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Lamp changer This line of extending, pole-mounted lamp changers fits most incandescent, mercury, metal-halide, and sodium lamps. It uses a cage of rubber-covered and a garter spring to grasp the bulb. As many as four extension poles can be used to extend its reach to 25 ft. An attachment for safely removing broken lamps is also available.McGillCircle 200 Project management software Contact Manager

Lamp changer
This line of extending, pole-mounted lamp changers fits most incandescent, mercury, metal-halide, and sodium lamps. It uses a cage of rubber-covered “fingers” and a garter spring to grasp the bulb. As many as four extension poles can be used to extend its reach to 25 ft. An attachment for safely removing broken lamps is also available.
Circle 200Project management software
Contact Manager creates, organizes, and retrieves contact and project information. Users can cross-link any file to related contacts and projects, making it possible to organize projects and eliminate duplicate files.
Ballantine & Co.
Circle 201Circuit monitor
The CM3000 circuit monitor collects and logs energy usage data to forecast trend plots, averages, and demand metering in real-time. The monitor uses an open protocol Ethernet communications card to store the data in a standard Web browser that can be viewed on a company Intranet or the Internet. It features 600VAC direct-connect metering inputs and doesn't require PTs. It also has built-in rail clips for DIN rail mounting.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 202Motor control components
The MCS Plus series of components for motor control and protection are rated from 5A to 1,200A. The line includes circuit breakers that offer protection up to 300 hp at 600V, contactors rated from 95A to 860A, overload relays that offer real-time access to motor performance data, mounting systems that accommodate a range of IEC motor control systems, and configuration software.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 203Lighting control system
Using radio frequency technology, the HomeServe lighting control system allows users to control light sources — including natural light by way of motorized shades and drapes — with one keypad. Localized devices, including wall-mount dimmers and switches, table lamp dimmers, and even a car visor control, expand users' control options. The system is an expansion to this company's HomeWorks lighting control system.
Circle 204Sound dampening kit
The Rebox sound dampening kit consists of pre-cut pieces of acoustic foam that absorb equipment noise in this company's wall-mount cabinets. The pieces, which can be added before or after cabinet installation, won't affect ventilation or cooling.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 205Monitoring system
The InsulGard online partial discharge monitoring system consists of three basic components: standard sensor packages for all medium-voltage equipment; a 15-channel continuous monitor for trending humidity, load, temperature, power or reactive power, and partial discharge activity; and software that programs and communicates with the system. It can also be used to upload data to the manufacturer for further analysis.
Circle 206Leak repair kit
This transformer leak repair kit is a do-it-yourself product for plugging gas and oil leaks. With formulas of alumina-filled epoxy, urethane, and a nontrichloroethane-based degreaser, the kit is designed for fixing tap changers, gasket areas, and cooling fins. It includes two units of Flexane 80 putty, one unit of FasMetal, a Mark 5 dispenser, and a one-minute epoxy.
ITW Devcon
Circle 207Gaseous-fueled generator
This gaseous-fueled generator is part of this company's Modular Power System of standby generators. The natural gas model can produce from 400kW to 1,000kW of output, and the liquid propane model can produce between 270kW and 675kW of power. Like the company's diesel generators, the gaseous gen sets can be configured for utility paralleling in an MPS-U configuration, allowing the user to generate its own electricity and parallel it with utility power.
Circle 208Battery selection software
Users of the Powercom battery selection program can input specific application requirements and receive the optimal battery and battery rack for their application. Data can be input using pull-down menus and standard keystrokes. The program will also provide complete engineering details like individual cell data, short-circuit current, and electrolyte quantity.
C&D Technologies
Circle 209Maintenance software
EMCAT motor and transformer maintenance software incorporates trending, routing, scheduling or maintenance, work order management, review of equipment data by location or name, and data entry from other test technologies. Records can be grouped by billing and/or process. The system can be configured to interface with commercial CMMS packages and the U.S. Department of Energy's program, MotorMaster Plus.
All-Test Pro
Circle 210Occupancy sensor
The PS51DP passive infrared wall switch contains an adjustable light sensor capable of keeping lights off when other light sources are sufficient. When a person enters the area (up to 1,000 sq ft), a sensor determines if enough light is available, turning on overhead lighting only if needed. For control of ventilating and exhaust fans or other motor loads, the light sensor can be disabled, allowing the unit to perform like a traditional occupancy sensor.
Circle 211Project management software
The Silent Partner program generates project reports automatically, including those for open calls and profitability. The software will automatically send a message by e-mail to notify the appropriate person of events like unusual increases in job costs. It will also send a warning alert to the office manager if open calls haven't been dispatched within 30 min of receipt.
Gary Jonas Computing
Circle 212Thermal camera
The TVS-700 radiometric thermal imaging video system combines a high-resolution, 3203240 microbolometer focal plane array and an integrated 3.8-in. color LCD to display infrared images for preventive maintenance and condition monitoring. Users can view the displayed images from difficult angles, and images are presented in less than 30 sec. The camera can measure temperature differences as small as .08°C in the range of 8 microns to 14 microns.
Indigo Systems
Circle 213 ballast
The ARC Keeper HID backup ballast catches and maintains the lamp arc during power sags, interruptions, or failures that would otherwise result in lamp downtime. The backup ballast holds the arc for as long as 2 min or until normal backup power is in place.
The Bodine Company
Circle 214AC drive
The GT 3000 low-voltage AC drive for 3-hp to 800-hp motors allows users to select specific macros for applications like fans and pumps, tension control with load cell, and user PID for process control. It also offers auto tuning, fly start for powering a spinning motor, sensorless vector control for providing the appropriate amount of torque, and trip-free operation.
Circle 215Fluorescent luminaires
Three new luminaires have been added to the HBC line of compact fluorescent lamps that provide energy-saving alternatives to HID high bay fixtures. They're available in open and enclosed 24-in. aluminum reflector and a 28-in. low-bay optical assembly. Standard features include 26W, 32W, 42W, or 57W compact fluorescent lamps and universal voltage electronic ballasts.
Day-Brite Lighting
Circle 216
Fiber inspection microscope

The 45-332 fiber inspection microscope uses ScopeSwitch technology to convert the standard 1003 magnification scope to an optional 2003 scope. Users can insert fiber into the microscope, turn on the LED illuminator, and inspect the end for cleanliness and overall core condition. The unit is protected by a rubberized metal housing, making it appropriate for field use. An MTR-J-style connector adapter and a 1.25 mm connector adapter are optional.
Circle 250

Ballast replacement kits

SmartMate CFL electronic ballast replacement kits include features like a mounting-plate adapter and color-coded, pre-stripped lead wires designed to ease installation in most common four-pin CFL applications. The ballast operates at 120V to 277V and 50/60Hz; has dual-entry, color-coded connectors; and multi-lamp operating capability.
Advance Transformer
Circle 251

Fleet management software

FleetDirector Service Mileage Reports is designed to work with FleetDirector software to track company vehicles' mileage and service visits. Mileage information is gathered with GPS technology, and users input basic vehicle service schedules into the system manually. The mileage of the last service stop and the next scheduled maintenance stop are available in reports via cell phone, pager, or e-mail.
Circle 252

Cable tray

Express Tray wire mesh cable tray can be center-hung or supported with side hanger clamps using threaded rod. Mounting brackets can also be used for floor or wall mounting. The table is available in 2-in. and 4-in. depths and in widths ranging from 2 in. to 24 in. It's available in steel with an electroplated zinc coating or a hot-dipped galvanized finish.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 253

Torque wrench pump

Designed for higher working speeds, the PTE series of torque wrench pumps offers a reservoir capacity of 3.8L, a flow rated pressure of 55 cu. in./min at 11,600 psi, and a 1.5 hp motor. The motor is submerged to reduce noise and heat build-up. A two-stage pump with automatic integrated bypass speeds torque cycles. Users can adjust the pressure relief valve to set hydraulic working pressures.
Circle 254

Hole saw

The Power Change hole saw system uses a ¼-in. hex shank pilot bit, eliminating the need for set screws, Allen wrenches, and screwdrivers. The system is available in four kits, including an electrician's kit that offers a mandrel with pilot bit, a manual RPM chart, and hole saws in the following sizes: ⅞-in., 1⅛-in., 1⅜-in., 1¾-in., 2-in., and 2½-in. A patent-pending drive system offers tighter tolerances for less wobble.
Bosch Power Tools
Circle 255

Expansion couplings

Two models of the XJ expansion couplings provide for 4 in. and 8 in. of movement between sections of conduit at the connection point. The couplings have weather-tight joints for use with heavywall conduit and a metallic packing ring that maintains metal-to-metal continuity. Copper bonding jumpers are also available for additional metallic bonding to each conduit run.
Circle 256

Corded screwdriver

The USE 8 corded screwdriver has a 4.8A motor, 10 adjustable torque settings ranging from 27 in. lbs to 159 in. lbs, and torque switch-off and depth-stop switch-off. A drive setting increases torque to 354 in. lbs with the torque clutch engaged. The driver can set self-drilling screws as wide as ¼ in., self-tapping screws as wide as 5/16 in., and drywall and wood screws from ⅛ in. to 5/16 in.
Circle 257

Network jack

The NJ200 four-port managed Ethernet switch quadruples LAN infrastructure port connections for additional users and devices. The switch case and downlink port are secured inside the wall and behind the faceplate, reducing exposure to damage, disconnection, or theft. The jack is compatible with the drafted 802.3af Power Over Ethernet standard. Optional pass-through ports provide additional LAN connections.
Circle 258

Elbow arrester

The metal oxide varistor elbow (M.O.V.E.) arrester complies with IEEE Standards 386 and is certified to the deadfront arrester failure mode safety test. The arrester offers glass-collared MOV disks with smooth outer surfaces, MOV disks bonded with conductive silver loaded epoxy, and aluminum spring shunts for improved discharge voltage.
Cooper Power Systems
Circle 150

Signal conditioner

The Waveanalog Pro Bridge signal conditioner measures bridge signals used to power and convert inputs bridge transducers. The unit provides a bridge excitation voltage and can convert the millivolt bridge output to a standard voltage or current signal, eliminating the need for a PLC or DCS module. It can also switch from uni- to bipolar voltage inputs in a range from 0mV to 10mV and -500mV to 500mV, respectively.
Circle 152

Surge protection device

The Surgelogic XR SPD has surge protection capacity as high as 40kA and conforms to UL, CUL, CSA, and IEC requirements. The device has a 4X enclosure with seals that protect it from water and dust, so it can be mounted indoors or out. It also offers a hybrid circuit that allows for tight clamping and noise filtration for improved protection.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 153

Ground fault detection system

The Shield ground fault detection system features a light on its control panel for each feeder to speed in locating the source of faults. It can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Available in wye and delta systems, the unit can be used for 13.8kV, and 7.2kV systems.
Post Glover Resistors
Circle 156

Surge protector

Surge Free 4 02 XT AC power line protectors install at the main service panel to prevent downtime and damage to downstream equipment from transients, lightning, and surges. They offer multiple heavy-duty current pathways and solid copper bus bar construction for minimal impedance and enhanced current sharing. Each MOV is individually fused and thermally protected to ensure continued operation in a fault situation.
Circle 157

Power conditioner

The GPI series 2000 features 19 models from 10kVA to 300kVA, in 50-Hz and 60-Hz versions. All models include safety interlocks, an emergency machine off button, front panel LED indicators for power-on and TVSS circuit status, and a lockout/tagout circuit breaker. Available options include harmonic mitigation and output receptacles.
Circle 158

Capacitor banks

These capacitor banks prevent “dirty power” by providing a fixed level of capacitance in fixed units of 3kVAR to 130kVAR that reduces reactive VARs. Automatic units provide the same results for 25kVAR to 900kVAR by continuously measuring VARs with automatic on and off switching of the level of reactive capacitance necessary to regulate power factor to a preset value.
Circle 159

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