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Luminaire The SofTrace luminaire features a concealed lamp center panel with efficiency greater than 95% and total luminaire efficacy as high as 87 lumens per watt, according to the company. In addition, recommended lighting levels can be achieved using energy densities as low as 0.5W per sq ft or 0.6W per sq ft. A variety of enclosure options is available and can be used with all lamp types, including


The SofTrace luminaire features a concealed lamp center panel with efficiency greater than 95% and total luminaire efficacy as high as 87 lumens per watt, according to the company. In addition, recommended lighting levels can be achieved using energy densities as low as 0.5W per sq ft or 0.6W per sq ft. A variety of enclosure options is available and can be used with all lamp types, including T8, T5, T5HO, or CF. A variety of ballast factor options and stepped or continuous dimming is also offered.
Day-Brite Lighting
Circle 200

Cable tray

Mega Snake high-capacity cable tray for overhead applications can now be configured with this company's 1900 electrical boxes. According to the company, the boxes can be mounted anywhere along the cable tray to conveniently offer power overhead. In addition, the product comes with pre-manufactured turns, tees, and cross sections.
Snake Tray
Circle 201

Disconnect switch

The PowerSwitch line now includes the DS30AX, a compact 30A, 600VAC, non-fused safety disconnect switch. The switch features generous wiring space, a watertight hub, four mounting feet, seven conduit entry points, integral ground plate, and factory-installed auxiliary contact. Measuring 4.5 in. × 5.28 in., the product's enclosure features a front-operated handle and a bottom-hinged cover. Its front-operated red pistol grip handle with integrated lockout meets OSHA safety regulations and provides quick visual confirmation of the switch's power status. For enhanced safety and access, the cover includes a circuit identification pad and bottom hinge mechanism that pivots 180°.
Circle 202

Control panel transformers

The CPT Series of control panel transformers is designed for high inrush applications. Featuring a DIN rail-mount foot, the units can also be panel-mounted. In addition, they feature touch-safe Combicon connectors with dual secondary connection points. The devices accept single-phase input voltages of 220VAC, 230VAC, 240VAC, 440VAC, 460VAC, and 480VAC. They provide output voltages of 120VAC, 115VAC, or 110VAC with ratings of 50VA, 100VA, 150VA, 250VA, or 500VA.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 203

Floor boxes

These fire-classified metal and nonmetallic floor boxes preserve the fire rating of a concrete slab without spraying on additional insulating material, according to the company. Unlike traditional floor boxes, these products feature conduit stubs that extend downward, penetrating the steel decking into the space below. The stems of the steel boxes contain intumescent firestop material that, when exposed to high temperatures, expands and seals the penetration of flames and heat. In addition, a pad made of insulating material is secured under the metal floor box to control heat propagation through the box into the space above.
Circle 204

Crimp tool

The Crimpmaster crimp tool now features a Santoprene handle that the company says reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. In addition, the tool has 21 interchangeable modular plug die sets, including dies for coax, fiber-optic, and AWG cables. According to the company, dies can be changed on the fly using only a screwdriver. To assist in identification, some dies are color-coded to gauge specifications.
Ideal Industries
Circle 205

Fluorescent lamps

These 2-ft and 3-ft T8 Watt-Miser lamps offer up to a 12% reduction in wattage compared with standard 2-ft and 3-ft T8 lamps, according to the company. In addition, the TCLP-compliant lamps deliver a 24,000-hr rated life at 12 hr per start to extend the relamping cycle, as well as an 80 to 85 color rendering index.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 206


Designed to replace traditional metal-halide high-bay systems, these linear fluorescent lighting fixtures use either T5 or T8 lamps. The Aisle Lighter model is designed for surface or suspended mounting heights of up to 40 ft, while the Performance Bay model features a hinged door on the back of the fixture. The ElitePlus fluorescent high-bay features a swinging lens and reflector, and the Green Hi-Bay is a lightweight fixture available in a 4-, 6-, or 8- lamp configurations. For use in sub-zero locations, the Enclosed & Gasketed fluorescent high-bay fixture can be used in temperatures as low as -20°C. Other product features include 95% lumen maintenance, improved color rendering, extended lamp life, multi-level switching, instant-on, dimming, and improved uniformity.
Circle 207


The Maestro, Diva, Ariadni, and Rotary lines of dimmers now include eco-dim technology. In addition to extending bulb life, the technology allows the products to save 15% energy over a standard switch by limiting the maximum power delivered to the lamps, according to the company. Dimmer models are preset to deliver the energy savings with no noticeable difference in the quality of light.
Circle 208


The Bi-Fuel generator operates on 30% diesel and 70% natural gas, which the company says produces a run time three times greater than that of a diesel-only generator. Offering 600kW to 9,000kW of power, the product's engine provides built-in redundancy because the engine controls automatically direct the unit to 100% diesel operation should the natural gas supply be interrupted.
Generac Power Systems
Circle 209

Inverters and transformers

The IV Series combines DC-AC switch-mode inverters and 3-ouput transformers for a 3-phase output. Available in 150+ standard models, power ratings are 600VA to 30kVA. Eight input ranges, encompassing 20VDC to 800VDC, are standard with a choice of 3 × 200VAC, 3 × 400VAC, or 3 × 480VAC outputs. Housed in modular systems with interchangeable inverters, the products offer users adjustable/programmable, fixed, or synchronized frequencies; allow for unsymmetrical load configurations; and offer surge power capability.
Circle 210


The RigMaster metallic fluorescent lighting fixture features a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing that the company says can withstand exposure to high temperatures, caustic chemicals, UV rays, and driving vibrations. Available with a variety of mounting options, including safety cable eyebolts, the fixture also has instant-on capabilities and an optional emergency battery pack.
Appleton/EGS Electrical Group
Circle 211

Low-voltage circuit breaker

The Series NRX low-voltage power circuit breaker measures 10 in. × 10.7 in. × 14.2 in. In addition, the cassette fold-up design allows users to add accessories or renewal parts without removing the cassette from the switchgear cell. According to the company, the design of the breaker and cassette enables full use of the breaker handles and cassette rails with a gloved hand. Offering UL 1066, UL 489, and IEC ratings from 800A to 1,600A, the product provides up to 65kA short-circuit interruption and 42kA short time withstand ratings.
Circle 212

Occupancy sensor

The HBA WASP fluorescent high-bay occupancy sensor is designed for high mounting applications. Offering energy savings of 50% to 90%, the sensor mounts directly to T5HO and T8 fixtures through an extended ½-in. chase nipple. In addition, the company says the product's PIR lens provides 1.4-to-1 coverage up to 40 ft. Available with either single or dual outputs, the single output sensor features a primary timer for on/off control, while the dual output sensor features two timers for multiple light level control. The dual output model also includes the company's SmartCycling technology, which maximizes lamp and ballast life by ensuring all lamps receive the same number of switching cycles.
Hubbell Building Automation
Circle 213

Grounding system

The StructuredGround direct burial compression grounding system is UL 467 listed, CSA 22.2 certified, and exceeds IEEE Std. 837, according to the company. Product features include a non-flammable compression connection process, slotted tap design, locator dies, pre-applied conductive antioxidant, a wide range-taking ability, and universal multi-conductor designs.
Circle 214

Fluorescent luminaires

The Microlyne rectilinear family of fixtures includes three narrow aperture linear styles in eight mounting types. According to the company, all products in the line are constructed in proper scale to each other and work alone or in groups. Users can choose from four distribution methods, three fluorescent lamp sources, two light models, and three corner selections. Five shielding options allow for visual consistency across all three sequentially graduated rectilinear shapes. Available as a cable mount, surface mount, wall mount, or recessed in 3.5-in. and 2.5-in. apertures, three modular housing styles may be mounted in single or row configurations.
Alera Lighting
Circle 215

Cable conduit system

The Condufix cable conduit system uses holding cams to provide a mechanical lock with a user-friendly release mechanism. The product also features four different industrial designs and a range of matching conduit fittings. According to the company, the 3-staged conduit profile maintains its roundness even when bent, while the tapered conduit socket provides an IP66 rating. The connectors feature straight, 45°, and 90° angle and arch designs. Additionally, 90° angle flanges, as well as T&Y design splitters and other accessories, are offered.

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