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Current-limiting fuses The Low-Peak family of current-limiting fuses is for use in main, feeder, and branch circuits up to 600V, or for supplemental protection in equipment, panel, or assemblies. Available in Class L, J, CC, and RK1, the fuses provide Type 2 no damage motor starter/controller protection plus enhanced troubleshooting with fuse indication.Cooper BussmanCircle 200 Web-based search engine

Current-limiting fuses

The Low-Peak family of current-limiting fuses is for use in main, feeder, and branch circuits up to 600V, or for supplemental protection in equipment, panel, or assemblies. Available in Class L, J, CC, and RK1, the fuses provide Type 2 “no damage” motor starter/controller protection plus enhanced troubleshooting with fuse indication.
Cooper Bussman
Circle 200

Web-based search engine

Autodesk Seek is a Web-based service that allows users to search for building parts and associated design files and specifications directly from within their CAD or BIM application. According to the company, once the design files are located, they can be dropped directly into the user's building model or drawing, reducing the need to recreate individual components in the design. Available in the 2009 U.S. versions of the company's Revit-based software applications, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, and AutoCAD MEP, the Web service is also accessible through standard browsers.
Circle 201

CFL housings

This redesigned socket cup is for the company's Architektur Series of compact fluorescent housings. The socket cup features a new spring position to provide easier installation and adjustment to the reflector, according to the company. The updated design also ensures the lamp maintains its vertical position and improves rigidity and consistency from cup to cup and spring to spring. In addition, the product's minimized height changes to the socket cup to accommodate limited plenum spaces.
Circle 202

Induction fixtures

Everlast induction fixtures are designed for indoor and outdoor applications. The fixtures eliminate EMC interference and lumen depreciation, feature a 100,000-hr lamp rating, and offer 60% energy savings, according to the company. Additional product features include unlimited on/off cycles with instant re-strike as well as dimming and sensor options.
Full Spectrum Solutions
Circle 203

Electrical connector

The Powerpole T-Pak is designed to work with the company's 4-position Powerpole Pak connectors. According to the company, the unit splits the current from one incoming circuit into two outgoing circuits. Made from high-impact and corrosion-resistant black thermoplastic, the device is preassembled for a 20A, 3-phase AC configuration. The electrical contacts use the company's red, black, and white standard 30A poles and the green pre-mate ground pole. Two mounting holes allow the unit to be mounted in any location, and integral latches prevent accidental disconnection of equipment.
Anderson Power Products
Circle 204

Combination devices

This line of decorator combination devices is outfitted in a thermoplastic rocker, top, and backbody. Ultrasonic welding and integrated construction of the strap and body also provide enhanced ground integrity. In addition, the product's automatic grounding system eliminates the need for a bonding jumper in a grounded metal enclosure and provides a redundant measure of ground continuity where a jumper is used. Specially crafted switches feature a break-off provision for wiring multiple devices on the same circuits or separate circuits.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 205

Emergency ballast

The B4CF3 Cold-Pak extended temperature fluorescent emergency ballast is designed for use in compact lamps. Measuring 6.0 in. × 5.5 in. × 1.62 in., the ballast operates in temperatures ranging from -4°F to +131°F and is suitable for use in damp locations as well as sealed and gasketed fixtures. In addition, the device powers one 13W to 42W twin, quad or triple twin-tube, 22W to 40W T5 circline, or 18W to 39W long compact lamp for a minimum of 90 min. in emergency mode and provides up to 1,250 lumens of initial light output.
Circle 206

Voltage detection switch

The CVDS-120 contact voltage detection switch signals hazardous, life-threatening stray or contact voltages on lighting poles. The device's housing contains a single, visible red/green single indicator life that signals a safe energized power load (green) or an unsafe de-energized load (red) or a complete loss of all power (no indicator light). The indicator light operates in 50 msec from green to red and switches back when power is reset. When red, power load shuts off in 120 msec. Detector switch sensitivity operates to 6.5 µA at 33VAC.
Thomas Research Products
Circle 207

Coax cables

Brilliance mini digital coax cables are a plenum version of the company's 1855A non-plenum sub-miniature 59/U digital coax cable. Suitable for connection of HD, SDI, and digital audio equipment, the cables are 100% sweep tested from 5MHz to 4.5GHz. Rated NEC/CEC CMP, the product features a high-velocity foam FEF Teflon dielectric, foil plus braid shield, and a flexible Flamarrest PVC jacket that is available in 10 colors.
Circle 208

Soft starters

SSWO7 soft starters cover a power range from 17A to 200A (200V to 575V, 3-phase, AC). Available in three compact models, the soft starters employ digital signal processing (DSP) control that enables them to provide a low inertia start and a high breakaway torque load start suitable for different applications, as well as limit initial voltage drop while avoiding high current spikes or inrush current. Additional product features include a choice of starting modes to suit the application, integral electronic motor protection, easy configuration, and a range of field bus communications.
Circle 209

Data collection software

Capturx enables users to print designs on ordinary paper, which then can be marked up with a digital pen that digitizes notes and sketches and integrates them directly into Autodesk Design Review files. By “checking” an icon on a printed legend called an “action palette,” ink strokes on printed designs turn into formatted callouts or any of the predefined markup stamps available in Autodesk Design Review. The software also can integrate freehand sketches and handwriting into DWF files with the option to convert handwriting text for editing and use in other Autodesk applications.
Circle 210


The ROVR family of DALI-compliant digital addressable controllable fluorescent lamp ballasts now includes a 1-lamp model for T5 fluorescent applications and 1- and 2-lamp models to support T8 fluorescent applications. All models fully enable 2-way communications with individual lighting fixtures and allow users to set up any lighting configuration they desire with numerous performance settings. In addition, they feature full-range dimming from 100% to 3% (down to 1% in the T5HO models) and operation directly from the DALI control signal.
Circle 211

Cable ties

UV-stabilized Ty-Rap cable ties are now available in multiple colors. Suitable for outdoor applications, the cable ties feature an oval-shaped head, rounded and ribbed body, turned up tail, and the company's Grip of Steel locking device. UL-listed and CSA-certified, they are also suitable for use in air-handling spaces.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 212

Lighting controller

The Square D Powerlink whole-building lighting control system can now be integrated into a commercial building automation system with the incorporation of the company's building automation and control network (BACnet) communication protocol into Powerlink intelligent lighting control panelboards. In addition, the controllers can be integrated into a BACnet building automation system via either Ethernet or RS-485 (MS/TP).
Schneider Electric
Circle 213


For indoor or outdoor use, the MasterColor CDM Elite MW is a medium-wattage CDM lamp with a color rendering of CRI 90+, according to the company. In addition, the luminaire features 92% ballast efficiency, offers 120 lumens per watt, contains no mercury or lead, and provides white light in 3,000K and 4,200K.
Circle 214

High-bay luminaires

Lumark AVID high-bay luminaires are available in four scaled sizes to offer a consistent look throughout an application. Optical choices include borosilicate glass lens, prismatic acrylic lens, high-performance aluminum reflector, and an optional shroud. A range of lamping options includes 20W to 400W metal-halide, single- and multi-lamp compact fluorescent, quartz halogen, and incandescent. The luminaires can be pendant mounted or suspended by stainless steel cables.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 215

Plug and receptacles

The Powertite explosion-proof plug and receptacle and the explosion-proof EBR receptacle are now available in 150A versions. According to the company, this 150A solution eliminates the risk of “overdriving” or drawing excessive current beyond the maximum continuous rating on a piece of equipment. Other product enhancements include arc-snuffing chambers, multiple grounding styles, and positive polarization. Both models are UL-listed, CSA certified, and rated NEMA 4X.
Circle 216

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