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Connectors ETP 4QS connectors are for use with liquidtight flexible metallic electrical conduit. UL-listed for Class I, Div. 2 hazardous location electrical systems, models include a zinc-plated steel body and nut for straight connectors, and a malleable iron-/zinc-plated design for 45 and 90 bodies. Available in trade sizes in. to 2 in., the product features a captive gland that stays in the connector


ETP 4QS connectors are for use with liquidtight flexible metallic electrical conduit. UL-listed for Class I, Div. 2 hazardous location electrical systems, models include a zinc-plated steel body and nut for straight connectors, and a malleable iron-/zinc-plated design for 45° and 90° bodies. Available in trade sizes ⅜ in. to 2 in., the product features a captive gland that stays in the connector to facilitate installation, as well as a hex-shaped gland nut and extra long hub that allows the use of bushings. In addition, the reusable ferrule can be disassembled.
Emerson Industrial Automation
Circle 250

Recessed box

The TV BOX for existing work allows users to mount LCD and plasma TVs as well as other system components flush against the wall. In addition, this 2-gang recessed combo box, with half for power and half low-voltage for Class 2 wiring of components, features mounting “wings” that tighten against the wall board to hold the box firmly in place.
Arlington Industries
Circle 251

Estimating software

Version 9 of this estimating software includes Accubid Pro, BidWinner, BidWinner Plus, PowerBid, ChangeOrder, ChangeOrder Pro, Time & Material Billing, and cadLive. Updated features include: an equipment screen to track equipment costs (Accubid Pro, BidWinner Plus only); a Bid Breakdown screen to allocate costs across different takeoff breakdowns (Accubid Pro only); the ability to break down bids using breakdown views — combinations of multiple breakdown options (Accubid Pro only); the ability to add notes to a takeoff or designation; and control over which columns are exported.
Circle 252

Fish tape

MagnumPRO fish tapes now feature a rapid tape pay-out and rewind mechanism, as well as a smaller fish eye with an offset bend for enhanced fishing ability, according to the company. In addition, the fish tapes include a viewing port that allows for visibility of the remaining tape in the case. Features of the product's rugged case include an ergonomic handle, a 360° uniform grip, and grip ridges to help prevent slipping.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 253

Step drill bits

These step drill bits feature a Split Point tip that is twice as fast at initial penetration as conventional step drills, according to the company. In addition, the bits are constructed of hardened steel protected by a titanium nitride coating. Other product features include a double-fluted design and a self-starting point that eliminates starter holes or punches. Offered with up to 16 multi-diameter steps from ¼ in. to 1⅜ in., each step is gradually blended into the next to facilitate stepping through hole sizes.
Ideal Industries
Circle 254

Pool/spa panels

The PP-20R-P1 and PP-20R-2P4 pool/spa panels include factory-installed time switches that feature a quick install/release lever, load indicator lamp, real-time switch face, captive trippers, external rocker switch, and ID labeling. In addition, the panel features a removable and reversible door, interchangeable timing mechanisms, 2-gang supplemental device plate, and a spring-loaded lockable latch.
Circle 255

Tape measure

The Offset Tape Stop power-return rule features offset and saddle reference markings that allow users to create the majority of 3-bend saddle and offset bends without complicated calculations, according to the company. The front of the rule displays saddle bend calculations, while the back of the device shows offset calculations. Complete multiplier formulas are printed at the end of the tape. Additional product features include a non-slip rubber grip, dual end hook, and self-lock blade. Weighing less than 1 lb, the rule is 1 in. wide and extends up to 16 ft.
Klein Tools
Circle 256


The Lightning Series of lineman and needle nose pliers is 1,000V rated. Made of stainless steel, the tools feature a molded ergonomic cushion grip. According to the company, the products also feature a never-rust composite design.
Quick Wedge
Circle 257

Fluorescent luminaires

Foodstar luminaires feature a one-piece fiberglass water, dust-, and debris-tight fluorescent wraparound with high-ingress protection. Depending on the model specified, illumination is provided by four to six T5HO, T8, and T8 VHO linear fluorescent lamps in a range of available Kelvin temperatures. In addition, the lens is injection molded and held with 12 capacitive stainless steel latches. A paint-free finish is standard.
Guth Lighting
Circle 258

Emergency luminaire

This emergency fluorescent downlight features a test switch mounted in the housing and an emergency ballast mounted to the frame. Available in 13W to 42W, this product line is designed for use in light commercial applications.
Nora Lighting
Circle 259

Power supplies

Designed to power video equipment and other security accessories, this product line includes 17 weatherproof supplies and eight styles of surge-protected weatherproof units. Contained within lockable, sealed, non-corrosive enclosures, these NEMA 4X-rated supplies can withstand wet and corrosive conditions within a temperature range of -40°F to 120°F. Shipped with hardware for flat surface mounting, three optional pole-mount kits are also available. In addition, two models of the weatherproof enclosure are available without internal power components for users who wish to mount their own contents. Each power supply features electronically regulated outputs, a power disconnect switch, an output LED indicator, and diagnostic LEDs for each circuit.
Honeywell Power Products
Circle 260

Conduit couplings

These 3-piece self-aligning conduit couplings are designed to join two lengths of threaded rigid or IMC conduit. In addition, the couplings are available in trade sizes ranging from ½ in. to 4 in. Raintight-, UL- and cULus-listed, the units are constructed of malleable iron and are zinc electroplated.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 261

Plaster rings

Constructed from cold rolled galvanized steel, these 1-gang and 2-gang adjustable rings fit all 4s and 5s deep boxes, according to the company. Plaster ring extensions and universal box brackets are also offered. Extensions add another ¾ in. depth to any ring to assure a flush finish, regardless of wall material or thickness. Available as 1-gang or 2-gang extensions, they can be installed on a single ring with two 8-32 screws. In addition, universal box brackets mount to any stud, shear wall, 6 in. × 6 in. NEMA 1 enclosure, USB wall, or floor brackets.
Circle 262

Plugs and connectors

Clamp-Lock straight blade plugs and connectors feature lever-actuated termination and eliminate traditional screw terminals, according to the company. To terminate a conductor, pull a color-coded cam lever to open the product's termination clamp, insert the stripped conductor, and close the lever. In addition to eliminating the need to insert a tool into the device or to re-torque, there are no exposed terminals, making cord end applications finger safe.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 263

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