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Remote monitoring device The Falcon monitoring device allows users to check equipment and site status over the Internet with any standard Web browser. The device accepts an image from any IP addressable Web camera. This image, displayed on the main menu of Falcon's Web interface, provides a live view of the site.RLE TechnologiesCircle 200 Machinery monitor This acoustic machinery monitor detects problems

Remote monitoring device
The Falcon monitoring device allows users to check equipment and site status over the Internet with any standard Web browser. The device accepts an image from any IP addressable Web camera. This image, displayed on the main menu of Falcon's Web interface, provides a live view of the site.
RLE Technologies
Circle 200Machinery monitor
This acoustic machinery monitor detects problems as they develop by monitoring and evaluating sounds produced by rotating machinery, non-rotating equipment, and processes. Its alarm relays are activated whenever the continuously monitored sound deviates from the sound the machine creates when operating properly.
Intonix Corp.
Circle 201Class CC fuse block
These blocks are molded in a self-extinguishing polyester fiberglass and offer complete touch-safe operation with a no-load fuse disconnect lever. The lever provides a compartment for the Class CC fuse and optional blown fuse indicator lamps. The fuse blocks can be purchased as is or built on-site in one-, two- and three-pole configurations that can be panel-mounted or 35mm DIN rail-mounted.
Wieland Electric Inc.
Circle 203UPS structured system
The Symmetra MW is a scalable, modular UPS that offers as much as 1.6MW of power. The system uses field-proven Delta Conversion online technology for centralized power protection for installations of 200kW to multi-MW. It also allows for the addition of power in 200kW increments as they are needed, decreasing up-front capital investment by eliminating the need to purchase power and equipment not required at the time of installation.
Circle 204Oscilloscope probes
The Microline Probe is a 500 MHz × 10 passive voltage probe with input resistance of 10MHz. It's rated for use in CAT II, 300V and CAT I, 500V environments. The probe set includes a 1.2-m length cable with a BNC plug. The accessory kit includes a pogo-pin spring-loaded tip and rigid tip, adapters, and a 110mm ground lead.
Pomona Electronics
Circle 205Keypad protective cover
The Widebody keypad protector Model STI 6560 now features a strong lock and key assembly that prevents vandalism and theft of larger keypads, access controls, and similar devices. It also increases the life and reliability of protected devices by shielding them from dirt, dust, and grime as well as severe environments.
Circle 206

Disconnect switches
The MD2DS series of factory-sealed disconnect switches meets both NEC and IEC requirements. The switches are rated for NEMA Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X, and 12 areas. In addition to functioning as a load disconnect switch, the MD2DS can be used as a control switch. Fused and non-fused 600VAC models are offered in 30A, 60A, and 100A designs.
Circle 261Threading machine
The latest version of the Model 535 threading machine has a 75% larger oil reservoir (1.75-gal) than the standard model, and a 100% larger chip tray to allow longer, uninterrupted threading. Other upgrades include a high-clearance carriage for increased workpiece maneuverability and a larger top cover that provides extra room to keep tools and materials close by.
Ridge Tool Co.
Circle 259Accounting software
Accounting For Contractors Made E-Z allows users to create invoices and checks, reconcile bank statements, post to the general ledger, create estimates and quotes and covert them into invoices, process U.S. payroll, edit employee earnings before printing checks, apply finance charges, and print payroll checks. The program is Windows- and Macintosh-compatible.
Made E-Z Products
Circle 256Automatic cable documentation software
This Windows-based design software offers automatic documentation of cabling. The program allows users to connect functional modules using single conductors and either shielded, twisted, or bundled cables. Users can also create dynamic assembly drawings or signal tables. After modification of any object in any view, all other views of the modified object are updated automatically.
Circle 252High-voltage junction boxes
The HV Series of increased safety, high-voltage junction boxes employs design measures to resist impact and prevent excessive heat and the ingress of water or dust. The 1 × 1 Connection Series is intended for shielded or unshielded cables up to 8kV at 500A, while the 2 × 2 Connection Series is designed for two parallel unshielded cables up to 2kV at 1kA total.
Circle 250Disconnect switch
The Telpower miniature disconnect switch (TPMDS) and miniature fuse (TPM) fit into a 1-U panel. The TPMDS' labeling system uses a different color to represent each amp rating. The TPMDS has a rating of 3-30A at 80VDC. Additional features include open-fuse indication and integral remote alarm contact.
Cooper Bussman
Circle 260Prewired meter socket
This noncorrosive, prewired meter socket can endure conditions in coastal areas, refineries, chemical plants, and fertilizer plants for as many as 30 yr to 45 yr. The socket interior is equipped with a 13-terminal meter block and test switch, prewired to customer specifications. Enclosure construction is NEMA 4X, and the meter opening is fully gasketed.
Meter Devices Co.
Circle 251Fiberglass enclosure
DiamondShield non-metallic enclosures provide a “no limits” Panel Management System, whereby any panel of any size can be mounted at any height or depth and hinged in any direction — even on the door.
Circle 255Fleet management system
The Vehicle Management Information (VMI) fleet management system monitors speed, stops and starts, and adherence to a predetermined route. It can tell how long a vehicle has been idle, which increases an owner's fuel costs. All of these features can be viewed in reports generated daily or as often as necessary.
Minorplanet USA
Circle 258Faceplates
The New Classic flush-mount stainless steel faceplate series includes 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-port single gang faceplates, as well as 4- and 8-port double gang faceplates. They support voice, data, and video connectivity, in conjunction with modular connectors and modules.
Circle 257Fiber cable tray fittings
FiberReady fittings work with SpecMate center-spine cable tray. These vertical pivot connectors attach to the rungs of the tray and provide a 2-in. bend radius to protect fiber optic and high-performance UTP cabling.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 254
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