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Digital multimeters The Resi-Pro line of digital multimeters includes two versions. The 61-312 model offers residential electricians auto ranging and auto continuity along with testing of AC current, DC current, capacitance, frequency, temperature, and resistance. For more basic testing, the 61-310 checks current, resistance, temperature, and household batteries. Both models are CAT II safety rated

Digital multimeters

The Resi-Pro line of digital multimeters includes two versions. The 61-312 model offers residential electricians auto ranging and auto continuity along with testing of AC current, DC current, capacitance, frequency, temperature, and resistance. For more basic testing, the 61-310 checks current, resistance, temperature, and household batteries. Both models are CAT II safety rated up to 600V and feature large, easy-to-read displays.
Ideal Industries
Circle 250

Dimmer/vacancy sensor

The RD-200 dimming wall switch vacancy sensor is compliant with California Title 24 requirements. According to the company, the device replaces a standard switch, and users manually turn the lights on only when they are needed. Available in four colors with matching lenses, the product also features single push-button control. Additional features include an adjustable time delay and a backlit push button.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 251

Tool bags

This line of DBI-SALA tool bags includes an 11-pocket model and a 15-pocket model. The 11-pocket bag accommodates a variety of tools and fasteners, including a combination square and pry bar. The 15-pocket version includes an iron hammer loop and removable top pouch for a tape measure. Both tool bags attach to most full body harnesses by sliding onto the belt before buckling, ensuring a secure connection. In addition, they are constructed of 1680D ballistic nylon with PVC-reinforced pouch bases for puncture and tear resistance. Nickel-plated iron storm drains keep pouches ventilated while plated iron rivets reinforce stress points.
Capital Safety
Circle 252

Truck boxes

Available in 16 aluminum models and 11 steel models, Weather Guard Hi-Side truck boxes feature a 3-point latching system that secures each side of the box. According to the company, the product's large stainless-steel D-handle facilitates opening and locking, even when wearing gloves. For unrestricted access, the doors of the boxes can be adjusted from 90° to 180°. Additional product features include a picture-frame body design, adjustable legs, full weather stripping, close tolerance door flanges, and full-length staked piano hinges on the doors.
Circle 253

Transformer pad

The Millennium flat pad for single-phase transformers is made from 100% recycled materials and features monolithic construction. According to the company, the pad is impervious to extreme weather conditions and tested to an ultimate load of 11,682 lb. In addition, the product is built to exceed WUC 2.15 and NEUC design loading requirements, features a cable opening, and provides extensive ground contact. Offered in 42 in. × 42 in. × 4 in. (32 lb) and 42 in. × 52 in. × 4 in. (42 lb) sizes, it is UV stabilized and resistant to corrosion, mildew, and most chemicals.
Highline Products
Circle 254

Combination coupling

The 4157-DC is a combination coupling that allows users to join EMT to two AC/MC cables. The duplex AC/MC connector features a cable range from 14/2 to 10/3 MC. The EMT side is used for ¾-in. EMT. According to the company, the coupling's internal dimension allows the conductors to pass through to the EMT conduit without damaging the conductor insulation.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 255

Rentable cargo pants

The Cargo Collection is a line of retail-inspired rentable cargo pants. The pant's design offers a contemporary cut with a longer seat seam for comfort. According to the company, the pants are made from a fabric that offers 11% stretch for softness and flexibility. Available in khaki and navy blue, they feature sewn-in pockets with side seams and snap closures.
Circle 256

Tonneau covers

LSX and LSII fiberglass tonneau covers are designed for use with the 2008 Ford Super Duty truck. The LSII Series is equipped with a Lift Assist gas strut system. In addition, the tonneau features a painted palm-grip handle and key lock. Optional equipment includes a battery-operated dome light, sport wing, and remote keyless entry system. The LSX Series feature a spring-assisted scissor hinge that opens the cover both up and away from the cab at the same time. An ergonomically designed clamping system that is color-coded to match the rail of the cover is also available. Designed with a trimless edge on the fiberglass, the LSX features a 100% foss lining.
Circle 257

Adjustable plaster rings

According to the company, these four adjustable plaster rings do the work of 28 standard 4s and 5s devices, handling all plaster ring installations from ¼ in. to 1½ in. In addition, the 1-gang and 2-gang adjustable rings fit all 4s and 5s deep boxes. Plaster ring extensions and universal box brackets are also available. The company says the extensions add an additional ¾-in. depth to any ring to assure a flush finish, regardless of wall material or thickness. Available as 1-gang or 2-gang extensions, they can be installed on a single ring with (2) 8-32 screws. Universal box brackets mount to any stud, shear wall 6-in. × 6-in. NEMA 1 enclosures, USB wall, or floor brackets. The 1-gang or 2-gang box brackets accept any 4s or 5s boxes in a line voltage application or may be used as standalone for low-voltage communications.
Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 258

Hammer drill/driver

The SFH 144A, 14V hammer drill/driver features the company's cordless power care (CPC) lithium-ion battery technology. Featuring all-metal gears, the drill/driver's motor provides up to 609 lb-in. of torque and can deliver up to 34,200 blows per minute, according to the company. In addition, the device has a drop-resistant glass-fiber reinforced casing for enhanced protection.
Circle 259

Cutting tools

These additions to the company's line of cutting tools include scissors, shears, and snips. The stainless steel electrician's scissors feature serrated teeth for non-slip cutting action and a free-fall snip feature. For comfort and cutting leverage, the scissors have an extended handle for wire cutting applications, including cutting electrical communication 19 AWG and 23 AWG wire. Featuring nickel-chrome plating, both models of the high-leverage shears are corrosion- and rust-resistant. In addition, both versions feature broad, short jaws, a serrated blade, and an extended handle. The utility snips are also nickel-chrome plated to resist rust and corrosion and feature one serrated blade. Certain models are designed with a closure lock.
Klein Tools
Circle 260

Glow-in-the-dark dimmers

Ceana dimmers feature an on/off button that glows in the dark. In addition, the dimmer's slider track glows, allowing users to set the light level before turning the light on. Other product features include large, curved buttons and the ability to be used with an existing wallplate or a Fassada screwless wallplate. Available in five gloss colors and stainless steel (wallplates only), they are offered as incandescent/halogen and magnetic low voltage in both single-pole and 3-way applications. Switches in the product line are available as 3-way and single-pole controls in 120V and 277V.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 261

Flexible fish rods

The 540-6 and 540-18 Glo Stix are 5/32-in. diameter flexible fish rods designed for residential and light commercial applications. The 540-6 is a single 5/32-in. × 6-ft rod with a fixed bullet nose on both ends that is intended for use inside walls or in other applications where a 6-ft reach is adequate. The 540-18 consists of three 5/32-in. × 6-ft rods with threaded ends. These rods use the same accessories as the companies other Fish and Glo Stix, including the bullet nose, hook nose, and whisk. Manufactured from green ¼-in. diameter fiberglass rods with a 6½-in. minimum bend radius, they are best suited for reaching long unsupported distances. According to the company, the devices have a 200-lb minimum pulling strength.
Circle 262

Reciprocating saw

The 6538-21 Super Sawzall reciprocating saw features a 15A motor with the company's Constant Power Technology to maintain constant speed power under cutting load. In addition, the saw has a counter balance mechanism that produces extremely low vibration levels. According to the company, the product's Gear Protecting Clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing sudden blade lock-up.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 263

Wireless controls

The Aspire RF line of wireless home control products has been expanded to include a battery-operated switch/dimmer and a tamper-resistant receptacle. The battery-operated switch/dimmer features a low-profile depth of approximately ⅛ in. In addition, the portable device controls RF receptacles, switches, and dimmers to provide remote on/off/dim/bright control or control of other Z-Wave devices, such as window shades. Using single-button programming (controller required), the switch/dimmer combo can control up to five other devices simultaneously. The 15A split control tamper-resistant receptacle replaces the company's previous RF receptacle and provides local and remote on/off control of a single outlet. The receptacle also features a UL-listed safety shutter system that prevents insertion of foreign objects into receptacle openings. Other product features include single-button programming, tri-combo screws, and the same configurable parameters as the previous receptacle.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 264

Electrical guide

The 2008 Doctor Watts electrical pocket guide features updated information from the 2008 NEC, including new NEC tables, formulas, illustrations, and detailed examples. Constructed of heavy, laminated pages, the guide also features built-in tabs. Additional product features include a metric reference chart and basic electrical, power, voltage and transformer formulas.
W. Marketing/Atlas Publications
Circle 265


Square D 240V NQ lighting panelboards feature 11 standard enclosures and are designed to use the same trims as the company's Square D NF panelboards. The NQ panelboards also accept Square D QO plug-in and QOB bolt-in circuit breakers. In addition, they are available with six interior circuit counts: 18, 30, 42, 54, 72, and 84. According to the company, this means users will no longer have to fashion 2-section panels when more than 42 circuits are required.
Schneider Electric
Circle 266

Hammer drill/drill/driver

The DC901KL hammer drill/drill/driver features a 36V NANO phosphate lithium-ion battery that the company says offers 2,000 recharges. In addition, the product's mode section allows users to transition between drilling, screwdriving, and hammer drilling modes. Other product features include 3-speed transmission, an all-metal ½-in. chuck that continually tightens during operation, and an anti-slip comfort grip on the handle.
Circle 267

Self-retracting lifeline

The Talon Tie-Back self-retracting lifeline features a hook with 5,000-lb gate strength designed for tie-back use. According to the company, the three layers of webbing in the product's tie-back area provide increased abrasion resistance. OSHA compliant, the 3.5 ft of tie-back webbing also allows the product to be anchored around most structures.
Circle 252

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