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Synthetic pulling lubricants Premium Synthetic winter-grade pulling lubricant can be used in temperatures ranging from -20F to 120F. Available in a 1-qt squeeze bottle, 1-gal pail, and 5-gal pail, winter-grade pulling lubricant is compatible with all types of cable, including polyethylene and semi-conducting jackets. Premium Synthetic fiber-optic pulling lubricant, which is available in a 1-qt squeeze

Synthetic pulling lubricants

Premium Synthetic winter-grade pulling lubricant can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 120°F. Available in a 1-qt squeeze bottle, 1-gal pail, and 5-gal pail, winter-grade pulling lubricant is compatible with all types of cable, including polyethylene and semi-conducting jackets. Premium Synthetic fiber-optic pulling lubricant, which is available in a 1-qt squeeze bottle and 1-gal pail, meets the requirements of pulling lightweight communication and data network cables. According to the company, it's easy to hand-apply and cleaner to use on overhead conduit and vertical-up runs. It's also compatible with various premise cable jackets, including PE. Both lubricants are non-toxic and feature a non-staining, slow-drying formula.
Klein Tools
Circle 250

Attendance system

PayClock Express is an automated time and attendance system designed for small businesses. The system features an electronic time clock and Windows-based software, which runs on the user's Windows XP or Vista PC. Employees clock in and out using proximity badges that employ a chip that communicates with the clock using radio frequencies. Connected to a user's PC using a standard USB port, the electronic time clock stores employee ins/outs, which are recorded instantly in the software. According to the company, the product can reduce payroll preparation time by up to 50%.
Lathem Time
Circle 252

Receptacle cover

The expanded line of Raintight While-In-Use receptacle covers features a telescoping model that the company says facilitates the insertion of plugs and cord sets into outdoor receptacles, while sealing out dirt and debris when the receptacle is not in use. NEMA 3R-rated and packaged with duplex, single, and Decora wall plates and mounting hardware, the covers include a preinstalled gasket for simplified installation. In addition, the devices are constructed of UV-rated thermoplastic to resist scratching and corrosion, and withstand outdoor temperature and weather extremes. Available in white, light almond, gray, or brown, they meet 2002 NEC 406.8(B) requirements for damp or wet locations.
Circle 254

Boxes/covers/cover plates

The Scepter F-series of double-gang boxes, weatherproof covers, and cover plates has been redesigned to meet industry-standard dimensions. According to the company, the FS and FD Blank double-gang boxes are up to 1-in. deeper than their competing counterparts, providing extra space for wiring and electrical devices installed within the box. The FS double-gang boxes are also molded with 1-in. conduit hubs and include ¾-in. and ½-in. reducer bushings. In addition, the weatherproof covers have been re-engineered to ensure a watertight seal when mounted on any F-series box — nonmetallic or metallic. Each wet location-approved cover now also includes a foam gasket with an adhesive layer.
Circle 251

Screw and nut drivers

These screw and nut drivers are made with precision-machined black phosphate tips and feature a slip-resistant cushion grip. Screwdrivers in the line include keystone, cabinet, Phillips tip, and stubby. Five- and seven-piece standard sets are available, as well as a 6-in-1 multitool with bit sizes 3/16-in. and ¼-in. flat-tip, No. 1 and No. 2 Phillips, and 5/16-in. and ¼-in. Hex. Heavy-duty nut drivers and a seven-piece nut driver set with sizes from 3/16-in. to ½-in. are also offered. Square-recess tip drivers, ranging from No. 0 to No. 4, are available in a four-piece set or individually. Specialty drivers include screw-holding screwdrivers, a conduit reaming screwdriver, and a scratch awl.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 253

Hole saw mandrels

The DW1810 quick-change mandrel is for 9/16-in. to 1 3/16-in. hole saws. Built with fully hardened steel parts, the product features a quick-release collar that allows users to snap hole saws on and off the mandrel without using tools. The DW1803 and DW1805 models are designed with single-step engagement capabilities, enabling users to quickly attach 1¼-in. to 6-in. hole saws without having to align the drive pins. In addition, the mandrels are available in an eight-piece plumber's hole saw kit, an eight-pice electrician's hole saw kit, and a 14-piece master hole saw kit.
Circle 255

Compression tools

CT2-AS and CT2-AS-EX compression assembly tools offer split jaw technology for assembly of 59, 6, 7, and 11 “F” compression-type connectors as well as most RCA, IEC, and mini connectors. In addition, the tools feature a spring-loaded handle and push-button handle lock. According to the company, they require no special adjustment or adapter and can be kept in calibration with a supplied gauge block.
Circle 256

Military-grade mobile phone

The SCP-7050 mobile phone adheres to Military Standard 810F for dust, shock, and vibration. The phone also supports advanced GPS-based Java applications and Bluetooth wireless technology. In addition, four external side buttons allow quick access to the speakerphone, call lists, and volume control. The 1-in. outside LCD is high-contrast for enhanced visibility in outdoor environments. When opened, the product features a keypad with large, raised blue-backlight keys and a 2-in. color internal screen.
Circle 258

Voltage indicator

The DVI-100T digital voltage indicator with capacitive test point mode is designed to read the voltage on a conductor up to 99kV line-to-ground. The product's 2.5-in.-tall, ultra-bright LED display can be read on the end of a long hotstick, and can be used on overhead lines or in underground applications by contacting the conductor and reading the display. It can also measure elbow test points when it is in capacitive test point mode. In addition, the units give an audible indication of voltage detected and allow users to distinguish between nominal and induced voltages.
HD Electric
Circle 260

Temporary light fixture

The McGill brand TL40HMT0 400W HID fixture provides temporary lighting on construction sites. Compliant with NEC Article 410.73(F)(5), the fixture features a quick-attach wire guard and a low-profile design. UL- and cUL-listed, it provides 6 footcandles of illumination at a 20-ft mounting height, meeting OSHA requirements for minimum illumination. According to the company, it operates cooler than similar models due to its open-air ballast. Additional features include a die-cast aluminum ballast housing with powder-coated paint.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 257

Lug connectors

Color-Keyed narrow tongue lugs now feature an engineered width for a uniform connector dimension. The UL- and CSA-listed lugs also have a standard barrel length to accommodate applications in limited spaces. Constructed of high-conductivity, seamless electrolytic wrought copper tubing electro-plated with tin to prevent corrosion, they also include a double-chamfered barrel and color-coding.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 259

Media cables

These media control cables are engineered to meet or exceed the protocols for the AMX, AMX ASLink, Crestron, CRESNET, ELAN systems, and VIA! touch screens. Available constructions are low-capacitance shielded twisted pairs or Cat. 5e for control, two conductors for power, and an optional RG59 for video. Color-coded riser-rated jackets are available in teal with a yellow stripe, teal with a red stripe, and solid purple. Applications include any location where multimedia and automation controls are installed.
Coleman Cable
Circle 261

Wire stripping tool

The Lil' Ripper Stripper hand tool rips, strips, and clips Romex wiring. Product features include stainless steel blades, a gauge guide, an Accu-Loop for creating looped wires for screw-on connections, and a wire connector wrench. In addition, textured Santoprene overmolded on the tool's plastic handle helps ensure a slip-resistant grip.
Ideal Industries
Circle 262

Conductor protector

The SS Bushing protects a conductor as it is being pulled through a conduit or connector. Constructed of a synthetic polymer substance with a tubular body that fits inside the conduit or connector, the device features a flange that fits snugly against the end of the conduit/connector. According to the company, the product's fit prohibits slippage or easy removal from the sleeve as the wire is inserted or pulled through, but isn't tight enough to impede installation.
Advent Product Development
Circle 263

Recessed downlights

The ModuleX M3.7 series of recessed downlights features a low-scale 3-in. opening and employs MR-16 ceramic metal-halide lamps. Designed to be used individually, in rows, or in design groups, the units are available in a range of optic styles and finishes, and include round or square decorative and adjustable trim options, as well as light-shaping accessories. Rough-in housings are made of stamped steel or aluminum.
Ardee Lighting
Circle 264

Keypads and wall plates

The Square D Clipsal lighting control line now includes decorator versions of the company's Neo and Saturn keypads and wall plates. Designed to conserve wall space and fit with existing wall plates, up to four decorator keypads can be mounted side-by-side, allowing 16 buttons in the space of a standard four-gang plate. Keypad button configurations include multipoint switching, dimming, and scene control. LED indicators reflect the status of each button, and built-in infrared receivers allow for operation from a handheld remote control.
Schneider Electric
Circle 265


This line of Quick Install connectors includes Whipper-Snap snap-in connectors, plastic nonmetallic cable connectors, and die-cast single-screw connectors for either nonmetallic or AC/MC cable. According to the company, Whipper-Snap's low-profile locking device eliminates the need for a locknut — users simply push the connector into the knockout. Cables also may be pre-assembled or installed after the connector is in the box. In addition, the product line includes connectors for raintight and liquidtight applications, as well products for voice, data, video, and electrical applications.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 266

Angle drill

The 0370 close quarter angle drill offers the performance of a standard ⅜-in. drill in a compact, ergonomic package. The drill features a 3.5A motor, a metal-framed gear train, angled chuck, large paddle trigger, and textured palm grip. Other product highlights include a chuck shield to prevent damage to the surface and an angled cord exit to keep the cord out of the way.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 267

Motion sensor luminaire

NyteWatch motion sensor luminaires offer twin 150W quartz illumination. Designed to meet Dark Sky requirements, the company says no light can be seen above 90° of the fixtures. The luminaires also feature two precision sensors — each covering 120°. By using the company's Nyte-Glow dimming feature, the fixtures provide constant 30% ambient lighting and switch to full power when motion is detected. The NBA model is adjustable from 0° to 30°, while the NBC model is fixed at 0°.
Crescent/Stonco, a Div. of Genlyte
Circle 268


The Fibre-Metal brand of SUPEREIGHT High-Visibility E-1 and E-2 hats and caps is available in Strong Orange and Strong Yellow/Green models. According to the company, the caps and hats will not fade during their service life. The hardhats feature an eight-point energy control system to distribute impact forces. Reflective tape is available for the caps.
North Safety Products
Circle 269

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