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Fire-rated enclosures e.z. barrier fire-rated enclosures are designed to contain fire, gas, smoke, and heat within the enclosure for 60 min. Made of corrosion-resistant metal, the enclosures are designed to fit 16-in. and 24-in. on-center applications with four knockouts. In addition, they can be used with either non-IC-rated or IC-rated fixtures.Cubicles PlusCircle 250 Load center The Square D Intelligent

Fire-rated enclosures

e.z. barrier fire-rated enclosures are designed to contain fire, gas, smoke, and heat within the enclosure for 60 min. Made of corrosion-resistant metal, the enclosures are designed to fit 16-in. and 24-in. on-center applications with four knockouts. In addition, they can be used with either non-IC-rated or IC-rated fixtures.
Cubicles Plus
Circle 250

Load center

The Square D Intelligent Load Center now includes automated load-shedding capability. The unit combines an electrical load distribution enclosure with a Kohler automatic transfer switch. Additional product features include automatic switching between main and an alternate power source, a service entrance-rated transfer switch, and monitoring and remote control of the generator. Should a power failure occur, the generator is signaled to start, and power is restored within 10 sec.
Schneider Electric
Circle 251


The SF 144-A CPC drill/driver offers 609 in./lb of torque and features 100% metal gears. The drill/driver also includes a drop-resistant, glass fiber-reinforced casing as well as cordless power care (CPC) lithium-ion battery technology. According to the company, the product provides the torque of most 18V tools with the weight of most 12V tools.
Circle 252

Electronic transformers

Smart Transformers meet the new UL 2108 standard for abnormal short-circuit protection. In addition, these compact electronic transformers provide a minimum of 8 hr of safe operation under the duress of a short circuit. Other product features include full-scale dimming on as low as a 25% load, silent operation, an auto-reset function, thermal overload protection, and soft-start technology.
W.A.C. Lighting
Circle 253

Estimating software

Version 9.0 of this estimating software features modifications to the proposal sheet, which allows users to take data directly from an estimate and place it in a proposal. In addition, a new NetPricer capability lets estimators view material prices from multiple vendors — updated instantly — on one screen. According to the company, the software also can share information with an increased number of construction accounting programs.
McCormick Systems
Circle 254

Bi-metal utility bit

This wood boring bit is the only one on the market with cutting edges made of bi-metal, according to the company. The bit's three cutting edges enhance the removal of chips. In addition, the self-feeding tip allows the users to power through tough materials. Additional product features include a compact length designed to fit between studs when using common cordless drills and a ⅜-in. shank.
Circle 255

Lensed trims

Designed to create the appearance of traditional incandescent lighting, these lensed trims conceal the CFL lamp with an enhanced glass lens. According to the company, the specially designed diffusing lens obscures the CFL lamp image while providing uniform luminance on the glass with no hot spots. Available in traditional or beveled trim designs, the product is for use with the company's 5-in. or 6-in. ICPL/PL new construction or remodel housings.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 256

Splicing tape

Fast splicing tape wrap (FSTW) is a thermoplastic rubber tape combined with a butyl rubber sealant formulated for underground applications. According to the company, the tape provides a complete rejacketing solution in one pass as well as a submersible watertight seal. Featuring a 50-mil thickness, it is available in point-of-purchase packages of five 4-ft rolls or bulk packaging of 12 6-ft rolls.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 257

Fiber-optic cable blower

The Micro Duct fiber-optic cable blower installs cable into innerduct at speeds approaching 300 ft per min, according to the company. In addition, the blower features a hinged air block, conduit clamp, and belt tractor drive. The product accommodates cable diameters from 0.23 in. to 1.13 in. into 0.40-in., 0.48-in., 0.56-in., and 0.64-in. microducts. Innerduct outside diameters range from 0.98 in. to 1.97 in.
Condux International
Circle 258

LED bulbs

R30 LED reflector 120VAC spotlight bulbs are featured in five light-emitting angles — 15°, 20°, 30°, 40°, and 95°. Additional voltages from 12V to 240VAC/DC are available to qualified customers. Offering a power draw of 4.5W, LED colors include warm white 3,000K, pure white 5,500K, cool white 8,000K, 633 nm red, 592 yellow, 525 nm aqua green, and 470 nm blue.
Circle 259

Lighting controllers

The AuroRa wireless home lighting control system's new switching package includes two switches, three wall dimmers, one master controller, one central antenna, and five designer inserts, allowing users to control five areas of light. According to the company, only one dimmer needs to be installed on a 3- or 4-way circuit without replacing the other switches. The switches control incandescent/halogen, fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage, and electronic low-voltage loads.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 260

Raintight connectors

This line of steel and zinc raintight fittings comes completely assembled. According to the company, the UL-listed EMT concrete-tight connectors feature a split-type gland ring that prevents the conduit from turning when tightening the hex nut. The fittings are available in ½-in. to 3½-in. steel, ½-in. to 2-in. zinc, and 12/2 in. to 8/3 in. for PVC jacketed MC cable.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 261

Cable stripper/cutter

The ATR-Turn NM cable stripper/cutter with the company's Klein-Kurve handle is designed to quickly remove the outer jacket of non-metallic cable. In addition, the multi-functional tool strips, cuts, and loops 12 AWG and 14 AWG solid wire and shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws. Other product features include a serrated nose and a spring-loaded action for self-opening.
Klein Tools
Circle 262

Unjacketed bundled cables

These unjacketed bundles feature two Cat. 5e and two RG6 Quad cables. Designed for installations in confined spaces in residential applications, the company says the cables eliminate the need to strip back the jacket, and the conductors more easily separate into individual cables.
Coleman Cable
Circle 263

Impact driver

The 0881-22 V18 ¼-in. hex impact driver delivers 2,600 rpm and 1,400 in./lb of torque. In addition, the driver features an all-metal gear and impact mechanism, a variable-speed trigger, and an 18V lithium-ion battery. Other product features include a built-in LED light, a battery-pack fuel gauge, an overmold handle, and on-board bit storage. The product also is available in the 0920-24 4-piece combo kit, which includes the V18 hammer drill, a Sawzall, a hex impact driver, a work light, two V18 lithium-ion batteries, a charger, carrying case, side handle, #2 Phillips-bit, and two Sawzall blades.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 264

Weatherproof covers

Red Dot universal flip-lid covers are suitable for either horizontal or vertical applications. According to the company, keyhole openings on the back of the cover enable easy installation on an existing outlet. The product's adapter plates offer 12 installation options with the single-gang cover and 25 installation options with the 2-gang cover. In addition, the cover opens to 130° and is lockable when not in use. Preconfigured for GFCIs, the product is suitable for use in wet locations with the cover closed. Available in silver, white, and bronze finishes, the covers are made of die-cast zinc alloy.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 265

Cable system

CableWay is a cable runway support system for power or low-voltage cable. UL-listed, the system is rated for a maximum load of 6 lb/linear ft of runway. Product components include support brackets that attach to a wall or ceiling framing members without causing structural damage; slide-on 5-ft trough sections that cover and protect cable; a variety of connectors, and push-on end caps.
Arlington Industries
Circle 266

HID fixture

The Model HHB1 high-bay HID fixture is constructed of cast aluminum and features a chrome steel wire guard for safety as well as a hook and plug-in cord for portability. Measuring 24⅝ in. × 7 in., the product features a 4kV porcelain socket. UL-listed for wet locations, the metal-halide 400W lamp features 36,000 lumens and a voltage range of 120/208/240/277V with quad CWA ballast HPF. According to the company, the fixture's lens is heat and shock resistant.
Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 267

Impact drivers/wrenches

This line of heavy-duty cordless impact drivers and wrenches includes 18V, 14.4V, 12V, and 9.6V models. All devices are equipped with a high-speed frameless motor with replaceable brushes. Additional product features include a variable-speed reversing switch, a textured anti-slip comfort grip handle, an LED work light, and an OEM accessory recess that provides compatibility with numerous after-market components.
Circle 268

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