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Clamp meter The CSJ-100 open jaw clamp meter carries a Cat IV 600V and Cat III 1,000V rating, and offers a measuring capability up to 200A. Designed for residential, light-commercial, and industrial electrical contractors, the meter features an ergonomic body as well as a non-contact voltage detection function. Its jaw opening can accommodate up to 0.63 in. in diameter conductors. Additional features

Clamp meter

The CSJ-100 open jaw clamp meter carries a Cat IV 600V and Cat III 1,000V rating, and offers a measuring capability up to 200A. Designed for residential, light-commercial, and industrial electrical contractors, the meter features an ergonomic body as well as a non-contact voltage detection function. Its jaw opening can accommodate up to 0.63 in. in diameter conductors. Additional features include resistance measurement up to 20 MΩ, data hold, auto power off, audible continuity, and diode check.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 200

Programmable alarm trips

The SPA2 programmable current/voltage and RTD/thermocouple limit alarm trips are FM approved and provide on/off control, warn of trouble, and provide for emergency shutdown by sending up to four relay outputs when a monitored process signal falls outside a user-selectable high or low limit. Available models accept input signals from transmitters, temperature sensors, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources. In addition, they feature 20-bit input resolution and a metal, RFI-resistant, DIN-mount housing. A large, five-digit process and status readout shows the process variable, output, or toggles between the two in selectable engineering units.
Moore Industries
Circle 201

Lockout/tagout products

This expanded product line includes keyed alike padlock sets, a combined lock storage/group lock box, two-part perforated tags, and personal lockout kits. The padlock sets are available in packs of three or six in safety, aluminum, and steel types. The lock box includes two compartments — one for storing padlocks and one for securing keys during group lockouts. The perforated tags feature a matching serial number on both the tag and detachable stub. In addition, personal lockout kits offer keyed alike padlocks and come in a rugged belt pouch or toolbox.
Circle 202

Motor protection relay

The SEL-710 motor protection relay with the Accutrack Thermal Model determines the longest starting time, with no need for a speed switch, and reduces wait time between motor starts up to 33%, according to the company. Additional features include a small footprint, flexible mounting options for retrofit without cutting or drilling, and a user-configurable front panel. The unit's system of slide-in I/O and communications cards delivers up to eight communications protocols, including Ethernet, Modbus, and DeviceNet.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Circle 203

Work gloves

Journeyman work gloves are available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The gloves feature a synthetic leather palm, and their two-way stretch spandex-padded top offers form-fitting elasticity and a wide-opening elastic cuff. Reinforced thumb, index finger, and fingertips provide added protection, while contact points on the index finger and thumb have a smooth surface for enhanced handling of objects. To prevent snagging, the interior seam stitching is concealed.
Klein Tools
Circle 204

Adjustable-speed drive

The MTX NEMA 3R MV outdoor medium voltage ASD is designed for outdoor mounting in remote locations or where a building doesn't exist. The unit consists of two enclosure types married together. The transformer section is convection cooled. There are no moving parts, and heat is eliminated through passive vents at the top of the drive. The inverter section is forced-air cooled and only uses non-CFC cooling components.
Circle 205


Designed to replace magnetic ballasts for T12 and T10 lamps, T12 Slimline and T12 High Output electronic fluorescent ballasts are suitable for a variety of applications, including commercial office, retail, distribution warehouses, and industrial high-bay lighting. The T12 Slimline ballast operates at a high frequency that the company says eliminates lamp flickering. Potted for cooler operation and longer life, its minimum lamp starting temperature is 0°F.
American Ballast
Circle 206

Interface devices

Jackpac IP67-rated interface devices require no additional enclosure and can be installed directly on the machine, in the production plant, conveyor system, or within a process. The modules use the industry-standard M12 connector, which makes it possible to integrate in the sensor actuator cabling. Configurations include Form C relay output, pulse-stretching modules, overvoltage protection modules, and signal isolators. Each device is housed in an epoxy-sealed PBT housing.
Circle 207

LED bulbs

The EXL-W Series of white exit light LED bulbs offers an alternative to 15T6 or 20T6 incandescent exit sign bulbs. Constructed of flame-resistant polycarbonate resin, the company says the LEDs have an average lifespan of 50,000-plus hrs. The bulbs are available in base options of S6 candelabra screw, 15mm intermediate screw, and 15mm DC bayonet. Regular 15mm intermediate screw bayonet base bulbs use 2.20W of energy, while the replacement LED T6-15mm bayonet base uses 1.10W of energy.
Circle 208

Electronic ballasts

The B295SRUNVHP ballast is for use with F96T12HO lamps. The ballast is designed to replace traditional magnetic T12 high-output ballasts in existing or new fixtures while reducing energy consumption by more than 10%, according to the company. Featuring universal input voltage of 120V to 170V, the company says it provides 21W savings when replacing a magnetic ballast operating two F96T12HO lamps.
Universal Lighting Technology
Circle 209

Clamp meter

The Fluke 360 AC leakage clamp meter is a rugged, lightweight, pocket-sized current clamp designed for maintenance professionals and contractors. It offers AC leakage current measurements ranging from 1µA for non-invasive checks of insulation resistance up to 60A for all installation needs. Additional features include a 1½-in. jaw, wide display angle, and a data hold button that keeps the measured value on the display after the clamp is removed from the measured conductor.
Circle 210


The 500 Series of industrial multimeters features a double-molded housing and is drop-proof up to 6 ft with a safety rating of Cat IV 600V and Cat III 1,000V. The series includes three models — the EX510, EX520, and EX530 — all of which measure voltage, resistance, electrical and electronic frequency functions, and DC/AC current. Each model also offers a 1,000V input for all functions, dual sensitivity frequency functions, and diode open circuit voltage of 2.8VDC.
Extech Instruments
Circle 211


Fiber-Guard riser-rated corrugated conduit is designed for use as a nonmetallic, flexible raceway for protecting and organizing optical fibers in riser applications. Available in orange or white, the conduit is offered in standard lengths ranging from 250-ft coil to 5,000-ft reels in 1-in., 1¼-in. 1½-in., and 2-in. diameters. Sequential footage markings and product identification are printed every 2 ft on the conduit.
Circle 212

Power-over-Ethernet midspans

These PoE midspans provide cabling to existing 10/100 baseT network devices and emerging Gigabit devices. Available in 1-, 6-, and 24-port options, the units automatically detect 802.3af-capable powered devices, such a VoIP phones, WAPs, IP video cameras, and IP clocks, without the need for an external power supply. In addition, the 6- and 24-port versions provide advanced power management and secure remote management (SNMPv3), including a built-in 128-bit secure SSL Web management tool. LED indicators offer easy-to-read, real-time network information on the front panel and can indicate normal, overload, or short-circuit conditions.
Circle 213

Compression connectors

Utilux copper compression terminals and splices can be installed with industry-standard tooling and are color coded per industry standards as well. Rated for up to 35 kV, the products are heat-treat tempered and tin-plated for corrosion resistance. The terminals are compatible with cable ranging from 6 AWG to 1,000 MCM and accommodate termination with compact, compressed, or stranded copper conductors. Single-hole terminals are available with a standard barrel or a long barrel. The splices also accept 6 AWG up to 1,000 MCM and accommodate concentric, compact, or stranded copper conductors.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 214

Enclosed drive controller

Square D M-Flex adjustable-speed enclosed drive controllers feature either a Telemecanique Altivar 61 or Altivar 71 AC drive. They are available in either Type 1 general-purpose or Type 12/21K drip- and dustproof environmental enclosures in integrated or barricaded designs.
Schneider Electric
Circle 215

Steel conduit

Type FSC unjacketed flexible steel conduit is intended as a metal raceway for wires and cable where UL listing is not required. Formed from a corrosion-resistant, hot- dipped galvanized steel strip, the conduit is available in sizes ⅜ in. through 4 in. and is suitable for use with connectors intended for flexible metal conduit (FMC). According to the company, its profile and helical shape allow it to withstand impact and crushing forces.
Circle 216

Motor starters

MS2000 explosionproof manual motor starters include the Cutler Hammer A302 Series starters and are available in sizes rated up to 25A. Features include pushbutton actuation with a lockout provision to lock the manual motor start in the off position. Compact and rugged, the motor starters are UL-classified/CSA Certified for use in Class I, Division I areas where motor circuit protection is required. Auxiliary contacts are available with one normally open and one normally closed contact.
Circle 217

Cable ties

Pan-Ty PEEK cable ties are suitable for extreme temperature (-75°F to 500°F) or harsh chemical environments. The ties are made from polyetheretherketone (PEEK), a material that provides resistance to most acids, bases, alcohols, esters, and hydrocarbons in high concentrations, according to the company. In addition, PEEK is a halogen-free material that produces low smoke and low gas upon burn, and has a UL94V-0 flammability rating. It also provides resistance to gamma radiation up to 1 × 109 Rads.
Circle 218

Arc protection system

The 221 is a multi-zone arc-protection system for low- and medium-voltage electrical power safety applications. Able to trip in 7 msec, the system offers 3-phase current measurement, multiple breaker failure protection stages, four normally open trip contacts, and two alarm contacts. It can be programmed to sense electric arc conditions using either simultaneous light and current data, or light sensor information only. In addition, it features its own keypad, display, and LED indicators.
Circle 219

Daylighting controller

The LS-101 single zone controller switches lights off and on when light levels detected by the unit's internal light sensor fall above or below factory- or user-defined setpoints. According to the company, it is the only stand-alone daylighting control device to feature a digital display. Certified to meet California's Title 24 requirements, it requires minimal adjustment at startup, as factory-set parameters are appropriate for many applications. Depending on placement, the controller can function in a closed-loop or an open-loop system, sensing either a combination of electric and daylight contribution or daylight only.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 220

Voltage tester

The VoltAware noncontact voltage tester offers a Cat. IV 1,000V rating and continuous battery self-testing with an ergonomic, over-molded cushion grip. Able to fit in a shirt pocket, the voltage tester alerts electricians of an energized circuit at outlets, switches, and electrical panels without requiring contact with a bare conductor. If voltage from 50VAC to 1,000VAC is detected, the device instantly emits a loud beep, and its high-intensity LED light switches from green to flashing red. In sound-sensitive environments, the audible signal can be turned off without compromising operator safety.
Ideal Industries
Circle 221

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