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Circuit breaker lockout system Available for standard 120V to 277V panels, these circuit breaker lockout kits lock single and multiple pole breaks. They feature adhesive-backed rails that allow the system to be permanently installed in, or just outside of, an electrical panel. The low-profile design makes it possible to shut the panel door during lockout applications.Ideal IndustriesCircle 200 Flat

Circuit breaker lockout system

Available for standard 120V to 277V panels, these circuit breaker lockout kits lock single and multiple pole breaks. They feature adhesive-backed rails that allow the system to be permanently installed in, or just outside of, an electrical panel. The low-profile design makes it possible to shut the panel door during lockout applications.
Ideal Industries
Circle 200

Flat magnet wire

The flat magnet wire product line now includes sizes ranging from 30 AWG to 9 AWG. The wire is available in five standard ratios of thickness to width: 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3, 1:3.5, and 1:4, and all sizes come in either 10-lb, 6-in. × 4-in. spools, or 20-lb, 6-in. × 8-in. spools. Wire gauges of 20 AWG and greater are supplied on 80-lb, 12-in. × 8-in. spools.
Circle 201

Wave generator

The model 3003 10-MHz portable signal generator produces clean sine and square waves. The generator has a frequency accuracy of 0.02% with 0.1 Hz settability. It can be powered by an external AC adaptor or one standard 9V battery. Eight push wheel switches set frequency. The generator measures 2.1 in. × 3.6 in. × 6 in. and weighs 0.80 lbs without the battery.
B+K Precision
Circle 202

High-temperature thermometer

The model 42540 InfraRed thermometer measures temperatures from -58°F to 1,400°F with 0.1° resolution. A 12:1 distance-to-target ratio allows the thermometer to measure smaller surface areas at a greater distance. Measurements are displayed on a backlit LCD, and an automatic data hold freezes the display. It measures 3.2 in. × 1.6 in. × 6.3 in. and weighs 10.2 oz.
Circle 203

Contactors, starters, and overloads

This group of contactors and overloads for switching currents as high as 900A (600 hp at 480VAC) are available in a variety of coil voltages. The CGT series thermal overload relays integrally mount to the CGC series contactors and provide thermal overload protection with Class 10 trip characteristics. The CGE series of electronic (overload) motor protection and the CDG series of digital motor protection relays provide extended motor and systems monitoring protection in a panel-mountable package and digital display. Interlock and wiring kits are available to turn two standard contactors into reversing contactors.
Carlo Gavazzi
Circle 204

ID printer

The portable M-1 Pro features 300 dpi direct-thermal printing for lettering on plastic tubing (2.5 mm to 6.5 mm), heat shrink tubing (3 mm to 6.4 mm), plastic ID strips (4 mm wide), and custom labels (white, yellow, and silver). It carries an output rate of 30 ppm. Features include a PC keyboard, LCD display, automatic cutting, and text adjustment options. The printer weighs 2.0 kg.
Circle 205

Outdoor surveillance system

Disguised as an outdoor lighting fixture, this integrated wireless camera system provides real-time video surveillance. The core unit of the camera is a miniaturized, video-compression device that can be specified in a fixed-position video camera or with Micro-Server technology. Transmission mesh technology provides constant signals to route around obstructions like buildings and trees. Computer encryption, Internet protocol network transmission, and optic technologies allow camera images to be wirelessly transmitted to PCs, recorders, viewing screens, or imaging devices like laptops and cell phones. The system is constructed of ASTM 356.2 virgin ingot aluminum cast and is available in six finishes: black, bronze, gray, green, Verona, and white.
Beacon Products
Circle 206

Bi-fuel engine generators

These bi-fuel engine generators, rated at 300kW and 375kW of output, can operate on 90% natural gas and 10% diesel fuel. The basis of the bi-fuel system is a 12-L, six-cylinder inline diesel engine. Both the 300kW model and the 375kW model will be offered as part of this company's Modular Power system and the Gemini Twin Pack gen-set, in which two engines operate side by side. Benefits of bi-fuel engines include increased run times per tank due to reduced diesel fuel consumption, built-in fuel redundancy in the event the natural gas supply is interrupted, reduced emissions, and longer backup coverage during extended outages.
Generac Power Systems
Circle 207

Lighting control system

The Grafik 7000 centralized lighting control system offers customizable user interfaces to integrate dimming, switching, motorized draperies and shades, and daylighting. The system features floor-plan-based software and a graphic user interface that provides central, local, and personal control options and customizable access privleges. Users can monitor and operate lighting and related systems from any desktop computer with Internet access.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 208


WSR/WSRD switched receptacles are engineered for rain- or watertight, non-hazardous electrical applications. They carry a 600V rating and are available in 30A, 60A, and 100A fused and non-fused configurations. The receptacles work with Powertite ACP and CPH plugs and feature stainless steel bolts and hardware, a copper-free aluminum enclosure safeguarded by a corrosion-resistant epoxy powder finish, and mechanical interlock design.
Circle 209

Power supplies

The SMP series of medium-power, modular chassis mount, AC-DC power supplies are customizable for various voltage and power combinations. Available with power ratings of 250W, 350W, 450W, 600W, and 1,000W, the power supplies are capable of as many as 12 independent outputs with voltages from 3.3VDC to 48VDC. Screw terminal or Molex types are available.
Circle 210

Two-way radios

Motorola's XTN series of two-way radios provides individual or group communications and are available in UHF and VHF models. The radios cover as much as 250,000 sq ft, 20 floors indoors, or 6 mi outdoors, and operate on FCC frequencies. UHF models measure 7.99 in. × 2.5 in. × 1.38 in. and operate on 56 frequencies. VHF models measure 10.5 in. × 2.5 in. × 1.38 in. and operate on 27 frequencies. The frequencies, which are reserved for business use, feature 38 PL codes and 83 digital PL codes. Both models weigh less than 10 oz with included nickel-metal hydride battery and are available with 1W or 2W of power.
Circle 250

Tote bag

The UtilityBag measures 11 in. × 5.25 in. × 6.75 in. and is made from double-layered, 1,000 denier nylon. The bag features a hard bottom panel, two 4-in. × 11-in. outside pockets with Velcro tabs, nylon zippers with lockable pulls, nylon web handles, and two D-rings for an optional shoulder strap.
Tool Pak
Circle 251

Spool wraps

These spool wraps protect spooled material from exterior damage and allow material to spin while maintaining even pressure. Made of heavy-duty canvas, the wraps feature a leather wire guide and Velcro for attachments. They fit any spool and can coordinate with wire color.
Johnson's Spool Wraps
Circle 252

Splice kits

The Hyreducer (YSR-TC) in-line splice kits and Hysplice (YS-TC) butt splice kits provide an inline reduction or splice of two conductors while minimizing space requirements. Kits include a connector, a length of heavy-duty heat shrink tubing, an installation instruction sheet, and heavy-duty black or clear heat shrink tubing, which pass the Telcordia GR-347-CORE abrasion and cut test. Inspection holes in the connectors ensure the conductor is fully inserted. All connectors are UL Listed and can be installed with a tool and die compression system.
Circle 253

Receptacle analyzer system

The Multi-Test Pro comprises a transmitter and receiver unit for testing electrical receptacles. The transmitter features three solid-state lamps on the front panel that indicate proper receptacle wiring. It also performs arc-fault circuit interrupter and ground-fault circuit interrupter tests. The receiver detects pulses from the transmitter to find the strongest current, and a non-contact voltage sensor locates hot AC wiring. It uses a 9V battery and features automatic battery shut-off after 10 sec of inactivity. Two LED lamps and a beeper provide feedback to the user.
Unique Technologies
Circle 254

Compact Ballasts

Available for 1,000W probe-start, 1,000W pulse-start and 875W pulse-start metal halide lamps, compact core ballasts reduce high-wattage length by 1.25 in. The 4.25 in. × 4.25 in. ballasts are available for all U.S. and Canadian voltages in two multi-tap formats: 120V/208V/240V/277V quadri-volt and 347V/480V dual-volt with 120V output tap. They comply with ANSI, UL, and CSA standards and carry UL Class H and Advanced Class N ratings and temperature codes.
Advance Transformer
Circle 254

Cable tray system

The Cable-Mgr. cable tray system is designed for ceiling, wall, or raised floor installations. The tray system features raceways and pre-fabricated multi-directional junctions and intersections that eliminate fabrication in the field. It's offered in three commercial grades: standard, light-duty, and heavy-duty. Four powder-coated colors are available: safety yellow, white, black, and chrome.
Circle xxx

Self-locking ties

The Pan-Steel stainless steel self-locking ties withstand corrosive and environmental extremes. The ties feature a locking head with displacement lock, extended retaining tab, locking ramp, and strengthening ribs. They're available in a variety of styles and sizes.
Circle xxx

Wire connector

The wing-nut wire connectors are available in three color-coded wire models that cover sizes from 18 AWG through 6 AWG. A live-action spring expands to accept a wire shape, and a square wire spring threads directly onto conductors. The connector features a deep skirt that safeguards against flashover and turned back strands that provide dielectric protection. Its UL 94V-2 flame-retardant shell is rated at 105°C (221°F).
Circle xxx Wing_nut_illustration

Surge protector

The DS250VG protection module for single- and 3-phase AC power line applications can withstand 15 impulses at 15 kA 10/350 µsec without degradation in clamp voltage. The module can be deployed in a variety of environments, ranging from protection against direct lightning strikes to applications that require the lowest let-through levels for sensitive equipment. It provides real-time visual fault indications with remote capability and meets IEC 61643-11, ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2, NFC 61740-95, and VDE0675-6 standards and carries the UL and CE marks.
Circle 150

UPS systems

The 3DPP series digital ProcessPower UPS system is an online double-conversion system that provides clean, regulated, continuous power for critical AC loads. The series features a digitally controlled, pulse-width-modulated inverter design that offers advanced communications and control capability. Each unit includes an interface panel with LCD touch screen that allows continuous monitoring of system status, which is displayed via an operational mimic diagram on the LCD panel. An interface keypad provides control of all critical UPS functions.
Circle 151

Power protector

CleanSource uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems ensure continuous power in a variety of applications from process control to broadcasting to data processing. Available in four models with powers ranging from 65kVA to 130kVA, the UPS systems protect sensitive loads against short power disturbances and extended outages. Power conditioning capabilities include voltage regulation, transient protection, and harmonics cancellation. It measures 34 in. × 58.6 in. × 78 in. and comes standard with an internal static bypass switch, serial communications port, LCD monitoring and control panel, and programmable I/O contacts.
Active Power
Circle 152

Power quality recorder

The OM-PQR1010 power line and environmental instrument measures, records, and reports power disturbances. The recorder detects disturbances like spikes, sags, surges, common mode noise, dropouts, and high-frequency noise on two phases of AC voltage and one DC voltage channel. It also tests temperature, humidity, and AC current. A non-volatile RAM memory records disturbances detected on multiple levels by their time, date, and magnitude. Users can download and analyze stored data by connecting the recorder to a PC serial port and running the included Windows data analysis software. The instrument operates on standard 110VAC/220VAC power and is equipped with a pair of banana jacks designed to accept a 10mV/output current transducer.
Omega Engineering
Circle 153

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