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Cold storage luminaires Offered with T5HO and T8 lamps, the MJF14, MJF164, and MJF24 cold storage luminaires are designed for use over a temperature range of 0C to -29C. Measuring 1 ft 4 ft, the MJF14 is suited for aisles with up to 25-ft mounting height using the task beam optics. The 16-in. 4-ft MJF164 luminaire is designed for aisles up to 30-ft mounting height using the task beam optics. When

Cold storage luminaires

Offered with T5HO and T8 lamps, the MJF14, MJF164, and MJF24 cold storage luminaires are designed for use over a temperature range of 0°C to -29°C. Measuring 1 ft × 4 ft, the MJF14 is suited for aisles with up to 25-ft mounting height using the task beam optics. The 16-in. × 4-ft MJF164 luminaire is designed for aisles up to 30-ft mounting height using the task beam optics. When used with spread beam optics, the product can be used for loading dock and staging areas with mounting heights up to 24 ft. The MJF24 fixture measures 2 ft × 4 ft and is for aisles and area lighting where higher footcandle levels are desired or for mounting heights greater than 30 ft. All three fixtures use specular aluminum 95% reflectance Alanod MIRO 4 reflectors. In addition, housings are powder coated and can be mounted with a 2-point chain or an aircraft cable hanger.
Circle 200

Metal floor boxes

The Hubbell SystemOne modular, in-floor wiring system now includes corrosion-resistant cast iron floor boxes for on-grade applications. Also included in the expanded product line are steel floor boxes for above-grade applications that feature a variety of flush, recessed, single- and multi-service connectivity options. In addition, high-capacity steel floor boxes for audio/visual and multi-media applications are available.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 201

Work light

This portable stanchion work light features two 300W halogen lamps and two 50-ft rubber (SOW) cordsets. Weighing approximately 20 lb, the light is UL-approved and compliant for methane atmospheres. Additional product features include NEMA, 1, 2, 3R, and 4x enclosures and a maximum surface temperature of -160°C. A shock-absorbent ABS base support measures 5 ft in diameter when fully opened, and a collapsible tripod has full 3-axis adjustable light heads, 360° directional range, and a telescoping height of 64 in. to 78 in.
Woodhead Industries
Circle 202


Vaporproof lighting fixtures are made of seamless die-cast aluminum construction to prevent moisture entry. Available in five configurations and featuring incandescent lighting, each model is available with either a guard-protected clear glass globe or a tough Lexan globe in amber, blue, clear, green, or red. UL-listed, all fixtures operate on 110/120VAC and are rated 100W when installed with a glass globe and 75W with a Lexan globe.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 203

Pendant luminaire

Lytecel EL is a low-profile cable-mounted fluorescent pendant luminaire with an ellipsoidal shape. According to the company, the luminaire's contoured semi-specular louvers provide glare-free 60% uplight and 40% downlight illumination and can be used individually or mounted in continuous rows that require only one cable mounting every 8 ft. Available with either T5 or T8 lamps, the product features a seamless welded 20-gauge steel housing, powder-coated flat white polyester enamel finish, and no visible fasteners. In addition, three No. 12 wires are included for continuous mounting.
Circle 204

Load center

The Square D Intelligent Load Center now includes automated load shedding, allowing non-essential loads to be turned off during a power outage. Other enhanced product features include automatic switching between the main and an alternate power source, a service entrance-rated transfer switch, and monitoring and remote control of the generator.
Schneider Electric
Circle 205


The Multipurpose Powerpole contact is a make-first/break-last connection when used in a multipole situation with the company's standard 15/45 powerpoles. In addition, the product's dovetailed housing allows users to interlock multiple housings into vertical or horizontal connector banks specific to individual project requirements. Rated to 600V continuous AC/DC and up to 45A, it accommodates wire sizes from 10 AWG to 14 AWG.
Anderson Power Products
Circle 207


The Q6 Series of multi-volt toroidal transformers is UL-listed for surface mounts in any position, including ceiling, floor, and six different wall surface mounts in any direction. The transformers also offer three mounting options, including a rod suspension, a junction box mounting plate, and a decorative shroud. Other product features include a dual-tap design to compensate for voltage drop from dimmer loss, a standard choke for noise reduction and in-rush current, and various circuit breakers for secondary circuit protection. For use with 12V or 24V low-voltage lighting, the company says the devices increase light output by 50%.
Circle 208

Circular connectors

Sizes in this expanded line of circular connectors include M16, M17, M23, M27, M40, and M58. UL- and CSA-listed, power and signal connectors are available in multiple housing styles and locking options. Housing styles include straight or angled cable connectors, couplers, panel feedthrough receptacles, and direct PCB-mount receptacles. Available locking options include metric screw thread, bayonet, and Speedcon. According to the company, the through-wall connections supply energy and enable users to control and monitor devices in a variety of automation applications.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 209

Ethernet connectivity solution

The DataTuff industrial Ethernet connectivity product line includes cord sets, jacks, plug kits, tools, and accessories. Cat. 5e UTP or FTP rated, the cord sets feature solid or stranded 24 AWG conductors and industrial-grade, sunlight- and oil-resistant jackets. Both the modular jacks and plug kits are suitable for use in IP67 installations. Product accessories include stainless steel faceplates, surface-mount boxes, hand tools to crimp either UTP or FTP RF45 plugs, cable strippers, a punch-down connecting tool, and tool pouch.
Circle 210

AC/DC power supplies

The Cincon CFM60T Series of 60W AC-DC power supplies features triple outputs in a 2-in. × 4-in. package. The series includes a universal 90VAC to 264VAC input and outputs in combinations of 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 12VDC, and 24VDC. Other product features include comprehensive protection circuitry, line regulation of 1%, and load regulation as low as 3%. Nine single-output models, ranging from 3.3VDC to 48VDC, are also available.
Power Sources Unlimited
Circle 211

Locking plugs/connectors

Pro-Grip 50A locking plugs and connectors are made of high-impact-resistant nylon. According to the company, the product's three-step locking design reduces installation time. In addition, the company says the three steps offer an alternative to similar products that require additional screws used to mount the plug body to the exterior shell.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 212

Fiber-optic kits

These three fiber-optic kits offer video inspection of fiber end-faces using the FiberInspector Mini, a 200X microscope that quickly aligns the inspection probe with either fiber ports or patch cord connectors. The FiberInspector Mini and Cleaning kit includes a fiber-optic solvent pen that uses a plastic-safe solvent. In addition, the kit includes fiber-optic cleaning cards, a fiber-optic cleaning cube, and two sizes of fiber-optic swabs for cleaning inside fiber ports. The two other kits allow users to verify loss and power levels for single-mode and multimode fiber using SimpliFiber optical test loss sets that operate at 850 nm, 1,300 nm, 1,310 nm, and 1,550 nm.
Fluke Networks
Circle 213


Available in two or three positions, Light-N-Lok connectors feature an integral strain relief to maximize wire retention by preventing inadvertent wire twisting and pullout. According to the company, wire retention exceeds 25 lb. In addition, dual squeeze-to-release latches provide additional security by preventing unintentional disconnects. Featuring a rounded, snag-resistant design, the UL 94V-0-rated housings fit into standard ⅝-in. diameter (2-position) and ⅞-in. diameter (3-position) knockout openings. The products can be supplied as assembled connector sets with or without flying leads.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 214

Cable tie cutter

The Xuron Model 2275 Quick-Cutter provides a full cutting capacity along the entire length of the blades. Featuring Micro-Shear bypass cutting technology that square cuts cable ties rather than pinching them and leaving spikes, the product produces flush cuts with a smooth, flat finish. In addition, the cutter features rubber cushioned hand grips, a return spring, and no finger loops.
Circle 215

Clamp meter

The TightSight clamp meter now features a backlight on the bottom display for all functions. In addition, the clamp meter's display now stabilizes close to zero before taking a measurement as the meter defaults to the 0.0V resolution. Other product upgrades include selectable audible on high-voltage warning feature, a data hold button guard, inrush current, broader measuring capability, and a ruggedized dial and case design.
Ideal Industries
Circle 216

LED work light

This LED work light includes 30 long-life LED lights that provide 10,000 hr of illumination and cool operation, according to the company. In addition, the light also includes a swivel hook for hanging that can rotate 360°, an ergonomically designed handle, and a conveniently located on/off switch. The 30-bulb LED work light bonus pack includes a 3-bulb LED flashlight that operates on 2 AA batteries.
Coleman Cable
Circle 217

Parking garage lights

The FPG, FSW, and FPIM series of fluorescent luminaires are designed for parking garage applications. According to the company, the luminaires provide an average 40% to 50% energy savings over one-for-one replacement of pulse-start 175W metal-halide fixtures. Available with T5HO and T8 lamps, the products are engineered for thermal management and tested in an in-house thermal chamber for environments up to 40°C ambient temperature. In addition, they offer instant on/off and integrate easily with photocell daylight control systems. Dimming ballasts are also available to integrate with more complex daylight variable light level systems when specified.
Circle 218

Fire pump motor

This 460V fire pump motor complies with the latest standard of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for the installation of stationary pumps for fire protection (NFPA20). Designed for centrifugal fire pump applications, the 5-hp to 2,000-hp motor is built with materials that meet U.S. governmental EPAct efficiency standards, is UL1004A listed, CSA-approved, and meets CSA-C390 Table 2 efficiency requirements.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 219

Adjustable frequency drive

The Ampgard SC 9000 is a medium-voltage adjustable frequency drive for up to 5,000-hp motors. Featuring an air-cooled design for use with induction or synchronous motors at 2,400V to 4,160V, the drive offers a reduced footprint as well as the ability to be combined with other medium-voltage starters and switchgear products into one integrated assembly. Additional product features include a modular roll-in/roll-out inverter and an internal 480V auxiliary power supply.
Circle 220

Ground bars

This expanded series of ground bars now includes low-profile tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware to reduce incidents of theft. UL-listed, the ground bars are manufactured from electrolytic tough pitch 110 alloy copper.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
Circle 221

Parallel splices

Pan-Lug copper compression parallel splices offer the most UL-listed and CSA-certified combinations in the industry, according to the company. Ten parts provide terminations of 278 conductor combinations. Approved with dieless crimping tools, the splices feature color coding and large, easy-to-read part numbering.
Circle 222

Work light

The 1003-HPS 70W work light features a magnetic base for MRO, maintenance, and construction applications. UL- and cUL-listed, users can choose from either a high-pressure sodium or metal-halide option. Additional product features include a die-cast aluminum housing, a 6-ft 14/3 oil-resistant cable with molded-on 5-15 plug, a built-in carry handle with an integral eye, and an impact-resistant, high-temperature lens with inner surface prisms.
Circle 223


The InverTek 1000 is a parallelable pure sine wave inverter. Offering a power rating of 1,000W, the inverter specifies an input voltage of 12VDC with outputs of either 115VAC or 230VAC. According to the company, efficiency is as high as 90%. Measuring 13.78 in. × 7.08 in. × 3.46 in., the product's high-frequency switching technology provides a high-density design of up to 3W/in.3 Additional product features include LED status indicators, an intelligent cooling fan, and numerous protection categories, including input low voltage, overload, short circuit, low battery, input overvoltage, and overtemperature.
Circle 224

Adjustable wrench

The WideAZZ 6-in. adjustable wrench features a tapered jaw profile and shorter handle length than other standard wrenches, according to the company. Additional product features include a wider jaw span, longer individual jaws for enhanced grip, and a lighter weight than traditional adjustable wrenches. Made with chrome vanadium steel, the tool features a precision-engineered 4-thread adjustment knurl.
Circle 225

UPS software

SoftScale UPS software allows users to purchase the UPS capacity they need today while providing the ability to unlock additional capacity in the future through a software download. Systems will scale from 40kVA to 80kVA or from 80kVA to 120kVA, in 20kVA increments. SoftScale is enabled by advances in UPS design, which optimize the UPS efficiency curve. This allows the UPS to operate with the same high efficiency at 50% as it does at 100%, eliminating penalties of operating a UPS at a reduced load.
Emerson Network Power
Circle 226


The EnergyMax luminaire is a two-lamp parabolic system of tuned components designed to provide balance between light output and energy conservation. Featuring an efficiency rating of 89%, the luminaire uses 67W of power and reduces energy use by up to 21%, according to the company. Additional product features include an adapter plate, a plastic dust cover, and a 4⅞-in. housing height. Housing and end caps are die-formed, code-gauge, cold-rolled steel.
Columbia Lighting
Circle 227

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