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Cable management system The Network Cable Manager system includes two varieties of durable molded plastic horizontal panels, designed to manage high-performance copper and fiber cables on standard EIA 19-in. racks.PanduitCircle 158 Fiber optic duct repair kits These heavy-duty duct repair kits are designed for conduits carrying fiber optic cable. The kits come with heavy-walled split conduit, hose

Cable management system

The Network Cable Manager system includes two varieties of durable molded plastic horizontal panels, designed to manage high-performance copper and fiber cables on standard EIA 19-in. racks.
Circle 158

Fiber optic duct repair kits

These heavy-duty duct repair kits are designed for conduits carrying fiber optic cable. The kits come with heavy-walled split conduit, hose clamps, cable ties, and a patented sealing system for retrofitting without removing the cable from service. Each kit handles a variety of fiber optic duct dimensions.
Jackmoon USA
Circle 161

Programmable logic controller

Release 1.1 of the VersaMax Ethernet network interface unit features embedded Ethernet connectivity without the need for a serial connection from a PC or handheld device. The unit is now compatible with this company's series 90 PLCs using Ethernet Global Data.
GE Fanuc Automation
Circle 192

Data line surge protectors

These data line surge protectors use sideactor and silicon-avalanche diode-based circuits exclusively. With turn-on times measured in the nanosecond range, they are appropriate for the high-speed and bandwidth requirements found in today's sophisticated networks.
Circle 191

Coaxial cable stripper

This ergonomically designed Cat. 5 coaxial cable stripper tool gives installers a quick and easy method of preparing RG-6 or RG-59 coaxial cable for termination. Made from durable, high-impact Delrin plastic, the tool features a long-life cutting blade to accurately cut coaxial cable sheath without causing damage to the internal components of the cable.
Circle 160

Multiwire data line protector guard

The DLP-50 can protect as many as 50 wires of telco equipment from damage or disruption caused by transient overvoltages. The 3.3 in.×3.4 in.×1-in. unit protects equipment such as T1, E1, PABX, and multiplexers. Its silicon-avalanche diodes allow close transient clipping in less than 1 ns.
MCG Surge Protection
Circle 179

Uninterruptible power system

The Pulsar Ellipse UPS features high-frequency switching technology in small packages for backup power to PCs and workstations. The switching technology eliminates bulky, heavy transformers. The product is available in power ratings from 300VA to 1,200VA. The UPS is best suited for maximizing the availability of PCs, workstations, and small servers.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 201

Fastening feature for notifiers

The QuickClick fastening feature will be phased into SpectrAlert wall-mount notification devices this year. The feature eliminates the need for mounting screws to secure the device to the mounting plate. Instead, you hinge the housing toward the mounting plate until it clicks into place.
System Sensor
Circle 221

Three-channel controller

The MR13 is a three-channel, multi-input, multirange, user-programmable controller. It can be used as a three-zone controller, follower controller, or cascade control. It incorporates EXPERT PID, which suppresses hunting caused by overshoot or process disturbance.
Circle 237

Relay modules

The flare series of DIN rail-mounted terminal block relay modules provides time-controlled or delayed-switching functions. The modules are packaged in 6.2-mm thick, UL94 V-0-rated polyamide 6.6 housings. They feature 2-pole pluggable jumpers and 10-pole comb jumpers to reduce wiring time.
Wieland Electric
Circle 235

Single-phase power monitor

The Power Platform 4300 power monitoring instrument comes equipped with a TaskCard, allowing it to operate in four modes — scope mode, for real-time viewing of waveforms; meter mode, for second-by-second measurements of up to 16 parameters; an event-recorder mode that allows you to view recorded event data for immediate problem solving and troubleshooting; and a time-plots mode that allows you to graph and display measurements.
Circle 215

Uninterruptible power system

The Model DPE300E 3-phase delta conversion UPS features reliable power protection at a low cost. The UPS reduces the cost of energy consumption, installations, wiring, air-conditioning, and maintenance. The UPS's primary function is supplying clean 3-phase power to critical applications, data centers, and facilities, regardless of power failures, sags, surges, brownouts, line noise, high-voltage spikes, frequency variations, or switching transients. The product is designed to proactively identify and correct power problems to prevent downtime.
American Power Conversion
Circle 202

Colored cables

These customized color cables can be used to make complicated installations easier, faster, and safer. Double-jacketed, double-colored cables are available. The company can print serial numbers, corporate logos, and brand names on the jackets.
Circle 208

Busway suppression filter system

GuardBus is a direct-connect busway suppression filter system that protects critical loads from electrical disturbances. Models will plug into GE, Spectra series, Siemens XL-X, Square D I Line II, or Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse Model 5 or 6 busplugs. The UL-listed, safety-interlocked, fused disconnect switch permits testing without interrupting power.
Current Technology
Circle 229

Circuit breakers

Series B push-to-reset circuit breakers meet the motor loading requirements of UL's 1363, Standard for Relocatable Power Tap. They are rated at 125VAC to 250VAC with current ratings from 5A to 20A. Interrupt capacity is 1,000A or 2,000A, depending on voltage/current.
Rototech Electrical Components
Circle 249

Hand lamp

Designed to provide customers with portable lighting in hazardous locations, this 26W fluorescent lamp is UL-listed for use in oil refineries, chemical-processing plants, waste-treatment centers, and other classified sites. The explosion-proof, twin-tube lamp delivers 1,800-lm output and easy maintenance in a 3½-lb, 23½-in.-long design.
Circle 254


The 6-in-1 TriLobal multi-screwdriver comes with four screwdriver bits that fit in a durable steel barrel. The barrel doubles as a nut driver; each end incorporates a different size driver. The handle fits the contour of your hand.
Circle 276

Cart for pipe benders

The Bendcart BC-100 converts this company's 885T EMT bender or 881 combination bender into portable bending centers. The cart measures 56 in.×30 in. and fits through most doors and onto trucks and elevators. Shoes mount on the back for easy access.
Associated Electric Products
Circle 277

Progressive-pitch saw blades

These progressive-pitch reciprocating and jigsaw blades are designed to eliminate the need to change blades when cutting materials of different thicknesses. The closely spaced teeth near the blade's shank provide speed and control when cutting thin materials, and the wider-spaced teeth near the blade's tip are more suited for thick materials.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 260

Corded drills

These corded drills come in ½-in., ⅜-in., and ¼-in. sizes. Lightweight but powerful, they are designed for comfort and balance with large, two-finger triggers and tactile handle grips. All ½-in. and ⅜-in. models come with a 360° side handle for additional comfort and tool control.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 269

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