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Cut-off tool The DC415KL cut-off tool features a 36V battery designed with nano-phosphate lithium ion cells that the company says offers 2,000 recharges. In addition, the tool's Quick-Change wheel release system allows users to remove wheels without using a wrench, and a keyless adjustable guard enables users to adjust the guard without the use of a tool. To prevent accidental startup, the device

Cut-off tool

The DC415KL cut-off tool features a 36V battery designed with nano-phosphate lithium ion cells that the company says offers 2,000 recharges. In addition, the tool's Quick-Change wheel release system allows users to remove wheels without using a wrench, and a keyless adjustable guard enables users to adjust the guard without the use of a tool. To prevent accidental startup, the device is equipped with a paddle switch with a lock-off system. Other product features include an anti-slip comfort grip and an ergonomic 50/50 weight distribution from front to back.
Circle 250

Self-retracting lifeline

The DBI-SALA brand Ultra-Lok self-retracting lifeline (SRL) includes 50 ft of synthetic line that provides protection against electrical conductivity and sparking. Weighing 12 lb, the SRL features an anti-ratcheting brake, reserve lifeline, swiveling anchorage eye, and swiveling impact-indicating hook. According to the company, the system limits fall arrest forces to 900 lb or less, and meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards, including OSHA, ANSI, and ANSI Z359.
Capital Safety
Circle 251

Ceiling fan boxes

ETP ceiling fan boxes feature hanger bars that are adjustable from16 in. to 24 in. The boxes' direct mounting options enable side- or under-mount attachment to a beam or joist, while the retrofit screw hanger bars allow users to install the box with minimum cutting into a ceiling. Each product includes a plastic nonmetallic, sheathed cable connector, ground screw, hardware, and instruction sheet. Support hangers are UL-listed for up to 70 lb for fixtures and 35 lb for fans.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 252

PVC tubing/connectors

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, I-Flex flexible liquid-tight PVC tubing maintains tensile strength and withstands temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Available in 30 m rolls, it comes in light gray or black. When used with I-Flex straight and 90° connectors, the tubing provides NEC- and UL-approved protection against water, oil, and other damaging liquids. In addition, both the PVC tubing and straight connectors are offered in ⅜-in. to 2-in. sizes. The 90° connectors are available up to 1¼-in. sizes.
Automation Direct
Circle 253

Time switches

The RT series of time switches is designed to replace standard light switches and can control either lighting or motor loads. Two styles are available. The first model offers a choice of six selectable factory preset time delays: 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 60 min. The second model is user-programmable in increments from 5 min to 12 hr and includes more advanced feedback and warnings. Control and programming is accomplished with digital push buttons. According to the company, the timer is not audible, and no rotary switches are used.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 254

Arc fault circuit interrupter

This combination-type AFCI product line has received UL 1699 designation, including UL 1998 and UL 449. The UL mark will be applied to single-pole 1-in. BR and ¾-in. CH type with 15A- and 20A-rated residential circuit breakers.
Circle 255

Cabinet light

The Series III cabinet lighting system can be installed by way of independent direct-wire or through interconnect capability. Because the system is line voltage, no transformers are required. In addition, the product's Xenon bulbs are now powered by 120V, eliminating the need for a transformer. Offered in 7¼-in., 13¼-in., 22¼-in., and 30¼-in. sizes, Series III is available in white, bronze, or stainless steel and features a 1-in. depth for low-profile use.
Circle 256

Light bulbs/luminaires

Energy-Star-approved BlueMax energy-efficient light bulbs and lamps use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs, according to the company. Offering flicker-free startup and silent operation, the product line's CFLs operate at temperatures 60% cooler than standard bulbs. In addition, BlueMax 70W desk lamps are dimmable from 100% to 20% and feature HD Color technology with 96 CRI.
Full Spectrum Solutions
Circle 257

Fixture hangers

These 411/16-in. swivel fixture hangers are designed for use with the company's 411/16-in. steel boxes. Constructed of steel, the fixture hangers fit either ½-in. or ¾-in. pipe, are load rated at 50 lb, and contain a ball joint that allows a 20° rotation from vertical. These hangers will also work on previously installed 4-in. square boxes.
Garvin Industries
Circle 258


Decorator dimmers are designed to coordinate with the company's rocker-style Decorator switches. The dimmers can be used for single-pole and 3-way wiring configurations and offer incandescent/magnetic low-voltage capabilities in a single SKU. According to the company, the increased area of the mounting straps and side- and back-wired terminals reduces installation time, while the 1.25-in. back cover allows more room inside the box for wires.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 259


The Silhouette luminaire is designed for outdoor applications where tight light control is needed. The luminaire features one-piece die-cast aluminum housing finished in Duraplex II polyester available in many standard and designer colors. According to the company, the device can be used in conjunction with the FloodPak multipurpose series. Additional product features include a one-piece hydro-formed reflector that meets Dark Sky requirements, and a lens and lens frame that resist heat and shock damage, as well as bug and dust entry.
Circle 260

Wire connectors

Twister LT wire connectors are 30% smaller than conventional wire connectors, according to the company. Featuring a deep, flared skirt, they accommodate a wide wire range from two No. 22 AWG to three No. 12 AWG. UL-listed and CSA-certified, the devices with either solid or stranded copper wire. In addition, they are rated to 600V maximum in building wiring, and 1,000V maximum for signs or lighting fixtures.
Ideal Industries
Circle 261

Hiker work boot

The Scottsdale hiker work boot features CarbonMax safety-toe technology. Strong as steel but 50% lighter, the company says CarbonMax is heat- and cold-resistant and is non-conductive to electricity. Other boot features include a compression-molded midsole and a rubber lug-slip resistant outsole. Available in several color combinations, a lo-hiker version is also offered.
Circle 262

Firestop device

The CP 680-P/M cast-in-place firestop device features an integrated smoke seal for a variety of pipe materials and diameters. Available in 2-in., 3-in, 4-in., and 6-in. diameters, the device offers solutions for combustible and noncombustible penetrants. In addition, it minimizes center-to-center pipe distances and enables access to smaller areas.
Circle 263

Fan/light controller

The Maestro IR fan/light controller allows users to adjust fan speed and light level from either an infrared remote control or from the wall control. According to the company, the device uses technology that eliminates the need to use independent wires for the fan and light. In addition, the fan has a 1A capacity and is available as single-pole and multi-location (up to two companion dimmers) fan/light. The dimmer has a capacity of 300W of incandescent light.
Circle 264


The J2000-9NECRTP side-cutting pliers offer a built-in crimper for use on non-insulated connectors, lugs, and terminals, as well as a built-in channel that pulls steel fish tape without damaging the tape. Other product features include contoured, cushioned handles made through a dual material molding process that, according to the company, allows for a softer, more comfortable firm grip on the outer surface. In addition, the pliers feature hot-riveted joints, induction-hardened cutting knives, and U.S.-made tool steel.
Klein Tools
Circle 265

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