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Universal covers Capable of mounting either horizontally or vertically, Red Dot universal covers feature innovative adapter plates to support GFCI, duplex, switch, or single receptacle installations all with one cover. Available finishes include silver, bronze, and white covers. Additional product features include keyhole openings on the back for easy installation as well as durable, die-cast zinc-alloy

Universal covers

Capable of mounting either horizontally or vertically, Red Dot universal covers feature innovative adapter plates to support GFCI, duplex, switch, or single receptacle installations — all with one cover. Available finishes include silver, bronze, and white covers. Additional product features include keyhole openings on the back for easy installation as well as durable, die-cast zinc-alloy construction.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 200

Pull box

According to the company, the EZ Form pull box assembles in 15 sec without tools, bending along pre-scored fold lines. In addition, the sides of the box interlock and snap in place. Available in three standard sizes with or without knockouts, the product is made of 16-gauge steel and features a grounding provision as well as flat covers that can be removed for easy wiring access.
Circle 201

Electronic ballasts

These T5 and T8 electronic ballasts are universal voltage, ranging between 120V to 277V. The T5 ballasts are available in 28W and 54W versions, while the T8 ballasts are available in low-power, normal power, and high-power versions.
SLI Lighting
Circle 216

Hybrid power system

This Hybrid Power System (HPS) product line has been expanded for off-grid applications. According to the company, the HPS combines photovoltaic technology, a propane-powered engine generator, and a battery bank to provide continuous electrical power in almost any remote environment. HPS options include MPPT charge control, load control, remote communications, DC to AC inverter, and AC generator. The product can be configured to provide a range of AC or DC output voltages.
Alpha Energy
Circle 202

Zone cabling enclosures

These integrated zone cabling enclosures are plenum-rated by UL and may be used in environmental air spaces. The raised floor enclosures integrate into a standard 2-ft × 2-ft tile grid and are available in three styles: a passive enclosure for voice and network wiring blocks; a passive enclosure for data network patch panels; and an active enclosure for housing active equipment plus voice and data connectivity. Ceiling enclosures are designed for integrating into standard drop ceiling openings. Like the floor enclosures, they are available for passive and active voice and data network applications.
Circle 203


The latest addition to the company's line of PLC-Relays is a high-current block relay with plug-in SPDT contacts. Designed for applications requiring a nominal current rating up to 10A — or those that need to improve the electrical life of the contacts — the relays feature a plug-in bridging system that the company says eliminates daisy-chain wiring and reduces installation time. Measuring 14 mm wide, the relay's contacts are larger than a standard 6-mm terminal block relay. According to the company, the contact's larger size helps to extend service intervals two to three times longer than standard relays while adding security for uncertain load conditions. Additional product features include integrated protection, reverse polarity, and kickback diode.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 204

Fixture box

The FS420SCL all-metal fixture box is a one-piece unit that ships ready to install on a 24-in. suspended ceiling grid. According to the company, the fixture box is tested and rated to support exit lights, security cameras, and other light fixtures up to 25 lb. In addition, the product is UL- and CSA-listed as a complete unit (box, bracket, and drop wire).
Arlington Industries
Circle 205

Transfer switch

The StormSwitch line of ready-to-install commercial manual transfer switches allows users to manually connect a building to a portable generator with single-stab power cords. UL-listed, the device combines a commercial-grade transfer switch with color-coded cam connectors for quick connection to a portable power generator. Integral utility and generator manual disconnects are interlocked to prevent cross-connecting the power sources. The disconnects can be supplied as either molded-case circuit breakers or switches. In addition, the unit features a safety-interlocked door and dead-front panel.
ESL Power Systems
Circle 206

Polyester enclosures

Polypro Type 4X polyester enclosures provide corrosion protection, flame resistance, and ultraviolet protection for indoor and outdoor applications. Available in sizes ranging from 6-in. × 4 in. × 4 in. to 18 in. × 16 in. × 10 in., the enclosures feature non-glass filled polyester construction. In addition, the devices are UV stabilized and chemically resistant to a range of solvents, alkalis, and acids. According to the company, the products also offer water absorption resistance for reduced swelling as well as impact resistance up to 10 times greater than fiberglass. Recyclable, they can be modified to include holes and cutouts, tapped holes, and colors.
Circle 207

Insulation tester

The 61-795 handheld insulation tester is designed to perform routine checking of electrical insulation to spot breakdowns before they result in injury or equipment failure. Offering multiple test voltages of 250/500/1,000V and a CAT IV-600V safety rating, the device can be used to determine the integrity of cables in new and existing power systems, generators, switchgear, and motor windings. In addition, the tester has an insulation test range of 0.001 MΩ to 4,000 MΩ. It also offers testing of AC-DC voltage, resistance, and continuity. Measurements are read on a backlit digital display with analog bar graph. Other product features include auto discharge, auto ranging, low battery indication, and a protective rubber boot.
Ideal Industries
Circle 208

Cable support system

The F.A.S.T. (foldable, adjustable, stackable, tool-less) system for underfloor cable support combines cable tray, stands/supports, and accessories to reduce installation time. Available in various shapes and sizes, the wire mesh cable tray is offered in lengths of 24 in. and 48 in.; depths of 2 in., 4 in., and 6 in.; and widths of 6 in., 12 in., and 20 in. In addition, the tray is designed to be flat fitting, and the stands are designed to be foldable, adjustable, and stackable. Stands are available in widths of 12 in. and 20 in. and come equipped with height adjustment ranges of 10 in. to 16 in., 18 in. to 24 in., and 25 in. to 31 in. Support legs are marked in 1-in. increments to indicate the height from the concrete floor to the top of the stand. Completely independent of the raised floor, the stands can be installed prior to the flooring.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 209

BIM software

Updates to the company's suite of building information modeling (BIM) software include Revit MEP 2009 and Autodesk NavisWorks 2009. Revit MEP 2009 software provides users with detailed, specified modeling functionalities, including air handlers, commercial condensing units, packaged rooftop units, and high-efficiency water source heat pumps. According to the company, Autodesk NavisWorks extends the value of BIM by enabling the aggregation of building information with data and geometry from other sources.
Circle 210

Gas gen-set

The G3520C natural gas gen-set is available with optional air and fuel system controls to provide island mode operational capability. Designed for commercial and industrial users, the island mode control system option is offered in 60-Hz and 50-Hz versions. Driven by an electronically controlled, lean-burn gaseous-fueled reciprocating Caterpillar engine, the device maintains tight NOx control. Additional product features include a digital microprocessor gas engine control module and an individual-cylinder detonation sensing and timing control.
Circle 211


According to the company, these gen-sets are the first to meet the EPA's Tier 4 emissions regulations. Rated at 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, and 25kW, the units are available with a weather-protective and/or sound-attenuated enclosure made of either steel or aluminum. In addition, they feature 4-cycle, naturally aspirated, in-line diesel engines. The design of the cooling system allows an enclosed generator to run at full standby load in up to 131°F ambient air temperatures. Furthermore, the products are UL2200-listed, CSA certified, and they meet NFPA 110 for Level 1 standby power systems.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 212

Ground clamp

The Blackburn Intersystem Bonding Termination Meter Box Ground Clamp is available in two sizes with adjustable range from 7 in. to 10¼ in. and 11½ in. to 15¼ in. The two-piece clamp can mount either vertically or horizontally across the top of any meter box in service without interfering with cover removal, according to the company. A single shallow pointed bolt and dual steel points on the slotted bracket facilitate installation and provide positive ground connection. The steel clamp brackets are mechanically galvanized to ASTM B695 with stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance. UL-listed, the clamp accepts the full range of 10 AWG to 6 AWG ground wire.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 213

Slide switches

Function options for the XN Series of slide switches include single and double pole, two to four positions. In addition, the product's terminals are solder lug, PC through-hole type, and users can choose from a switch housing made from either stainless steel or nylon. The product's UL-approved electrical rating is up to 16A, 125VAC. According to the company, the devices have more than 10,000 electrical life cycles.
Circle 214

LED luminaire

The GEM Performance Bollard line has been expanded to include a white LED. Product features include 30W, 45W, and 60W modules, fluted glass refractor, stepped body baffle, sealed optical system, and lens refractor. In addition, the device is available with a concrete or aluminum shaft and a powder-coat finish.
Kim Lighting
Circle 215

Commercial occupancy sensors

Square D commercial-grade wall switch occupancy sensors are available in single- and dual-circuit models. Both models use passive infrared and light-level sensor technologies to automatically shut off lights in rooms during unoccupied periods or when sufficient daylight is present and artificial lighting is not required. Offered in white, ivory, gray, light almond, and black, the sensors feature a color-matching lens. According to the company, neither model requires a neutral connection or minimum load. In addition, both feature a 180° field of view while achieving 300-sq-ft minor motion coverage. Selectable auto-on and manual-on modes allow the sensors to be tailored to the specific needs of any application. The dual-circuit occupancy sensor independently controls two lighting circuits in spaces where bi-level control is required by the local energy code.
Schneider Electric
Circle 200

Coordination panel

The LCP selective coordination panel allows users to meet NEC requirements for selective coordination, including 700.27, 701.18, and 517.26. An online specifier is also available to help users determine the required options for a specific project. Other product features include blown fuse indication; multiple NEMA enclosures; copper bus; ground and neutral bars; and 12, 18, 24, 30, 26, and 42 circuit panels.
Circle 201

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