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Smoke detector Acclimate Plus is a multi-criteria technology smoke detector that balances stability and early warning to maximize fire detection while rejecting unwanted nuisance alarms. Proprietary technology allows it to respond to a broad range of fires. Its dual-stage drift compensation feature reduces maintenance by notifying the control panel when dust buildup requires attention. Its smoke detection

Smoke detector

Acclimate Plus is a multi-criteria technology smoke detector that balances stability and early warning to maximize fire detection while rejecting unwanted nuisance alarms. Proprietary technology allows it to respond to a broad range of fires. Its dual-stage drift compensation feature reduces maintenance by notifying the control panel when dust buildup requires attention. Its smoke detection sensitivity increases with heat, eliminating the need to set sensitivity levels at the panel.
Circle 217

Pocket-sized infrared thermometer

The model 403265 infrared thermometer features a built-in laser pointer to improve aim. Infrared readings range from — 4°F to 1,022°F with 1° resolution. The readings display on a 3 ½ digit backlit LCD. An audible alarm sounds when temperature exceeds the programmable high and low setpoints. Emissivity is adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0. Features include auto hold, narrow field of view, and auto power off.
Circle 215

Industrial fluorescent fixtures

The HBS100 series of fluorescent fixtures provides the clean white light of today's high intensity, narrow diameter fluorescent lamps in a design that evenly distributes light from the source to the work surface. It provides consistent illumination over its 20,000-hr life and eliminates shadows on high warehouse shelves by lighting horizontally and vertically.
Los Angeles Lighting
Circle 208

Track lighting

The MH2 track fixture series uses all PAR20/PAR30/PAR38 and ED-17 ceramic arc metal halide lamps. The fixtures simultaneously hold two lenses, louvers, and/or color filters; are available in matching halogen PAR lamp and MR16 versions; and feature aiming and rotation locks. The series includes the Conix enclosed fixture, the open-back Pro-Gimbal Ring fixture, a low-profile rectangular flood, and mini high bay-style pendants with a choice of metal reflector.
Juno Lighting
Circle 206

Ground-fault detector

The Resilient remotely measures load voltage and detects leakage current between 2mA and 300mA. It supports 110V to 480VAC on circuits to 50A. Ground-fault detectors, lighting sensors, and power meters transmit their data via power line carrier to a data logger, which preprocesses the data and relays it to a server via landline, wireless, or Ethernet communications media.
Leading Edge Telemetry
Circle 214

Addressable fire alarm control panel

The FireSeeker model FS-100 is a small fire alarm system designed for standalone applications in small- to medium-sized facilities. It supports a series of photoelectric, thermal, and photo/thermal combination detectors developed for the system. As many as 60 addressable inputs are available on the unit. Operating controls and indicators are secured behind a locked door.
Siemens Fire Safety
Circle 203

Optical beam smoke detector

Combining an infrared transmitter and receiver in one unit, Fireray Reflective needs less cabling than two-part detectors. The unit projects an infrared beam onto a small reflector on the opposite wall. The transmitter/receiver analyzes the returned beam for smoke presence. Automatic drift compensation prevents unwanted alarms caused by dust or slight building movement. It can distinguish between obstructions like smoke and flying insects.
Firefighting Enterprises
Circle 204

Lighting streamers

Heavy-duty lighting streamers provide temporary overhead lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. Sockets spaced at 10 ft with a 5-ft lead and tail are molded in solid Hypalon rubber and attached to a heavy-duty SOW-A cable. A rubber O ring forms a watertight seal around each lamp neck, to eliminate problems associated with oil, dirt, and moisture. Optional heavy-duty guards provide protection for streamer sockets and are available in red, vinyl-coated steel or crushproof clear lexan.
Circle 207

Motor drive

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 “A” Frame air-cooled medium-voltage drive uses symmetrical gate commutated thyristors, which lower conduction and switching losses, reduce total component count, and increase reliability. It features sensorless-vector control, which provides the kind of torque seen in DC drives. It maintains near unity power factor and produces sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms, eliminating the need for an inverter-duty motor.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 219

HID ballast

The SuperBallast uses this company's Fast-Start feature to deliver full-light output in less than 75 sec. The patented startup mode allows damage-free starts and quicker restrike times. The flicker-free ballast can self-compensate for line voltage fluctuations from 190V to 304V to maintain lumen output and color quality. The ballast operates at sound rating “A.”
Delta Power Supply
Circle 210

LED exit sign

The CX series of LED die-cast aluminum exit signs uses LED technology to reduce energy usage. Four green LEDs provide uniform illumination (no “diode dots” of darkness) and brightness. The Watchguard EMS self-diagnostic system adds convenience and maintenance savings.
Circle 211

Security system

VIDOS provides video monitoring, alarm management, recording functions, and automatic camera switching. It supports a hardware receiver connection, Windows, and Linux. All relevant maps and alarm plans are automatically called up whenever an alarm is triggered. It can process as many as 16 video signals at once and records all relevant data to its hard drive. It also allows several users access to the same picture data simultaneously.
VCS Video Communication Systems AG
Circle 220

Poke-through receptacle

The Walker RC7 series exceeds forthcoming UL standards for scrubwater exclusion in floor-mounted receptacles intended for carpet applications. This device also meets the tile floor requirement, allowing installation in tile surfaces.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 216

LED drivers

Xitanium drivers can support a wide variety of LED-driven applications, including sign lighting. Each driver is rated for a 50,000-hr life, matching the rating for most LEDs. Because these drivers are UL Class 2 and FCC Class B rated, they are considered “no hazard” products that can be used almost anywhere without special wire routing requirements.
Advance Transformer
Circle 209

EMI/RFI flexible electrical conduit

This line of shielded conduit is built around bronze flexible cores or copper braids for improved shielding, and uses modifiable PVC jackets to accommodate a variety of environmental conditions. These conduits eliminate the need for expensive specialty assemblies in wiring applications for communications, radar, and data transmission equipment.
Circle 201

Circuit breaker monitoring device

The OPTImizer+ issues alarms and supplies a data history of breaker operations. It helps extend the life of power circuit breakers by quantifying a breaker's operating characteristic and providing alarming and trending as programmed by the operator. It has field-adjustable data collection parameters and an optional protocol converter for communications. Installation is noninvasive.
Circle 213

Floodlights for flagpoles

The PM series of parabolic medium floodlights illuminates flags displayed at heights as high as 25 ft. The PN series of parabolic narrow floodlights provides an even narrower beam and projects light a greater distance with more intensity — for flags flown at the same height. The L Series, which includes rectangular versions of these fixtures, provides the same illumination in lower wattages.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 202

Severe Duty motors

The IEEE 841 motors are designed for severe duty applications and meet and exceed IEEE 841-2001 specifications. The chemical processing models are available in power ratings that range from ½-hp to 500-hp. They are built with Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise, and a 1.15 service factor. They also offer a corrosion-resistant epoxy finish, regreasable ball bearings, and oversized rotatable cast iron conduit boxes.
Circle 200

Automatic wall switch

The WS-200 is a passive infrared wall switch that turns lighting on and off based on occupancy and ambient light levels. It features terminal style wiring and has a built-in light level sensor to hold lighting off when natural light levels are above a pre-set level.
The Watt Stopper
Circle 205

Handheld network tester

The LinkRunner network multimeter troubleshoots and identifies problems in the physical and link layers of LANs. The 4-oz tester allows users to determine if a problem resides in the network, cable, patch cord, or PC NIC, increasing the accuracy and speed of network problem diagnosis.
Fluke Networks
Circle 156

Fiber optic connectors

The 2Quick and OPTIchannel ST and SC fiber optic connectors work with 900μm distribution fiber and reduce termination time while making the fiber more reliable. The 2Quick crimp-style multimode connectors crimp directly onto the fiber, eliminating the need for adhesives. The OPTIchannel multimode and singlemode connectors can be installed with either anaerobic quick-cure adhesive or heat-cure epoxy.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 153

Coaxial cable crimper

The RFA-4009-20 cushion-gripped cable crimper weighs 1.3 lb and delivers piston-driven compression for installation of crimp ferrules on large diameter cables, such as LMR-400, LMR-600, WBC-400, and WBC-600. For safety and efficiency, the ratchet mechanism releases only after the ferrule is completely crimped.
RF Connectors
Circle 152

Cat. 5e patch cord

Shielded Cat5E350 patch cords provide extra protection from EMI/RFI interference and offer enhanced support for high-bandwidth applications. They meet or exceed the requirements of TIA/EIA 568-A-4 and are tested to 350 MHz for enhanced ACR, NEXT, and PS-NEXT performance. The high-resolution cable legend on the jacket makes quick identification possible for efficient installation and cable management.
AWC/US Fiber Optics
Circle 154

Cat. 6 communications cable

The CatLink 6 Plus can deliver 10 billion bits per second and exceeds TIA/EIA requirements for Cat. 6. The cable contains a dielectric spacer and a ripcord. It has sequential footage markings and is available in a variety of jacket colors. It is UL-listed for general-purpose, riser, or plenum applications.
Genesis Cable Systems
Circle 157

Power sum cable

The first in a series of multi-pair designs, the 24-pair Cat. 5e power sum cable is designed for applications like interconnect and zone cabling. The cables are available in plenum- and nonplenum-rated designs. Users can reduce tray and conduit fill rates and provide for high density switch-to-switch and switch-to-panel interconnections.
Circle 150

LAN tester accessories

The Fibertek line of fiber accessory kits enhances this company's Lantek LAN cable certifiers. Premium versions of the package include Tracetek, an alternative to optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR). The system has a Talkset feature for duplex communications over fiber and a network-specific autotest for network types like Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base LX and 1000 Base SX).
IDEAL Industries
Circle 155

Radiating cable

FlexRAD-600-PVC radiating flexible cable provides RF coverage in enclosed areas where point source antennas are impractical. These cables offer broadband performance at frequencies as high as 2.5 GHz to support a variety of applications. The flexibility and easy-connector attachment considerably reduce installation time and allow the user to install the cable easily and without kinking. Optional low-smoke and nonhalogen designs are available.
Times Microwave Systems
Circle 151

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