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Light/energy management system The Quantum whole-building light and energy management system gives building owners and facility managers control of the lighting system as well as the ability to configure, monitor, analyze, and report on the lighting and energy data it collects. The product manages the company's fluorescent lighting control system and shading system from a single dedicated PC called

Light/energy management system

The Quantum whole-building light and energy management system gives building owners and facility managers control of the lighting system as well as the ability to configure, monitor, analyze, and report on the lighting and energy data it collects. The product manages the company's fluorescent lighting control system and shading system from a single dedicated PC called Q-Manager. According to the company, the system's software centrally manages each individual lighting fixture in a building or campus, determines their power usage and operating hours, checks that lamps are working in any given fixture, checks that components are working, and makes any desired changes to multiple light fixtures, shades, and controls. Quantum also provides e-mail alerts when certain, pre-defined events occur, such as lamp failures, power overload, or space occupancy.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 200

Track current limiter

The ArchiTrack Current Limited Device (AKTCLC) is designed for building spaces that have maximum wattage allowances. Available in maximum wattages of 120W, 300W, and 900W, the device acts as a circuit breaker and trips the power off should the track be lamped beyond maximum lighting load. In addition, tamper-resistant screws are supplied to prevent altering or damaging of the original lighting design. The product's canopy consists of a steel backplate designed to fit a standard 4-in. square or octagonal j-box.

Explosion-proof fixture

The Code Master 2 QL explosion-proof fixture incorporates induction lighting technology to deliver 100,000 hr of operation, according to the company. The fixture is designed to provide safe operation in the presence of ignitable gases, vapors, or dust. Rated NEMA 3R or 4X, the product is also suitable for outdoor saltwater locations, marina fueling stations, and other wet environments. Users can choose from clear, amber-, blue-, green-, or red-tinted globes. An optional aluminum guard offers protection from accidents or vandalism.
Appleton/EGS Electrical Group
Circle 202

Asymmetric luminaires

The Ametrix XL Extra Large Series of asymmetric fixtures is designed to illuminate large indoor and outdoor architectural spaces, including airports, sports facilities, and atriums. Available with 250W to 1,000W metal-halide pulse-start lamp sources and an integral or remote ballast option, the luminaires can be wall-, ceiling-, base-, or pendant-mounted. UL/cUL damp label or wet label listed, they feature an integrated aiming and locking system in which tick marks are spaced at 10° intervals.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 204

High-bay fluorescent light

The Green Hi-Bay linear fluorescent lighting system is a replacement for traditional metal-halide high-bay systems. Designed for mounting heights from 15 ft to 40 ft, the company says the product features 95% lumen maintenance, improved color rendering, extended lamp life, multi-level switching, instant on, dimming, and improved uniformity. In addition, the fixture's 20-gauge housing uses cold gauge steel, and all components are post painted with a glossy, high-reflectance white.
Circle 206

Electronic ballasts

These 2 × 20W high power factor ceramic metal-halide electronic ballasts replace two 1 × 20W metal-halide ballasts, which the company says reduces installation labor by up to 50%. The ballasts also have a maximum/minimum case operating temperature ratings of -30°C to 90°C. Other product features include 108V to 305VAC multivoltage capability, 25-ft remote wiring distance, constant power design, automatic reset, and automatic thermal protection shut off.
AC Electronics
Circle 207

In-grade luminaire

The Paradox architectural in-grade luminaire features a 7-in. low-profile aperture. Using 12W LED to 70W MH sources, the luminaire also features an 8-in. housing depth. Additional product features include sealing technology that meets IP68 standards and UL wet location requirements, precision optics to minimize glare, and reduced surface temperature through the use of the company's cool lens model.
Circle 208

Dimmer/fan controls

These full-slide dimmer switches and fan speed controls feature a low-profile housing that measures 1.27 in. The preset dimmers can be used for both single-pole and 3-way wiring configurations, and offer incandescent and magnetic low-voltage capabilities in a single SKU. The dimmers also feature a high-gloss exterior made of UV-color-stable material and a dirt-resistant surface. Lighted for easy location in the dark, they fit any standard decorator wallplate and can be used with the company's designer screwless wallplates. The product line offering includes: non-preset incandescent 600W dimmers, present incandescent/magnetic low-voltage dimmers in 600W and 1,000W, and a preset 1.5A quiet 3-speed fan control. A 5A fully variable fan speed control is available in both non-preset and preset versions.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 209

Emergency lighting ballast

These fluorescent emergency lighting ballasts offer 90 min of emergency operation and can be wireway or fixture mounted. In addition, the ballasts feature 120/277VAC, fully automatic operation; 280mA charging current; and 24-hr recharging time. The battery, charger, and inverter circuit are packed together. Models include the BAL650C with 300 to 750 lumens; BAL500 with 350 to 450 lumens; BAL700 with 600 to 700 lumens; BAL1400 with 1,100 to 1,400 lumens; and BAL3000 with 1,450 to 3,500 lumens.
Circle 210

Dimming photosensor

The fixture-mounted FD-301 is a dimming photosensor. Lighting fixture manufacturers can integrate the FD-301 during production so that fixtures arrive at the job site with the control prewired. In addition, the photosensors dim 0VDC to 10VDC ballasts in response to available daylight. Commissioning adjustments are made using an intuitive handheld remote control. According to the company, a sliding setpoint algorithm allows the product to compensate for the disparate spatial distribution of daylight and electric light. An optional occupant remote control permits the automatic lighting level to be overridden, if needed, without changing the setpoints.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 211

Energy-efficient luminaire

The EnergyMax Intersect is a 2-lamp, energy-efficient, louvered luminaire that provides the same footcandles on the work surface as parabolic while at the same time redirecting more light on the walls. The luminaire uses 66W of power and is available with a step-dimming ballast to allow switching between 100% power and 50% power. Used in conjunction with photocells for daylight harvesting for peak demand management or with occupancy sensors, step dimming allows control over power consumption without requiring switching off individual lamps as with conventional bi-level switching.
Columbia Lighting
Circle 212

Energy management products

The Greengate product line includes lighting control panels and sensors. Lighting control panels from 2 to 48 circuits work directly with ultrasonic, infrared, or dual-technology sensors that can be ceiling-, fixture-, or wall-mounted. The product line also includes learning sensors that automatically adapt to the needs of the space, eliminating the need to manually correct sensitivity.
Cooper Controls
Circle 213

Wall-mounted lighting system

The Sentinel wall-mounted cinema aisle and step lighting system with Biinary LED optics features a 12-in. or less mounting height, depending on the application. In addition, the system features an optional dual-circuit for required specified applications. The product's directional aiming light meets national Life-Safety codes, state, and local code requirements. According to the company, pre-punched mounting hole on the base channel facilitate installation, and “quick connect” wire connectors eliminate the need for wire nuts.
Tempo Industries
Circle 214

Replacement plastic lenses

Fluorolite Wraps plastic replacement wraparound diffuser lenses are custom thermoformed from plastic sheet into a one-piece lens that incorporates multiple bends to match the original and can include end caps. The product's Trace ‘N Fax feature allows users to create and submit a drawing of their original lens. Acrylics are supplied in 0.125-in.-thick clear prismatic (diamond pattern) and 0.080-in.-thick textured white. In addition, the product is available in sizes up to 8 ft long for one, two, three, or four bulbs.
Fluorolite Plastics
Circle 215

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