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Self-locking ties Pan-Steel stainless steel self-locking ties withstand corrosive and environmental extremes. The ties feature a locking head with displacement lock, extended retaining tab, locking ramp, and strengthening ribs. They're available in a variety of styles and sizes.PanduitCircle 250 EMT connectors and couplings These compression-style, zinc die-cast EMT connectors and couplings meet UL

Self-locking ties

Pan-Steel stainless steel self-locking ties withstand corrosive and environmental extremes. The ties feature a locking head with displacement lock, extended retaining tab, locking ramp, and strengthening ribs. They're available in a variety of styles and sizes.
PanduitCircle 250

EMT connectors and couplings

These compression-style, zinc die-cast EMT connectors and couplings meet UL requirements for rain-tight classification. The connector models 250-RT2, 251-RT2, and 252-RT2 measure 0.5 in., 0.75 in., and 1 in., respectively, and feature an internal sealing ring and external knockout gasket. The coupling models 260-RT, 261-RT, and the 262-RT measure 0.5 in., 0.75 in., and 1 in., respectively, and use two sealing rings. Both the connectors and couplings use a split-compression ring for EMT grip.
BridgeportCircle 259

Diesel engine

The Perkins 403C-11 diesel engine for the GS-68RT series of self-propelled scissor lifts is powered by 1.13L of displacement and 26 hp. It complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 2 off-highway emissions legislation for 2004 and the European Commerce Stage 2 emissions regulations.
Genie Industries
Circle 261

Aerial work platform

The model 1250AJP Ultra Boom aerial work platform has a 63-ft, 2-in. horizontal reach, a 60-ft, 7-in. up-and-over capability, and 125-ft platform height. A jib boom rotates 130° vertically and 125° horizontally. The aerial platform's capacity is 1,000 lb restricted, and 500 lb unrestricted. It's fitted with a QuikStik boom that allows the platform to be lowered to the ground while the tower boom is fully raised and extended, which permits users to go from ground level to full elevation in 95 sec. A 7,500W generator powers the platform, and it features a drive-out front extending axle, oscillating axle, and 4-wheel drive and steer.
Circle 262

Tool belt

The Build-Your-Own-Bag system allows users to customize their own tool belt with several interchangeable components. The system is built upon a padded weightlifter belt made of heavy-duty nylon and outfitted with eight quick clips to add bags and accessories. Two types of bags are available for customization. The DS-970B bag consists of three inner compartments, four outer compartments, and three quick clips. The DS-911B bag contains four inner compartments, eight outer compartments, a “T” chain for tape rolls, and one quick clip. Users can also choose from a variety of accessories and pouches like a hammer loop, tape clip, and drill holster with bit pocket.
Daman Tools
Circle 255

Mobile patch box

The category 5e mobile patch box is designed for easy punch down capability in small installations. The unit accommodates as many as six lines, and the RJ45 port openings are protected by flip over covers that keep out dust and other particles. A screwed on base conceals all cables and termination.
Circle 269

Wire connector

Wing-Nut wire connectors are available in three color-coded models that cover sizes from 18 AWG through 6 AWG. A live-action spring expands to accept wire shape, and a square wire spring threads directly onto conductors. The connector's deep skirt safeguards against flashover, and turned back strands provide dielectric protection. It's UL 94V-2 flame-retardant shell is rated at 221°F.
Ideal Industries
Circle 254

Dimming system

The Grafik RP pre-set dimming system consists of panel and RP wallstation components. The panels are factory pre-wired and control as many as 18 dimmed outputs per panel. They're available with or without breakers. The wallstations can recall four preset scenes, and as many as four wallstations can be used throughout a space for control from different locations. Scenes feature a fade time of one hour.
Circle 260

Cable tray

The Redi-Rail Knockout cable tray features a straight section knockout option for installations where the system must be enclosed or exited through a side rail. The tray consists of 0.5-in. to 1.5-in. rungs located on 9-in. centers with either 6-in. or 7-in. side rail systems.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 258

Compact ballasts

Available for 1,000W probe-start, 1,000W pulse-start, and 875W pulse-start metal halide lamps, these compact core ballasts are 1.25 in. shorter than standard high-wattage ballasts. The 4.25-in. × 4.75-in. ballasts are available for all U.S. and Canadian voltages in 120V/208V/240V/277V quadri-volt and 347V/480V dual-volt with 120V output tap formats. They comply with ANSI, UL, and CSA standards and carry UL Class H and Advanced Class N ratings and temperature codes.
Advance Transformer
Circle 253

Cable tray system

The Cable-Mgr. cable tray system is designed for ceiling, wall, or raised floor installations. The tray system's raceways and prefabricated multidirectional junctions and intersections ease field installations and make it possible for installers to make connections with a single tool. It's offered in three commercial grades: standard, light-duty, and heavy-duty. Four powder-coated colors are available: safety yellow, white, black, and chrome.
Circle 251

Tool kit

The EYS tool kit helps pack fiber dam in explosionproof seals. The kit includes a hook tool to lift conductors while packing fiber, packing tools to pack fiber without damaging conductor insulation, wedge tools for separating conductors, and a mirror for inspecting the fitting. All tools are made of smooth plastic that won't abrade the electrical insulation.
Cooper Crouse-HindsCircle 252

Reciprocating saw

The 24V, WSR 650-A cordless reciprocating saw features a vertical motor to evenly distribute the tool's weight. The saw's counterbalance feature allows for less vibration during use, and its orbital action enables faster cutting through wood. It's powered by a 3A-hr NiMH battery and has a 6-speed stroke rate. Other features include a D-shaped handle, keyless blade changes, a 7-position shoe with an open face design, and a belt pack adapter.
Circle 266

Pan box

The model FBS405 steel, 6-cu-in. pan box supports fans and fixtures as heavy as 70 lb on ceilings as thick as 0.5 in. and 0.625 in. The pan box is UL and CSA Listed and includes installation screws and an installed NM cable connector.
Circle 256

Wire connector

The T/R+ electrical wire connector combines a tan hard shell with a red miniskirt to eliminate the need for separate red, tan, and yellow connector inventory. It can accommodate as many as two 18 AWG wires or five 12 AWG wires, and is made with a quick bite spring design. It's available in boxes, jugs, and kegs.
Circle 263

Computer software

Rules and Routing computer software helps ensure data integrity between applications. The rules engine monitors data entry for all users on a project. Error messages help the user understand a conflict and how to properly enter data. With the engine's save function, data can't be saved by the user unless the defined rules are met. The routing functionality lets individual project teams customize and automate internal workflows for cost-related document approvals. Triggers can be set to notify employees based on user-defined criteria.
Circle 268

Split bolt cover

This universal split bolt cover is engineered to fit split bolts from 1/0 to 500MCM. The cover can be used for either butt splice or in-line connections, and it offers consistent insulating coverage. It's made from UV-resistant UL material and is reusable.
Covers Unlimited
Circle 265

AC drive line

The ACH550 low-voltage AC drive line monitors energy consumption, running hours, or motor revolutions, and it can activate an alarm whenever limits preset by the user are reached. The drive line reduces harmonics at full and partial loads by as much as 30%. Parameter copy allows all drive features to be copied from one motor controller to another. It also features 16 different languages, a built-in real-time clock that logs the date and time of a fault, and a diagnostic assistant that suggests ways to fix the fault. The drive line is available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures, with supply voltages from 208V to 480V, with or without electronic bypass, in vertical and side-by-side configurations.
Circle 211

Class J fuses

These class J fuses provide protection for electronic motor controllers using the branch circuit protection required by the NEC. The fuses can clear overloads down to 135% of their rating. They're available in ratings from 15A to 600A and are rated 600VAC/500VDC, with a 200kA interrupting rating. Both ferrule and blade configurations are available.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 208

Bypass drive

The P7/Bypass AC drive provides 3-contactor bypass control that allows motors to run from either the drive or line current in fan, pump, and industrial applications that require continuous operation. The drive can be operated from either the P7 drive or directly across the line at full speed and provides 110% overload capacity. Three electrically interlocked IEC-rated contactors isolate the drive when operating in bypass mode. Control logic provides hand/off/auto functions and safety circuit interlocks in both drive and bypass operating modes. Bypass components include a fused 115VAC control transformer, an input motor circuit protector circuit breaker/disconnect, and a motor overload relay.
Circle 207

Portable air conditioner

The PA4000 portable air conditioner is designed for localized cooling in small areas. Using 4kW of power, a dual ducting kit brings in air from the outside to remove hot air. A dual-float condensate pump provides condensate removal, and multiple blower speed settings enable users to increase the amount of dehumidification. The air conditioner has a replaceable ASHRAE standard 30% filter.
American Power Conversion
Circle 203

Surge protector

The SLP surge protector is designed for process control I/O applications. It delivers 20kA of surge protection to two separate loops in a package that requires 3 mm of space per wire protected.
MTL Surge Technologies
Circle 215

Flame-resistant shirt

A medium blue color option has been added to this line of 7-oz twill-style, flame-resistant shirts. They're made with INDURA Ultra Soft cotton and have double-stitched shoulders, armholes, and side seams. The shirts are NFPA-70E compliant and come with two replacement FR melamine buttons.
Circle 209

Gas turbine

The 4MW class Mercury 50 recuperated gas turbine carries a nominal power rating on 4,600kW with a heat rate of 8,863 Btu/kW-hr. The exhaust temperature is 705°F with an exhaust flow of 141 430lb/hr and efficiency of 38.5%. It's available with a 5 ppm NOx guarantee, with the CO and UHC guarantees both at the 10 ppm level.
Solar Turbines
Circle 212

Control stations

These UL Listed control stations are designed for potentially explosive atmospheres in both onshore and offshore applications. They're made of corrosion-free, UV-stable, heavy-duty GRP, and carry an ingress protection rating of NEMA 4x and 6. Users may select one-, two-, or three-way control stations.
Circle 216


The SEL-749M relay provides motor protection and monitoring for all 3-phase motors, including low-, medium-, and high-voltage motor applications. The relay offers protection, monitoring, and metering for industrial and commercial motor applications, including 2-speed and reduced voltage start pumps, compressors, and blowers. It protects against locked rotor, running overload, and negative sequence current imbalance. Adaptive overcurrent element technology enables the relay to protect against high fault-current conditions when current transformer saturation is present. It protects soft-start reduced-voltage motors with wye-delta starters from high-voltage, current spikes, high-starting torque, and mechanical stress.
Schweitzer Engineering Lab.
Circle 210


The CAR1545 rack-mount, front-end rectifier provides 1,500W of constant power in a 2U-high form factor. Measuring 2.71 in. × 5.03 in. × 12.81 in., the rectifier provides 31.25A of power at 48V. It offers adjustable outputs and about 9W per cu in. at a typical efficiency of 91%. It comes with integrated redundancy diodes and a thermally controlled fan that allows it to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C. It includes hot swap capability, fault redundancy, active load sharing, output voltage programming, current readout, and remote on/off and front plate LEDs.
Cherokee International
Circle 205

Light guard

The Outdoor Light Damage Stopper Guard protects outdoor lights, security lights, and similar units from vandalism and accidental damage. The protective cage is constructed of 9-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion-resistant polyester, and it measures 13.5 in. × 4 in. × 5 in.
Safety Technology International
Circle 200

Motor current signature analysis system

The All-Test Pro OL motor current signature analysis system evaluates the electrical and mechanical health, driven load, and incoming power quality of AC and DC motors. Nameplate data entry can be done after testing and before analyzing. The analysis system determines running speed and pole pass frequency, and it detects bearing problems and the presence of static and dynamic eccentricity.
Circle 201

Switching control

The digital zero voltage closing control can be used with this manufacturer's switching package for 15kV to 69kV applications. The control automatically calibrates to the manufacturer's switches, and continuously self-adjusts for temperature throughout complete switch life. Closing is synchronized with zero voltage in each phase, and the three poles are closed independently. The control can be interfaced with any manufacturer's capacitor controller and can be retrofitted into existing switches.
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Circle 214

Load profiling meter

The Pro-MON load profiling meter has been upgraded to include Ethernet/IP compatibility. The meter provides an RF-45 connector that allows as many as 52 daisy-chained meters to connect to a 10-BaseT or 100-BaseT LAN for each individual address. The Modbus Advanced Pro-MON can integrate meter data via standard RTU protocol into any Modbus-compatible building energy management or industrial control system. They can store as many as 36 days of data collected in 15-min intervals, or 12 days of data collected in 5-min intervals. Other features include installed current sensor diagnostic capability and an optional cellular modem. The meters measure 8 in. × 6 in. × 4 in.
Circle 204

Handheld computer

The MIG-300H handheld computing device withstands vibration, shock, and water. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that allows it to run for 5 hr continuously or 8 hr periodically. Readings are displayed on a 6.4-in. TFT LCD screen VGA with 400 NITS of brightness. The device's built-in external connectivity makes it compatible with third-party hardware like mobile GPS, video, digicam, barcode, and biometrics, and it's equipped with Microsoft Windows CE.NET.
Circle 206

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