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Cable tray cutter The ETS8 cable tray cutter is a battery-powered tool designed for cutting wire mesh cable tray. It takes the cutter 2 sec. to cut 0.191-in. diameter cable tray wires and can make about 250 cuts of this diameter wire per battery charge, according to the company. It can also cut other wires up to 5/16-in. diameter, such as a threaded rod and steel bolts. It comes with two batteries,

Cable tray cutter

The ETS8 cable tray cutter is a battery-powered tool designed for cutting wire mesh cable tray. It takes the cutter 2 sec. to cut 0.191-in. diameter cable tray wires and can make about 250 cuts of this diameter wire per battery charge, according to the company. It can also cut other wires up to 5/16-in. diameter, such as a threaded rod and steel bolts. It comes with two batteries, weighs 3 lbs, automatically retracts when a cut is complete, and features a cutting head that rotates 330°.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 250

Multipurpose handsaw

This folding saw is designed to provide portability and the safety of a cutting edge that stashes away inside its handle. The saw features an ergonomic handle with a non-slip rubber grip and accepts all standard 6-in. reciprocating saw blades, allowing it to be used on drywall, lumber, or pipe. It is 7 in. long in its closed folded position and 11 in. long when fully opened.
Ideal Industries
Circle 251

Metal box

The Pan Deck Box is 3½ in. deep and fits snugly into ceiling pan decking troughs. This box allows offset-free piping, box entry from all four sides, and mounts with four screws in the ribs of the decking. It requires no conduit bending or strut installations and is designed to decrease material costs and installation time.
Garvin Industries
Circle 252

GFCI receptacles

The PlugTail line of wiring devices now includes GFCIs designed for commercial construction projects. This GFCI installs three times faster than conventional GFCIs, according to the company, and eliminates exposed terminals for a finger-safe application. It uses the standard commercial pigtailing process to provide fast, consistent device installations and is compatible with all PlugTail connectors.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 253

Temporary box covers

WireGuard is a line of 18-gage steel reusable electrical box covers. These box covers are available in five residential models — single-gang, double-gang, triple-gang, quad-gang, and round box — and four commercial models — single-gang, double-gang, gangable spacer, and round-gang. Installing one of these covers before the drywall installation can prevent damage to boxes and wires.
Circle 254

Digital sound system

CommStar is a fully integrated digital sound system featuring IT-based plug and play architecture with standard Cat. 5e cabling and RJ45 connectors. The system features the SM1 SourceMaster — a mixer/DSP processor/power supply which ports 48VDC and two-channel digital audio to as many as eight 6.5-in. high-definition dual drive bi-amplified, high-efficiency, powered speakers. If more than eight speakers are required, the company's C1 companion power supply can allow system expansion.
Altec Lansing
Circle 255

Dimmer and fan speed controls

The Vizia collection of lighting and fan speed controls is compatible with the company's Decora devices and screwless snap-on wallplates. The control's digital circuitry enables all dimmers in the collection to be suitable for single-pole and three-way installations as well as higher-level control schemes. The control's return-to-neutral design allows devices to remain aligned whether dimmers are on or off. This control line includes incandescent, fluorescent, and low-voltage dimmers, fan speed controls, and matching and coordinating remotes for multi-location dimming.
Leviton Mfg.
Circle 256

Tool bag

The Tool Tote line now includes a 17-pocket tote with a shoulder strap and a seven-pocket tote. Constructed of 600 × 300 denier polyester, the bags are designed to withstand wear and tear on the job and are water-resistant. Both models have 2-in.-wide, 900-lb tested polypropylene carry handles with a leather wrap. The 17-pocket tote measures 15½ in. long, 8 in. wide, and 10 in. high, while the seven-pocket tote measures 15½ in. long, 7½ in. wide, and 10 in. high.
Klein Tools
Circle 262

Cable pulling foot pedals

Triggers are dual remote foot pedals designed for power control and safety for cable pulling and feeding applications. Featuring a digital meter indicating pounds of force used during a pull, each pedal has the ability to control the puller's power source and eliminates the risk of wire feeding mishaps that lead to nicks in the insulation. Colored lights on each footswitch indicate the pulling machine's status, and the cable pull can be stopped from either end immediately.
Circle 263

Compact excavator

The Bobcat 329 compact excavator features a hydraulic system with a dual-outlet piston pump to maintain constant digging forces by minimizing lugging. The compact excavator has a maximum digging depth of 10 ft 2 in. and a maximum reach of 15 ft at ground level. Powered by a 27.7-hp diesel engine, it can travel at 1.2 mph or 1.8 mph. Its rubber tracks distribute its 7,098 lbs over a large area to lower ground pressure to 4.2 psi. Seven trenching bucket sizes are offered for the machine, and a hydraulic breaker or hydraulic clamp attachment is also approved for use with this excavator.
Ingersoll Rand
Circle 264

GPS locator and alarm

The MobileLock GPS locator and anti-theft alarm is designed to help contractors protect mobile assets on jobsites. Mounted to equipment using integrated magnets or screws, the GPS locator can be located in real time using the Internet. Additionally, an alarm alerts the user when the protected piece of equipment has been disturbed or when someone tries to remove the GPS unit. The unit runs off of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and holds its charge for about 30 days, according to the company.
Circle 265

Saw blades

The Vermont American Titanium 10X circular saw blade is made of an industrial-grade titanium carbide formulation designed to be tougher than standard carbide. The blade's teeth are produced using a diamond wheel sharpening process for teeth that are three times sharper than conventional teeth, according to the company. The blade also features a thin kerf, fully hardened plate design, J-shaped expansion slots to control heat around the perimeter while reducing noise, and a clear anti-friction coating to minimize binding and pitch buildup.
Robert Bosch Tool
Circle 266

Bulkhead and shelving systems

The Weather Guard Van Solutions bulkhead and shelving systems are designed to customize vans for increased productivity. The bulkheads universally fit Ford and Chevy vans, and feature 16-gage steel construction and 3/16-in. steel top mounting angles. For this line's new shelving units, the 59½-in.-high end panels on the 14-in.-wide knock-down van shelving have been shortened to 57½ in. to provide a better fit for Sprinter vans without blocking factory-installed lighting. On the 43¾-in. and 57¼-in.-high shelving units, the end panels have been tapered to allow closer installation to the sidewall.
Knaack Mfg.
Circle 267


The #369CRFT lineman's plier features a built-in 12 AWG wire stripper and precision 12 AWG recess for creating wire loops fast. The plier also features a crippler/crusher for both insulated and non-insulated wires; laser heat-treated knife/anvil cutters; dropforged and polished high-carbon steel composition; and crosshatched teeth for gripping. Its joint path guides fish tape without kinking, binding, bending, or breaking, according to the company, and its electro-coated protective finish is intended to prevent rusting.
Circle 261

Multimedia panels

These multimedia blank patch panels are designed for use with the company's residential enclosures. The four- and six-port panels have all-steel construction with a glossy white finish and an open bottom. They allow the user to have a Cat. 6 LAN at home by using Cat. 6 jacks in the faceplate and in the blank panels. Both panels can accept all of the company's HD-style connectors, which also allows for a fiber network in the home.
Circle 260

Residential wiring system

The Premier residential wiring system is designed to organize incoming lines for high-speed data, communications, and video services — including multimedia, telephone, CATV, security, audio, CCTV, data, and Internet connectivity. Available in 14-in., 28-in., and 48-in. models, the wiring system's metal wiring enclosure mounts between wall studs or on any flat surface. Independent modules are added to provide connectivity between incoming services and the pre-wired distribution plan for the home.
Circle 257

Cable dispenser

Cablestik is a quick action, multipurpose cable dispenser with an adjustable pivoting arm to enable secure, direct attachment to either standard wood framing studs or optional Cablestik accessories. Designed to accommodate most commonly used cables, the compact cable dispenser is intended to be attached as high as possible on the stud to allow the cable to flow easily over roof trusses and alleviate the problem of cable becoming tangled. Two holes at the base enable it to be used on different sized framing studs — a third hole fits it to the optional towbar attachment.
Cablestik Pty Ltd.
Circle 259

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