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Portable power monitor The PCM4000 brings the power of the series 4000 circuit monitor to the field in a sealed-case design. The base unit includes a detachable display and all necessary cables, while an upgrade option adds high-speed transient-detection capabilities. Other options include an Ethernet interface with Web pages and a high-temperature adaptation.Square D/Schneider ElectricCircle 203

Portable power monitor

The PCM4000 brings the power of the series 4000 circuit monitor to the field in a sealed-case design. The base unit includes a detachable display and all necessary cables, while an upgrade option adds high-speed transient-detection capabilities. Other options include an Ethernet interface with Web pages and a high-temperature adaptation.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 203

Lighting timer

This new unit turns outdoor lighting on at dusk and off at midnight. The off time can be adjusted for as many as 2 hr before or after midnight. It automatically tracks the dusk and dawn times as they vary with the seasons to determine midnight each day, corrects for daylight saving time, and resets its timer after power outages.
Circle 202

Remote fire monitor system

Simplex SafeLINC is UL-listed and allows authorized users to view and distribute fire alarm system information via the Internet. In the event of an alarm or trouble condition, it sends an email to designated staff informing them of the situation.
Circle 204

Lighting control

The Digital microWATT system provides automated on/off light switching, full-range dimming capability, real-time monitoring of a building's entire lighting system, and load shedding for peak demand reduction.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 206

Insulation tester

The model 5060 digital/analog megohmmeter provides insulation measurements to 10,000 Giga-ohm. Test results include dielectric absorption ratio, polarization index, dielectric discharge, capacitance, leakage current, and user-programmed test voltages and run times. It has an RS-232 interface and permits storage results in files specific to the device under test. Users can generate automatic reports of test results and computer configuration options via direct connection through a PC.
Circle 205

Steel speed reducer

These stainless steel speed reducers can withstand corrosive environments, are completely sealed, and are well lubricated, reducing necessary maintenance. The horsepower range of the reducers extends through 5 hp. They're available in frame sizes 918, 921, and 926; with quill-type S6C, 140TC, and 180TC NEMA C-face inputs. They also feature industry-standard mounting dimensions.
Baldor Electric
Circle 201

Aisle lighting

The AL/ZAL series of aisle lights is designed to evenly illuminate both tall, vertical surfaces and traffic areas down below. The fixtures are also designed for sites where items are stored in multilevel shelving racks, such as warehouses and big-box retailers. The lights' beam illuminates the faces of high-stacked boxes, while also providing uniform light at lower levels.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 200

Motion detector

The VideoJet 400 motion detector reduces false alarms by clearly identifying potential threats. For example, the user can restrict alarm response to motion in one direction, allowing the system to ignore people leaving the building but trigger an alarm or recording while someone is entering.
Circle 207

Indoor/outdoor UPS

The SteadyStream UPS system provides 30-sec ride-through protection at 100% load, and up to 60-sec protection for partial loads. Loads are transferred in 2 ms to 4 ms. It's self-contained for indoor or outdoor use.
Detroit Diesel Spectrum
Circle 228

Tower UPSs

The T1000 XR, T1500 XR, and T2200 XR Tower UPSs support extended runtime modules. Features include a front panel display, enhanced battery management, and hot-swappable batteries. These UPSs feature a communications port for data exchange with the host computer.
Circle 211

Voltage indicator

The SP-0252 has an increased voltage and frequency operating range of 120VAC to 575VAC, 50/60/400Hz. The epoxy encapsulated enclosure features two flashing LEDs for each of its four detectors to advise the observer if voltage is present without the aid of additional equipment. Three of the detectors monitor phase-to-phase voltage and the fourth monitors ground.
Circle 209

Fire alarm control panel

The FireSeeker model FS-100 is a UL-listed addressable system. It supports a series of photoelectric, thermal, and photo/thermal combination detectors. The detector sensitivity may be adapted to the proper level during system configuration and fixed or changed on a time/date basis.
Siemens Fire Safety
Circle 208

Metal-oxide varistors

Composed of a metal-oxide varistor and built-in visual and remote indicators, the TPMOV offers built-in thermal protection with no fault current-level limitations. When its energy rating is exceeded, the varistor disconnects from system power, protecting itself and surrounding components from damage. The new models are rated to withstand 40kA of 8/20ms surge current with available maximum continuing operating voltage ratings from 150VAC to 600VAC.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 210

Circuit breaker receptacles

Russellstoll UniGard IEC 309 circuit breaker interlocked receptacles are available in all standard voltage polarizations. A UL 489 molded-case circuit breaker provides branch circuit protection in the mechanically interlocked receptacles, eliminating the need to stock fuses. The safety interlocks suit chemical, food-processing, beverage, and bottling plants, as well as machinery and construction settings.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 219

PDA software

This software allows field service workers to use a PDA to create a work order on-site. The PDA-created work order, which interfaces with T-Bill time-and-material billing software, can be transmitted to the home office wirelessly, or downloaded via a cradle that interfaces with an office computer. The software can capture the signature of a customer on-site, which can then be used on the invoice to show the customer's payables department who signed for the work.
McCormick Systems
Circle 252

Marking tag software

Windows-based Wiemarc plotter software makes it possible to create custom printing for standard marking tags. Data may be imported from Excel and text files and CAD/CAE programs.
Wieland Electric
Circle 256

Boom lift

The model 1350SJP is a 135-ft platform height telescoping boom lift that features drive-out extendable axles that facilitate deployment on the job along with 4-wheel drive and steering for easier job-site navigation. The new boom lift also incorporates an articulating jib with horizontal and vertical ranges of motion for greater platform maneuverability and ease of transport.
JLG Industries
Circle 253

Lamp fixture

The Vision Bollard series of pathway luminaires features a fully concealed lamp and reflector system that achieves IES cutoff classification for glare-free illumination. The cast aluminum base has two built-in leveling vials for proper alignment and easy installation. The lamps are available in compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, incandescent, and metal halide models.
Circle 255

Thermographic camera

The ThermaCam P60 IR system allows thermographers to determine the relative severity of problems and make informed decisions about the true operating condition of electrical and mechanical systems and processes. The palm-sized P60 works with reporting and database software to automate the process of collecting, reporting, and achieving infrared images and inspection information. It has thermal sensitivity at 50/60 Hz from 0.06°C to 30°C.
FLIR Systems

Scanning system

The Scan-to-CAD Version 5.0 scanning system consists of a 40-in.-wide monochrome scanner with scanning, indexing, intelligent raster editing, and network viewing software. Users can scan and index in one step for easy retrieval. The raster images can be edited using the same method employed for editing vector images. The search and replace capabilities recognize arbitrary raster symbols and match them against predefined templates.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 251

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