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Trencher/plow unit Powered by a 76-hp engine, the hydrostatic RT650 utility trencher/plow unit is capable of trenching as deep as 60 in., and as wide as 16 in. It features a 20-gallon hydraulic fluid tank. The operator's station and controls rotate 90, which allows the user to select five different positions, and an operator presence system automatically shuts down the machine if the user attempts

Trencher/plow unit

Powered by a 76-hp engine, the hydrostatic RT650 utility trencher/plow unit is capable of trenching as deep as 60 in., and as wide as 16 in. It features a 20-gallon hydraulic fluid tank. The operator's station and controls rotate 90°, which allows the user to select five different positions, and an operator presence system automatically shuts down the machine if the user attempts to leave the seat with the attachment or ground drive engaged.
Circle 263

Storage chest

These four on-site storage chests feature arc-welded construction and a weather-resistant, secure cover. The chests have permanently retained locks and recessed shackles to prevent lost locks, and pry-resistant solid lock tangs and corner-located lock housings. The 2048-OS model is 48 in. × 24 in. × 28 in. with a storage capacity of 16 cu ft., and the 204830-OS is 6 in. deeper. The 3068-OS is 60 in. × 30 in. × 37 in. with a storage depth of 31 cu ft. The 2032-OS is 32 in. × 19 in. × 18.25 in. with a storage depth of 5 cu ft.
Circle 266

Toners and Probes

Using digital signal locating technology, IntelliTone toner and probe systems reject signal bleed, noise, and false signals to locate hidden or bundled cables. The systems can find cables despite network termination or environmental conditions. The 100 model includes an LED display, audio signal identification, telecom line diagnostics, and Ethernet Link detect. The 200 model has the same features, plus cable map capability and telecom service ID/diagnostics.
Fluke Networks
Circle 253

Arc-circuit tester

The palm-sized SureTest arc-circuit tester performs 120V AFCI/GFCI tests. The circuit tester simulates parallel arcing between line and neutral to verify the performance of the arc fault breakers and ground-fault outlet devices.
Ideal Industries
Circle 252

Video cables

The HomeChoice mini high-resolution, analog/digital coax cables accommodate high frequency long-distance transmissions, and are suitable for high-end applications, such as RGB, DTV, HDTV, and graphics on large screens. The cable's conductors are constructed of 25 AWG tinned copper, the insulation is a high-density foamed polyethylene, the shielding is a combination of foil and this manufacturer's interlocked serve shield, and the individual coax and overall jackets are PVC. The jackets are color-coded for identification and sequentially marked for usage tracking. The 75-ohm impedancecables are available in 3-coax or 5-coax bundles.
Belden Electronics Division
Circle 250

Optical fiber connector

Designed for premise wiring environments, LC type optical fiber connectors can be used in LAN, MAN, and WAN applications. They're half the size of the SC type, and they use an RJ 45 type latching.
JST Corporation
Circle 265

Mobile work station

The Work-n-Wagon serves as a multi-functional mobile work station. It features a tabletop surface that can lay flat for use as a workbench or placed at an angle for use as a print table. The station is equipped with two shelves and a bottom rack for conduit storage. It has a load capacity of 800 lb. and measures 42 in. × 48 in. × 29 in.
Elder Designs
Circle 262

Ethernet switch

Designed for networks that run Internet protocol telephony, the in-the-wall IntelliJack NJ220 is a 4-port managed Ethernet switch that can convert a single port wall outlet into four switched Ethernet ports without requiring new cabling. The switch is capable of centralized port-level control and device monitoring, mandatory access control filtering, power forwarding to a compatible downstream device like a phone or video surveillance camera, and traffic prioritization.
Circle 254

Combination GFCI switch

Rated for use with a fan or a light, Decorator Combination GFCIs are built with a single switch, double switch, or LED nightlight. They're surge-, corrosion-, and power line noise-resistant. They feature a trip indicator light and an impact-resistant thermoplastic paddle, face, and backbody.
Pass & Seymour
Circle 258

Aerial platform

Mounted on an Isuzu NQR-NR150 or GMC W5500 chassis, the INU38A aerial platform has a 30-ft horizontal reach, a 43-ft working height, and 360° boom rotation. The platform has a capacity of 400 lb on a two-stage telescopic boom. It features a 180° platform/basket rotator, single-stick basket-mounted controls, continuous rotation, emergency power, and hydraulic outriggers.
Baker Equipment
Circle 259


Available individually or as a set, Robertson screwdrivers feature black-oxide tips to prevent chrome chipping, and color-coded handles with symbols on the bottom to help users identify tip types #1, #2, or #3. Tip type #1 measures 8 in. in length and fits screw types 5, 6, and 7. Tip type #2 also measures 8 in. in length and fits screw types 8, 9, and 10. Tip type #3 measures 8.75 in. in length and fits screw types 12 and 14.
Circle 264

Modular enclosures

The corrosion-resistant TS8 Type 4 modular enclosures are designed for areas where hose-down cleaning is required. The enclosures can be used with control equipment, drives, 19-in rack components, and programmable logic controllers. They come in four sizes with heights from 71 in. to 78 in., widths from 24 in. to 32 in., and depths of 24 in. The enclosures feature sidewalls, mounting panels for internal component attachment, and a four-point latching system.
Circle 257


The Invue lighting system comprises luminaires that are Dark Sky-compliant or cutoff-rated under IES testing standards. They're made of 95% reflective anodized aluminum with a TGIC polyester powder coating. They're available in an Architectural Decorative series, and in floodlighting and wall-mount luminaires.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 261

Floor boxes

Walker floor boxes and Walkerduct Pro series underfloor duct now feature brushed die-cast aluminum covers and flanges. They have a clear-coat finish and are TopGuard protected to prevent water, dirt, and debris from entering power and communications devices. These covers meet all UL scrub water requirements for floor boxes in tile, terrazzo, carpet, and wood-covered floors.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 255

Air compressor

The SkyAir compressor allows users to work with pneumatic tools in the platform of equipped boom lifts through the use of compressed air. The compressor fits under the hood of the boom lift to deliver air to a platform-mounted regulator through an airline that's integrated into the powertrack. It can provide as much as 9.3 cu ft of air per minute at pressures of 125 lb per sq in., which is enough to operate 0.5-in. drive impact wrenches, air hammers, drills, and other tools.
JLG Industries
Circle 260

Tubing cutters

This line of four tubing cutters features on-board wheel storage with one extra wheel and a full-stop system that keeps the wheel and roller from colliding after cutting. The 1.375-in. and 1.75-in. cutters have a built-in machinist that spins independently of the cutter to remove burrs. The 2.625-in. cutter can handle PVC pipe and plastic tubing with a ratchet-style quick release and close system. The mini-tubing cutter has a larger capacity of 0.125 in. to 1.125 in.
Circle 251

Illuminated clothing rod

The Retail Rod is a self-illuminated rod system for retail store displays and residential closets. The rod uses T2 or T5 fluorescent lamps that emit glare-free, cool-to-the-touch accent lighting with no spillover. They're constructed of extruded aluminum, and they have an outside diameter of 1.375 in. The rods, available in a painted or anodized finish, come in 5-ft lengths that can be specified for wall- or surface-suspended mounting applications.
Ardee Lighting
Circle 256

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