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Process monitor The Sentry process monitor allows up to four channels of input information to be monitored and up to four output relays to operate an alarm, control, motor, pump, and other devices. Each input operates independently and can be either current loop, voltage input, logic input, or -type thermocouple. In addition, a variety of input sensors can be used to meet measurement requirements

Process monitor

The Sentry process monitor allows up to four channels of input information to be monitored and up to four output relays to operate an alarm, control, motor, pump, and other devices. Each input operates independently and can be either current loop, voltage input, logic input, or “K”-type thermocouple. In addition, a variety of input sensors can be used to meet measurement requirements for speed, level, temperature, pressure, proximity, or any process that is measured by current or voltage sensors. According to the company, each monitor is a standalone unit that doesn't require a PC connection or network dependency.
Circle 200

Backup ballasts

At ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to 131°F, Arctic ARC Keeper extended-temperature backup ballasts help prevent lamp extinction and the subsequent need for restrike in metal-halide light systems, according to the company. Available models include: Arctic 175PLS-120V, 175PLS-208V, 175PLS-240V, 175PLS-277V, 400PLS-120V, 400PLS-208V, 400PLS-240V, and 400PLS-277V. In addition, the ARCTIC 175PLS maintains the arc of one 100W to 175W pulse-start lamp, while the ARCTIC 400PLS is compatible with one 200W to 400W pulse-start lamp.
Circle 201

Cable rack manager

This vertical cable rack manager is designed for use with the company's 19-in. open bay rack. Available in 8-in. and 12-in. models, the product features a door with either a left- or right-hand opening. According to the company, the product's quick-snap finger grooves allow flexible equipment management as well as expansion from 1U to whatever size is required. Other features include quick lock spools and horizontal cable retainers.
Molex Premise Networks
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Power supplies

The second-generation of STEP general-purpose power supplies for small load applications offers expanded voltage and current ranges. Featuring a voltage versus current characteristic output, the products also include a DIN rail clip and can be mounted either on a rail or in a panel. In addition, some models feature adjustable output voltage, allowing for lead length compensation.
Phoenix Contact
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Power meter

The Square D PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) monitors power and energy usage for each main and branch circuit in power distribution units (PDUs). According to the company, the BCPM monitors up to 84 branch circuits as well as the main incoming feeds in a power panel or PDU. The unit also monitors loads from 0.25A to 100A and reports power, energy, and demand for each branch circuit. In addition, the enhanced alarming features differentiate between low load levels and zero current flow, indicating a tripped circuit breaker.
Schneider Electric
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Voltage driver

Designed for downlighting, the HI-Lume LED voltage driver offers LED dimming from 100% to 1% of light output, according to the company. Able to integrate with a variety of lighting control products, the driver is compatible with numerous control options, including digital control with EcoSystem, Grafik Eye, QS, and Quantum. The product is also compatible with 3-wire controls such as Vierti, NovaT, and Maestro dimmers and the GP Series of dimming panels. Additional features include an internal thermal management system, 50Hz or 60Hz universal voltage, and a 25W maximum driver rating.
Lutron Electronics
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The GFF Series of linear fluorescent lighting fixtures is certified by NSF International and has a NEMA 6P and IP 67 enclosure rating. Dust- and moisture-resistant, the product features a polycarbonate diffuser that withstands breakage, according to the company. In addition, the fixtures accommodate T5 or T8 lamps. Suitable for low- or high-ceiling applications, other product features include a highly reflective coated finish and cam-type polycarbonate and stainless steel latch options.
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Fire alarm communicator

An addition to the company's FireWatch product line, the IPDACT-2UD fire alarm IP communications module enables users to download alarm panel data and upload information such as program updates from a PC via any Internet or Intranet connection. Communicating through a modem at the panel, the product transmits all information digitally over IP via TCP/IP protocol. According to the company, this UL-listed device eliminates the requirement for two phone lines dedicated to alarm communications.
Fire-Lite Alarms
Circle 207

Rental power units

The C1600D6RG 1,600kW (two 800kW gen-sets) and C2000D6RG (two 1,000kW gen-sets) rental power units feature a temperature-tolerant cooling system designed to handle temperatures up to 122°F. Both models also feature dual-wall fuel tanks and 110% fluid containment to ensure protection from spills. In addition, the units meet Tier 2 emission requirements and include an access ladder for enhanced safety.
Cummins Power Generation
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Pluggable connector

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Pluggable connector

The 890 Series Winsta Mini is a pluggable connector for modular wiring systems. Consisting of 2- and 3-pole variants, the product is offered as cord-end plugs and sockets, snap-in variants for through-panel mounting, and distribution blocks. Able to fit though a ⅝-in. knockout (2-pole) or ⅞-in knockout (3-pole), the device features a voltage/current rating of 600V/10A. Additional features include the company's Cage Clamp spring-pressure connection technology to terminate all conductor types; tool-free Push Wire direct insertion of solid or ferruled-stranded conductors AWG 22-16; and a preceding ground pin for make first/break last safety.
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Label printer

The BBP 81 label printer is designed for industrial settings. Product features include USB connectivity, auto-calibration, and the company's BradyConnect 10/100 print server. Featuring 300 dpi and 4-in. label width, the printer provides thermal transfer printing on a variety of label stock materials, ranging from paper and polyester to polymide and Permalseeve wire marker sleeves. In addition, the printer has an aluminum die-cast frame.
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This 6-in. vertical downlight is for use with 13W and 18W CFLs. Available with gold, black, white, iridescent, and wheat reflectors with a variety of lenses, the downlight features adjustable socket cups and snap-fit installation. UL-listed for damp locations and through branch circuit wiring, the product is available with an integral or remote emergency system option.
Capri Lighting
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ETAP 6.0 software for electrical power systems features additional analysis modules, time-saving capabilities, and faster processing time, according to the company. The software also delivers new elements and libraries, enhancements to existing analysis modules, Data Exchange, and an Output Report Data Comparator tool.
Operation Technology
Circle 212

Lighting controllers

The Dimensions D4000 line of multi-zone dimming models includes the D4200 network-controlled, system, the D4206 network-controlled system with dimmers, the D4006 remote-controlled system with dimmers, and the D4101/D4106 self-contained system with dimmers. All models feature zone/channels of control, scene memory, fade times for each scene, room partition control, remote dimmer configuration, lockout, and sequencer features. The D4200 is the only model without internal network dimmers.
Circle 213

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