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Wire pulling system The WireVac approaches wire pulling from a different angle by replacing fishtape with a standard shop vacuum. The device connects to a shop vacuum hose and fits into 0.5-in. and 0.75-in. box connectors. Wiring is attached to a loop at the end of a pulling line inserted in the box connector and fed through the conduit using the airflow created by the vacuum.Chap BuildersCircle 250

Wire pulling system

The WireVac approaches wire pulling from a different angle by replacing fishtape with a standard shop vacuum. The device connects to a shop vacuum hose and fits into 0.5-in. and 0.75-in. box connectors. Wiring is attached to a loop at the end of a pulling line inserted in the box connector and fed through the conduit using the airflow created by the vacuum.
Chap Builders
Circle 250


The PAT644-18V crimper has a crimping force of 11 tons and an 18V NiMH battery to eliminate voltage depression. New pump, transmission, and piston component designs, including a green indicator and audible “pop-off,” improve the consistency of connection. The self-contained hydraulic tool's 360° head rotation allows for operation in almost any position. It also has a dieless latch head tool.
FCI Burndy
Circle 251

Telephone cabinets

Designed to house electrical controls and instruments, these telephone cabinets can also be applied as junction boxes, pull boxes, or telephone and communications cable terminations. The cabinets are available with a surface or flush cover and offer a removable trim. A continuous hinge holds the cabinet door open as far as 180°. A lockable three-point latch handle is available for cabinets 37 in. and larger.
Hoffman Enclosures
Circle 252

Boring attachment

This boring attachment makes it possible to drill horizontal holes 1.25-in. to 4.5-in. in diameter without heavy machinery. The attachment is powered by a 100 rpm, 9 gpm hydraulic motor that operates from the hydraulics in a mini-excavator or backhoe. It attaches to the excavator bucket using an external mounting plate.
McLaughlin Mfg.
Circle 253

External power feed

This external power feed uses one receptacle to power all circuits. When used with this company's electrical power unit, it allows three of the four remaining receptacles to remain open for other uses. The unit has a 6-ft power cable that users can field-adjust to shorter lengths by loosening the screws.
Electri-Cable Assemblies
Circle 254

AC/MC connectors

These zinc die cast, color-coded AC/MC connectors are designed for use in health-care facilities and fire alarm installations. The locknut-type connector with a single-screw assembles to 0.5-in. K.O. and enables identification of the color and type of cable from inside the box. The connectors, which are nylon insulator rated to 105°C, are available in three colors.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 255

Video inspection system

The Flat Pack SeeSnake uses a thinner, flatter drum to allow you to see inside 1.5-in. to 4-in. pipe lines. It offers a 1.2-in. camera head with 24 infrared LEDs, a 100-ft push cable that travels deep inside drain lines, and a stainless steel, tapered spring for maneuvering through traps and connections. The camera is available in black-and-white or color. An integrated, in-line transmitter is standard and can be located with any 512 Hz locator.
Ridge Tool Co.
Circle 256

Composite cables

The HomeChoice line of cables has been expanded to include keypad/control and Siamese cables that are UL-verified to meet Cat. 5 and Cat. 5e requirements. The keypad/control cables are designed to interface with all major touch panel control brands and cable distribution boxes and a variety of automated devices.
Belden Electronics
Circle 257

Rotary hammers

The KHE line of rotary hammers offers electronic speed control and a slip clutch to protect the operator in the event of a bit jam. The KHE 24, KHE 28, and KHE 32 offer 124 in.-lb, 159 in.-lb, and 221 in.-lb of torque, respectively. All three models are furnished with a standard side handle, depth gauge, and carrying case. The tools also incorporate auto-stop carbon brushes to eliminate damage to the motor due to brush wear.
Circle 258

Cable support system

The Cablecat CAT-CM replaces cable tray with specially designed U-hooks and double J-hooks with large-diameter, rounded support surfaces to avoid over-bending and kinking of cables. The support system can be installed in three ways, including a strut-mounted option that uses sheet metal U-hooks with quick-attach strut fasteners that can be used with most half-slot struts.
Circle 259

Fiber cable router

The Optical Fiber Segment routes fiber cable around 90° turns. It's designed to fit between boards and is made of UL94 V0 flame-retardant material. An expandable feature allows more than one part to be attached to provide a controlled 30mm radius around a 180° or 270° turn. The router's anti-rotation pin is designed on an arm that will flex when used in a multiple-piece application and won't interfere with the board.
Circle 260

Heat alarm

The HD6135FB AC/DC heat alarm sounds when the thermistor senses a heat level of 135°F or when the microprocessor senses a 15°F-per-minute heat rise. The alarm is designed to supplement smoke alarms in residential and institutional applications as defined in standard NFPA 101. It's powered by 120VAC, 60Hz and has a monitored 9V battery backup.
BRK Electronics
Circle 261

Cable markers

NelcoLAM laminated cable markers feature a UV stabilized clear polyester laminate and an acrylic adhesive that protects printed labels or handwritten notations and seals them to a carrier available in PVC or polypropylene versions. The markers are available in three sizes.
Nelco Products
Circle 262

Estimating software

With eTaskMaster contractors can generate job plan definitions like tasks, durations, resources, and PDM scheduling logic and export them to several project scheduling platforms. Multiple choice and quantitative queries define work scope. Estimating modules can be customized.
InterPlan Systems
Circle 263

Hand truck wire cart

This redesigned wire cart is equipped with an expander kit that increases the cart's size by 60%. It features heavy-duty 8-in. diameter rubber semi-pneumatic wheels, a spare spindle storage tube, and a powder coat finish. It can hold two 22-in. spools or 24 7-in. spools.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 264

HID floodlights

The Floodzilla HID floodlight is designed for 250W and 400W metal-halide and high-pressure sodium applications. The light's aluminum housing is available in a weather-resistant, polyester-powder, architectural bronze finish.
RAB Electric
Circle 265

Punch-down tool

The 1-Punch is designed to punch down and cut all eight wires of Cat. 5e or six wires of UTP communications cable when connecting them to this company's jack. The tool's head includes eight seating blades and four cutting blades and fits over the jack. It must be used with a stable platform that holds the jack steady and protects the installer's hand.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 266

Ladder storage system

The EZ-Glide ladder rack system has a standard rotation rack and can be customized to meet users' specifications. Basic features include removable ladder stops, interlocking ladder supports, and an ergonomic drive arm. It's designed to fit full-size, mini, hi-cube, and Sprinter vans.
Knaack Manufacturing
Circle 267

Folding knife

The Blink combines lockback design with easy blade access. The 2.25-in. blade folds into a 5.25-in. handle and can be opened with one hand. The safety can be engaged once the blade is open so that the locking bar can't be released.
Circle 268

GFCI receptacle

The XGF series of GFCI receptacles has been redesigned to meet the new 2003 UL 943 standards. Among the updates is a new circuit design that tests the receptacle to prevent line-load reversal. If the receptacle is damaged and can no longer detect a ground fault, it won't reset upon testing — another new requirement of UL 943. It offers eight internal black wiring holes (two per termination) for wiring flexibility and space in crowded installations.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 269

Electronic ballast

Optanium ballasts for T8 lighting systems are available in a standard light output design with a 0.88 ballast factor and a low-watt design with a 0.78 ballast factor. An independent lamp operation feature allows other lamps to continue to operate if one or more lamps in a fixture should fail. Both designs are available for the operation of one, two, three, or four lamps on 120V and 277V systems.
Advance Transformer
Circle 270

Metal-halide lamp

These 125W metal-halide mogul-based lamps are an addition to the Uni-Form series of pulse-start luminaires for retrofit applications. The lamps provide 12,000 initial lumens, 8,400 mean/design lumens, and a temperature of 4,000°K. They also offer a color rendering index of 65.
Venture Lighting
Circle 271

Suppression device

This transient block protects devices made susceptible to ground transients by DC logic buses. It attenuates high-frequency transients on the ground wire but doesn't have a clamping voltage because it has full continuity to ground. It incorporates a patented circuit with no moving parts or sensitive electronics and therefore doesn't pose a threat to intrinsic safety ground.
Circle 150

Power supply

The PFC700-S is a 700W, power factor-corrected, switch-mode power supply that provides a single isolated output of 600W to 700W continuous power. It corrects the input current waveform to better than .99 power factor at the supply's full rated load of 120VAC. The power supply is accelerated-life tested to verify design parameters.
Taiyo Yuden
Circle 151

PQ analyzer

The Meridian Ultra portable power quality analyzer captures and analyzes voltage sags and swells, high-frequency impulses, harmonics, transients, and other power distortions. It's powered by a Pentium-class processor, has a 10GB hard drive, and a 4-MHz peak detector. All configuration, real-time display, and post-analysis can be performed directly on the unit using an integral keyboard and touch-screen display.
Power Instruments
Circle 152

Harmonics filters

Series B matrix harmonics filters are designed to reduce harmonic current distortion and improve true power factor in six-pulse rectifiers. The filters provide typical full-load performance levels of either 5% or 8% total harmonic current distortion and can be used to meet IEEE 519 and other harmonics standards. They can be applied on SCR rectifiers, including phase control and pre-charge front ends, and they can be used with or without AC line reactors or DC chokes.
Circle 153

Clamp-on current transformer

Providing frequency response up to 10kHz, this 200A clamp-on current transformer is designed for measuring harmonics. The probe is accurate to 1% of reading and can accommodate cables as thick as 0.75 in. in diameter. The probe also has a built-in load to eliminate a possible shock hazard if left unconnected.
Reliable Power Meters
Circle 154

Alligator clip test accessories

This series of flex boot alligator test clip products has a Cat. 3, 1,000V, 10A rating. The series features two probe tip adapters, two patch cords, and one alligator clip for test lead attachment. Five models are available for MRO, HVAC, test/calibration/R&D labs, and field service repair applications that require hands-free connection to test points within a Cat. 1, Cat. 2, or Cat. 3 range.
Pomona Electronics
Circle 215

Emergency stop switches

These E-stops are manufactured in three series and are available in twist-to-release and key-to-release models. Series 04 and 44 are 22.5-mm mounted switches with 37-mm diameter actuators. Series 61 is 16 mm with a 27-mm diameter actuator. All switches feature a foolproof actuation method to EN 418.
Circle 216


The 711 series two-pole, double-throw impulse relays with 12A contacts are available in standard AC and DC input voltages. The relays are equipped with LEDs that indicate if the input is powered and show the current contact positioning. Two optional snap-on adaptors allow the relays to be flange- or DIN rail-mounted. They'll also fit 70-463-1 sockets.
Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn
Circle 217

Cable wrap

Heli-Tube spirally cut plastic wrap can be applied without tools to bundle and protect a variety of wires, hoses, and tubing from abrasion. The wrap can be custom extruded in colors to provide an aesthetic match to equipment or for color coding. It's also available in Teflon, operating over a -450°F to +450°F range.
M.M. Newman
Circle 218

Warning labels

These arc flash protection labels comply with 2002 NEC 110.16. Two warning labels are available in 3.5-in.×5-in. and 5-in.×7-in. sizes, and two danger labels are available in 5-in.×7-in. and 4-in.×6-in. sizes. End users can write information directly on a fifth label.
Brady Identification Solutions
Circle 219

Circuit breaker

PowerPact circuit breakers are available in I-Line panelboards and Power-Style QED-S and QED-2 switchboards. The P-frame breaker measures 9 in. wide, and the R-frame breaker is 15 in. wide. Built-in Modbus protocol provides an open communications platform.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 220

Disconnect switch

The Telpower double-wide fused disconnect switch and fuse are rated at 80VDC with an interrupting rating of 100,000A. They're available in 150A, 175A, 200A, 225A, and 250A ratings. An LED offers open-fuse indication, and a remote alarm contact provides remote indication. The disconnect switch also features a pull-out handle for fuse extraction.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 221

Digital multimeters

XR series digital multimeters are equipped with test leads, a Magne-Grip holster, and alligator clips. The five meters in the series range from the 30XR with a built-in non-contact voltage detector to the 38XR, which has a 10,000-count display with bright-blue backlighting.
Wavetek Meterman
Circle 222

Motor controller

The VSM-CA3 variable speed motor controller provides modulating control of AC induction motors in response to an analog input signal from building automation systems, thermostats, or other control devices. The controller receives the signal and responds by adjusting or modulating the fan motor speed. It can modulate the motor to 25% of rated maximum speed.
Circle 223

Ethernet cables

The DataTuff line of twisted-pair copper Ethernet cables include nine designs verified to meet Cat. 5e performance standards and offer heavy-duty sunlight- and oil-resistant jackets. Seven of the cables, including unshielded, foil shielded, and foil plus raid shield designs, feature the company's Bonded-Pairs technology that allows the cables to withstand harsh environments.
Belden Electronics Division
Circle 201

Online UPS

The S4K industrial online UPS can be mounted directly into a standard 10-in. rack and takes up only 3.5 in. of rack height. The standard input plug and 120V output receptacles can be removed to convert the unit into a fully hardwired UPS. A two-step battery charger extends battery life, and an automatic battery test feature warns when the hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries need to be changed.
Circle 202

Fluorescent luminaire

The Twin-Beam linear fluorescent suspended luminaire employs a non-conventional modular design for indirect/semi-direct ambient lighting applications. The two-piece, die-formed cold rolled steel housing forms an 8.625-in. × 1.75-in. profile and is available in 4-ft and 8-ft lengths for individual or continuous row runs. They can be suspended with aircraft cable or by a single-stem rigid pendant.
Circle 203

GFCI receptacles

Circuit Guard GFCI receptacles are available for commercial, industrial, and hospital grade applications. All three models offer back and side wiring and tri-drive screws. The receptacles incorporate features compliant with the revised 2003 UL 943 requirements, including a reset button indicator for line-load reversal and a larger MOV for surge and over-voltage protection.
Hubbell Wiring Devices
Circle 204

Power meter

The DPMS-PM power meter connects to any circuit type, and its universal power supply supports a range of AC and DC voltages. The unit can be supplied with three independent analog outputs that can be assigned and scaled to any instantaneous measurement. Each unit is equipped with RS-232/485 serial communications ports using Modbus or DNP protocols.
Circle 205

CAD software

PlanTracer software converts two-dimensional floor plans into 3D renderings. The program can process any floor plan in AutoCAD or ADT. It processes scanned raster drawings or DWG/DXF files.
Circle 206

Circuit breaker tester

The BT-100 portable circuit breaker tester allows users to determine the health of a high-voltage circuit breaker while in service. Tests take less than 30 min, including time for wiring connections, software setup, tripping the breaker, and analyzing the results. The tester can upload graphical test results to a PC for storage and comparison with previous waveforms and signals.
Circle 207

Public warning sirens

The EWS series of public warning sirens project alarms in 360° to avoid the peaking-and-ebbing associated with a rotating siren system. The sirens range from a single-tone, compact model rated at 107dB to a single-tone unit with projectors in an 8-horn configuration rated at 112dB. Dual-tone models are rated from 115dB to 125dB.
Edwards Signaling
Circle 208

Circuit breakers

The 1492-SPU miniature circuit breakers can be sized to protect power-limited circuits and control circuits. In addition to protecting branch circuits, the devices protect load devices like controllers, solenoids, power supplies, and control transformers. The breakers have a selectable current range from 0.5A to 20A at as many as 240V, and allow 10 to 20 times less let-through energy than a conventional breaker.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 209

Data acquisition recorder

The Dash 8X data recorder can capture eight analog channels to an internal hard drive at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel and four scope channels at a sample rate of 10 MHz per channel. It has a 15-in. diagonal monitor for touch-screen control and real-time data viewing and analysis. Signals at high as 40 kHz can be recorded with a 16-bit A/D resolution.
Circle 210

IR test instrument

The TeraOhm tests polarization index, dielectric discharge ratio, ultra-high insulation resistance, voltage, frequency, and capacitance measurements. It has 1,000 memory locations for storing test results and an RS232 computer interface. Its output voltage of 5,500VDC allows it to measure as much as 5 teraohms.
Adwel International
Circle 211

Cable insulation

Cable Cast FR is a flame-retardant urethane for cable that forms a tough, flexible jacket or casing that resists abrasion, tears, punctures and environmental resistance. The black, non-shrinking castable liquid has a pot life of 10 min and a demolding time of 60 min. It cures to a functional level in 16 hr at 75° and cures fully in 48 hr. Once cured, it has a tensile strength of 2,600 psi and a maximum elongation of 800%.
Circle 212

Semiconductor fuses

A15QS Amp-Trap Form 101 semiconductor fuses are designed to protect diodes, thyristors, gate turn-off thyristors, and other semiconductor devices. The fuses are rated 150VAC/DC, range from 1A to 6,000A, and have withstand ratings as high as 200kA. They also offer optional indication features for those systems requiring fuse status. They're UL recognized and comply with UL standard 98L parameters.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 213

Low-resistance ohmmeter

The DLRO600 high-current, low-resistance ohmmeter weighs less than 15kg and offers a continuously variable test current from 10ADC to 600ADC. The unit has continuous, normal, and auto operating modes, and measures resistances from 0.1 micro-ohm to 1 ohm, with a best resolution of 0.1 micro-ohm. Data is displayed on a backlit LCD and as many as 80 test results and associated notes may be stored and uploaded to a computer or printer.
Circle 214

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