to allow users to single-handedly cut copper and aluminum cables without leaving burrs or sharp edges. The Cat. No. 63600 maximum capacities include: copper, 600 MCM; aluminum, 600 MCM; and communication cable, 1- in. The Cat.

Ratcheting cable cutters

These two new heavy-duty ratcheting cable cutters (Cat. No. 63600 and 63750) for larger capacities feature a high leverage ratchet mechanism designed to allow users to single-handedly cut copper and aluminum cables without leaving burrs or sharp edges. The Cat. No. 63600 maximum capacities include: copper, 600 MCM; aluminum, 600 MCM; and communication cable, 1-¾ in. The Cat. No. 63750 maximum capacities include: copper, 1,000 MCM; aluminum, 1,000 MCM; and communication cable, 2-1/16 in. Both cutters are constructed with hardened steel cutting blades.
Klein Tools
Circle 267

Excavator tool carrier

The Ditch Witch XT1600 is an excavator tool carrier designed to perform the work of three machines: a backhoe loader, a mini excavator, and a compact track loader. Equipped with a 59-hp diesel engine, the carrier is a ride-on unit that features a 260° excavator sweep that enables the operator to dig in multiple positions in confined spaces. It also features an equalizer track system designed to provide a smoother ride, easier loading and unloading, and reduced operator fatigue.
The Charles Machine Works
Circle 265

Residential enclosure

Net Media Centers is a series of 14-in., 21-in., 28-in., and 42-in. residential enclosures for structured wiring systems. The enclosures come standard with hinged doors and knockouts on the side, back, top, and bottom to simplify routing of cables. They also feature interior dual-side bridge lances and a “legacy pattern” to allow use of all existing modules. The enclosures have either a single knockout for a standard NEMA electrical box in the 14-in. and 21-in. enclosures or dual electrical knockouts in the 28-in. and 42-in. enclosures.
Circle 268

Cable-pulling lubricant

SP spray lubricant is concentrated, so only a thin film is needed for immediate tension reduction. The lubricant can be applied on the cable to coat the jacket or injected directly into a conduit via several spraying methods. Designed to reduce or eliminate fish tape use, it reduces friction even as it dries and becomes less visible. It does not stain, and its spray bottle allows the user to avoid hand contact.
American Polywater
Circle 266

PV module mounting system

The SolarMount is a photovoltaic (PV) module mounting system designed for flexibility in installing a PV array. For use on a roof or on the ground, this mounting system's components assemble into structures that support a variety of PV array configurations. It can be mounted flush or tilted up and is certified to meet the Uniform Building Code and the California Building Code.
Circle 256

Laser level

The L97 mini-magnet laser level can project a beam of light over 80 yd to help align objects. The level features a four-vial design, each with anodized aluminum for displaying 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90° angle ports that provide viewing from all sides. It comes with the “no dog” attachment features for bending, and is machined from aluminum alloy. The bending offsets and calculations are permanently laser engraved onto the level for better sight recognition.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 264

Fish tape

According to the company, the Tuff-Grip Pro fish tape is lighter, stronger, and easier to carry than its predecessor. The fish tape's ergonomic handle is 30% wider than the previous model and provides a secure grip for better control, greater pulling strength, and easier rewinding. Its case is designed to simplify the process of installing replacement tapes, while the full-perimeter handle reduces the intake of dirt and moisture. Its Tuff-Cuff tape-retaining feature keeps tape properly positioned in the opening.
Ideal Industries
Circle 269

Steel truck boxes

This line of Weather Guard steel truck boxes includes 22 SKUs that are available with either Brite White or Black Armor-Tuf powder coat finish. Designed to enhance jobsite security and productivity, the boxes now feature the company's Extreme Protection Lock, which incorporates a retracting lock with tamper resistance and an internal torque ring to eliminate common keyhole break-ins. Its retracting button allows users to visually determine locked status from a distance, and its latch allows for one-touch opening. Its 90° angle cover opening minimizes the amount of clearance needed while maximizing bed space.
Knaack Mfg.
Circle 254

Battery-powered crimping tools

The Color-Keyed Battpac battery-powered crimping tools are available in standard and self-contained models and accept Color-Keyed CRCTBP1 Smart Batteries. The crimping tools feature 6 tons of nominal output force and 10,000 psi of operating pressure. They can crimp connectors ranging from 8 AWG to 600 MCM in copper and 10 AWG to 400 MCM in aluminum, as well as H-taps to 4/0.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 263

PVC cable connectors

This company's new line of PVC nonmetallic cable connectors are designed to enable a contractor to run the desired length of cable into an electrical box before installing the connector. For new work, the connector can be inserted into a knockout from outside the electrical box. For retrofit work, the connector can be slid over the electrical cables and inserted into a knockout from inside the electrical box. These connectors can be used with steel outlet boxes, panel boxes, or enclosures and are UL listed.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 250

Heavy-duty splice

This in-line, heavy-duty electrical wire splice for railroad signal wire applications is suitable for 16 AWG to 14 AWG railroad signal wire and accommodates the large wire insulation thickness often found in the rail industry. Suitable for signal wires up to 0.250 in. thick, the splice is part of the company's PIDG line of insulated splices and is terminated with standard tooling. Crimping of the heavy-duty splice is accomplished with PIDG splice crimp tooling in the 12 AWG to 10 AWG dies.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 252

Lithium-ion batteries

Designed for high amp draw applications, this line of 18V cordless tools features Li-Ion batteries, providing 4V per battery cell versus a maximum of 3.6V per cell with other technologies, according to the company. These batteries can withstand a 10-ft drop and include performance optimization circuits, which allow them to operate under extreme heat or cold.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 255

Hanging system

The KwikWire hanging system is designed to cut installation time compared to traditional jack chain and thread rod. The hanging system applications include light fixtures, HVAC duct support, sway bracing, wire basket cable tray, bus duct, and air handling equipment. The system can be installed and adjusted without tools by passing the wire rope through the KwikWire clamp, looping the rope through or around a support, passing the rope back through the clamp, and applying tension. Height adjustments can be made by removing tension and sliding the adjustment pin to release the rope.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 253

Compact fluorescent downlights

This line of nine Energy Star rated compact fluorescent downlights (CFL) features a large selection of 5-in. and 6-in. housings ranging from 12W to 32W. The CFLs offer a variety of trims including multipliers, wall washers, and lensed downlights for use in most residential applications. Designed for energy savings, each product in this line is Air-Loc rated and complies with California's Title 24 Energy Code.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 262

NiCad battery

The Max 2.5 Ah 18V NiCad battery is rated at 2.5A and is compatible with all existing Ridgid 18V tools. The company's Rapid Max charger can recharge the battery in 30 minutes, as can the dual-port Rapid Max Twin charger, which also features a fan to cool the batteries. The batteries are included with the upgraded X2 18V four- and five-piece cordless combo kits, and the company's stand-alone ½-in. T-handle hammer drill.
Ridge Tool
Circle 258

Residential structured wiring system

The MediaSync structured wiring system allows the integration of voice, data, audio, and video services into a central distribution center. The structured wiring system features a modular design that allows custom configurations — from a simple starter system to a higher-end installation. With large cable openings, its design allows for top, bottom, and side cable access for simplified cable management with improved cable bend radius.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 251

Recessed entertainment box

This recessed entertainment box is designed to allow the user to manage home theater installations from a single location. The box centralizes home entertainment connections for all AC power, audio, video, home theater, data, and phone terminations, integrating all applicable wiring and connections within it. Flush-mounted on the wall, it installs behind wall units and entertainment centers and is ideal for both stud-mounted (new construction) and wall-mounted (retrofit) applications.
Circle 257

Telescopic boom

Featuring an outreach of 40 ft 8 in., the S-60 HC telescopic boom offers a full range of motion up to 750 lbs and supports platform loads up to 1,250 lbs — which is typically up to three people and gear. The high-capacity boom will soon be featured on all of the S-Series line.
Genie Industries, a Terex Co.
Circle 259

Electrical staples

These stainless steel electrical staples include corrosion resistance for harsh applications and environments, including newly formulated treated lumber and coastal areas. Available in both metal and plastic styles, the staples feature legs up to 14% longer than other staples in the market, according to the company. The plastic style staple combines two stainless steel nails and a plastic saddle.
Gardner Bender
Circle 260

Home controls

InTouch is a line of Z-wave-enabled home controls that provide full two-way, real-time status of every device in the network, including legacy Z-wave devices. The new home controls include greater network range than previous Z-wave devices, in-field firmware upgrade capability, system text and graphics messaging, and centralized scene and status information. Embedded with higher-level functions, which are coordinated through the InTouch server, the devices can manage indoor and outdoor lighting, entry access, pool and spa functions, home theater systems, window treatments, and heating and cooling.
Circle 261

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