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Conduit Fiber-Guard low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) conduit is flame-retardant with low-flame propagation and meets NFPA and UL-1685 standards for confined space applications. In addition, the product can be used as an innerduct and pulled into steel conduit or cable tray or directly attached to tunnel walls. It is available in standard sizes, ranging from 1 in. to 3 in. in diameter in schedules 40


Fiber-Guard low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) conduit is flame-retardant with low-flame propagation and meets NFPA and UL-1685 standards for confined space applications. In addition, the product can be used as an innerduct and pulled into steel conduit or cable tray or directly attached to tunnel walls. It is available in standard sizes, ranging from 1 in. to 3 in. in diameter in schedules 40 or 80 and SDRs 11 and 13.5. Resistant to cold temperature impact, the product is available with color stripes or special markings for easy identification.
Circle 200

Boxes, rings, and covers

This line of red epoxy powder-coated steel fire and safety outlet boxes, extension rings, and covers eliminates the need to paint boxes at a warehouse or job site. Available in 4-in. and 411/16-in.-square, 1½-in., and 2⅛-in.-deep welded or drawn construction, the boxes feature the company's Groundskeeper raised boss, which enables a ⅜-in. ground screw to be threaded into the box without contacting the mounting surface. Standard flat ground tapped holes also are available.
Circle 201

Thermal imagers

The Ti25 and Ti10 thermal imagers incorporate IR fusion, which integrates infrared and visual images in full screen or picture-in-picture views. In addition, the thermal imagers are tested to withstand a drop of 6.5 ft and are IP54 rated to withstand water and dust. Both models feature a wide screen full-color LCD display, optimized thermal sensitivity, and the company's SmartView software. The Ti25 has a temperature measurement range of -20°C to +350°C while the Ti10 features a temperature measurement range of -20°C to +250°C. Both products also include a 2-GB SD memory card that will store at least 3,000 basic infrared images or 1,200 fully radiometric infrared and linked visual images as well as an SD card reader for downloading images onto a computer. Other product features include a hard carrying case, a soft transport bag, rechargeable internal battery, and an AC power supply/battery charger.
Circle 202

Extension cord

The Cord Runner extension cord is now offered in a 12-gauge STW 600V model. Featuring three evenly spaced outlets at the end of the cord, the product is UL-listed and available in 6-ft and 50-ft lengths with a yellow jacket. In addition, each of the cord's outlets features a power indicator light to let users know when power is on.
Coleman Cable
Circle 203

Commercial occupancy sensors

Square D commercial-grade wall switch occupancy sensors are available in single-and dual-circuit models. Both models use passive infrared and light-level sensor technologies to automatically shut off lights in rooms during unoccupied periods or when sufficient daylight is present and artificial lighting is not required. Offered in white, ivory, gray, light almond, and black, the sensors feature a color-matching lens. According to the company, neither model requires a neutral connection or minimum load. In addition, both feature a 180° field of view while achieving 300-sq-ft minor motion coverage. Selectable auto-on and manual-on modes allow the sensors to be tailored to the specific needs of any application. The dual-circuit occupancy sensor independently controls two lighting circuits in spaces where bi-level control is required by the local energy code.
Schneider Electric
Circle 204

Coordination panel

The LCP selective coordination panel allows users to meet NEC requirements for selective coordination, including 700.27, 701.18, and 517.26. An online specifier is also available to help users determine the required options for a specific project. Other product features include blown fuse indication; multiple NEMA enclosures; copper bus; ground and neutral bars; and 12, 18, 24, 30, 26, and 42 circuit panels.
Circle 205

Metal raceway

PMR40 multi-channel metal raceway features an offset snap-on faceplate and divider wall design that locates data terminations outside the data channel, which the company says increases data cable capacity. TIA/EIA-568 and 569B compliant, the product maintains a 2-in. bend radius throughout the system for routing high-performance 10-Gb copper and fiber cable. The raceway accepts snap-on or standard NEMA double-gang faceplates for increased versatility of power and data cabling terminations. Pre-punched mounting holes eliminate the need for drilling or removing knockouts.
Circle 206

Power distribution rack

The HP power distribution rack (PDR) moves power distribution to the row level. Housed in a single HP 10000 42U rack, the PDR can deliver 400A redundantly and power several high-density racks with shorter cable runs than conventional site level power distribution systems, according to the company. Other product features include 3-phase power feeds, redundant 42-pole circuit breaker panels, dual management displays, individual branch circuit monitoring, alarms, commercial-grade breakers, and pre-configured metal-clad power cables with attached receptacles.
Hewlett Packard
Circle 207

Modular receptacle system

The Lev-Lok modular receptacle system consists of a wiring module with wire leads and a rugged duplex receptacle with solid brass locking pins. In addition, the product ships in a clear polybag with a factory-installed protective cover. Available in industrial-and hospital-grade duplex configurations, color options include brown, ivory, white, black, blue, gray, red, almond, and light almond. Accessories include complementary plastic, nylon, and metal wallplates in single- to 4-gang configurations in matching colors that can be hot-stamped or engraved.
Circle 208

Slug-splitter kits

These slug-splitter kits include a punch, die, draw stud, and spacer. According to the company, the slug-splitters are designed to punch stainless steel up to 10 gauge while splitting the slug into two pieces. In addition, all standard punches are self-centering, aligning themselves with the pilot hole to eliminate the process of aligning the punch to user's markings.
Greenlee, A Textron Co.
Circle 209

Large synchronous machines

The Series 9000 customizable product line includes high horsepower bracket bearing machines and pedestal bearing machines. The bracket frame machine ships completely assembled, when requested. Both the pedestal and bracket bearing machines are available based on application requirements. According to the company, all AC Series 9000 machines undergo global vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI) treatment. In addition, rotor construction of the products is available up to 1,800 rpm. The 4-and 6-pole solid salient rotor is constructed with integral pole tips that provide high thermal capacity and optimum efficiency during frequent starts or high load inertia setting.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 210

Thermal transfer printer

The IP Series printer system allows the printer, material, ribbon, and software to communicate, according to the company. Users simply load the material, click the software interface, and print a variety of labels, tags, and sleeves. Through bi-directional smart cell technology, the printer recognizes the correct material and ribbon combination, visually tracks usage levels, and adjusts sensor position. Using the company's Bradysoft or Labelmark software, the printer automatically adjusts material parameters, print speed, and heat settings. Available in 300 or 600 dpi, the product features a straight path to loading media and ribbon.
Circle 211

HID light

UL-listed, this series of HID fixtures includes floodlights, wall packs, ceiling mounts, and high bay lights. Adjustable slip-fitters and pole-mounting arms also are available. Fixture housings are constructed from heavy-duty cast aluminum and feature a dark bronze polyester powder-coated finish. In addition, the units feature tempered glass and borosilicate glass lenses that are heat-, shock-, and impact-resistant. An optional stainless steel wire guard is available on some models.
Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 212

Label printer

The K-Sun LABELShop BEE3 is a portable 3-in-1 label, bar code, and heat shrink tube printer. Users can select from more than 60 colors and sizes of polyester labeling tapes and five polyolefin heat-shrink tube combinations. Additional product features include a 67 QWERTY-compatible keyboard; 12 character, 2-line dot-matrix standard LCD display; print preview; 180 dpi print resolution; and automatic shut off. Weighing 1.23 lb, the printer measures 7.4 in. × 2.3 in. × 8.8 in.
Circle 213

Power distribution units

Powerware Enclosure PDUs (ePDUs) feature enhanced switched and managed function levels, offering users receptacle level control, a Web server interface, user-defined sequencing of outlets, and virtual grouping of outlets to permit single-click reboots for multi-corded servers. Available for single-phase and 3-phase applications up to 36kW, additional product features include a user-selectable combination of NEMA, IEC, and hardwired inputs, and NEMA and IEC output receptacles. Flexible mounting options include 1U, 0U, wall, and floor. In addition, remote monitoring is supported at the outlet, branch circuit, and ePDU level.
Circle 214

Cable reels

The HGR and R Series of spring and manual rewind cable reels is designed for use in explosive atmospheres or hazardous conditions, or wherever a buildup of static electricity might cause a spark and subsequent explosion. Available with⅛-in., 7 × 19 galvanized carbon steel cable, the product can handle 60 ft to 200 ft of static grounding cable.
Hannay Reels
Circle 215

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