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Daylighting unit An improvement to SunTrackerOne, SunTrackerTwo extends the average time electric lights can be turned off during the day from 9.2 hr to more than 10 hr, according to the company. In addition, the unit increases light levels by an average of 20% and captures enough sunlight to illuminate building interiors as far north as Canada. Other product enhancements include an additional frame

Daylighting unit

An improvement to SunTrackerOne, SunTrackerTwo extends the average time electric lights can be turned off during the day from 9.2 hr to more than 10 hr, according to the company. In addition, the unit increases light levels by an average of 20% and captures enough sunlight to illuminate building interiors as far north as Canada. Other product enhancements include an additional frame and a global positioning system (GPS) that doesn't require pre-programming tracks and locks onto the sun, allowing the system to perform effectively in northern latitudes.
Circle 250

Lighting control system

Designed for residential applications, LightSense allows users to control lights, select complete lighting scenes, and operate ceiling fans and small appliances with the touch of a button from anywhere in the house. Wall-mounted and wireless scene controllers enable users to choose from up to 15 scenes in a room or area, and up to 11 whole-house scenes. The system also allows for instant full-on and full-off control of all lights in any scene. According to the company, the product can manage lighting loads for up to 127 rooms and 1,023 devices. Additional features include power-failure memory and an occupancy emulator option that records normal lighting usage throughout the home for playback while homeowners are away.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 251

Outdoor luminaire

The Sigma outdoor luminaire features a rounded dome with detailed rim and curved supports. Designed for wall or pole mounting up to 20 ft, the luminaire is dark sky-compliant and UL-listed for wet locations. In addition, the product's hood houses a segmented aluminum reflector enclosed in a high-impact, clear-tempered glass lens. Type II, III, IV, and V-SQ light distribution patterns are available. Constructed from heavy wall corrosion-resistant cast aluminum, the fixture is offered in two sizes: 37-in. high × 23½-in. wide and 28-in. high × 18½-in. wide. It is also supplied with HID lamps from 50W to 250W. Standard colors are furnished in a textured or smooth finish and include black, white, or dark bronze.
Sun Valley Lighting
Circle 252

Commercial occupancy sensors

These ceiling and wall switch occupancy sensors feature a low-profile design. Wall switches are available in white, ivory, light almond, gray, and black. In addition, they feature color-matched sensor lenses that fit flush with the product's slim design. Available with passive infrared, ultrasonic, or dual-technology sensing, the sensors feature in-line or low-voltage with single or dual relays. Options such as manual or automatic control are also available.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 253

Landscape luminaire

The Trilux landscape lighting fixture features a modular design with three body styles and interchangeable mounting options that can be used for wall, ceiling, or landscape applications. Landscape options include ground spike, tree-mount assembly, or junction box. Depending on the body style and mounting accessory selected, the product can be used as an accent light, a pathway spot, wall wash, tree flood, or landscape floodlight. In addition, the luminaire is available in 2½-in., 3½-in., and 5½-in. diameters and a variety of lengths to accommodate lamps from miniature MR16 to large 175W PAR 38 metal-halide. The clear tempered lens enclosure is sealed with a high-temperature adhesive, and silicone O-rings provide weather resistance.
U.S. Architectural Lighting
Circle 254

Ratchet cable cutter

The RCC336 ratchet cable cutter weighs 1.21 lb and is 10.5 in. long. The product's high-strength steel blades cut up to 336 ACSR, 350kcmil bare copper, 500kcmil bare aluminum — and have a max jaw opening of 1¼ in. over isolated cable. Additional product features include a quick-release, bidirectional ratchet mechanism for positive blade control and a fast-action thumb slide collar for rapid blade advance.
Circle 255


Ideal Laseredge diagonal, long-nose, tongue & groove, cable-cutter, and multicrimp pliers now feature ergonomic, slip-resistant, color-coded handles. In addition, the handles feature a letter identification system. According to the company, the tool's laser-hardened blades, made from high-carbon, 1080 steel, last four times longer than comparable products. The company also says the plier's high-leverage handle stems provide 40% more cutting power, allowing users to cut steel and ACSR.
Ideal Industries
Circle 256

Gigabit-speed network

Designed for residential homes, the Gigabit Network System comprises commercial-grade Cat. 6 patch cords, QuickPort jacks, Cat. 6 data board and module, gigabit Ethernet switch, and gigabit router. All of the devices snap into Structured Media center enclosures, available in 14-in., 28-in., and 42-in. sizes to support any size installation.
Circle 257

Truck bed cover

The Utility Bedlocker is designed to protect utility truck beds. According to the company, the product is the only one that employs an electric motor, controlled by a switch mounted in a locking compartment. Made from black powder-coated rigid aluminum panels sealed by silicone hinges, the cover can be retracted completely or partially into a canister located at the front of the bed. When completely closed, it tucks behind the tailgate, securing stowed items.
Pace Edwards
Circle 258

LED cabinet light

The Design Pro Series of LED cabinet lights has a 40,000-hr lifespan, according to the company. Featuring a ½-in. profile, the product's interconnect wiring system allows fixtures to snap together. An optional night light accessory includes a 1W chip with an automatic start that can be installed to control an entire cabinet system or one designated area. In addition, users can choose from three different outputs: a 4W, 6-in. length fixture; an 8W, 12-in.-long fixture; or a 12W, 18-in.-long fixture. Finishes include bronze, white, and nickel.
Kichler Lighting Systems
Circle 259


The Abella digital fade dimmer allows 30 sec for users to cross a room before the lights fade to off. To activate, simply press the on/off button until the dimmer's LED flashes and then release. In addition, the LED serves as an indicator of a room's current light level. The product line also includes companion digital switches. Dimmers are available to serve incandescent/halogen and magnetic low-voltage, single-pole/multi-location controls. According to the company, up to nine companion switches can be used with one multi-location dimmer and/or up to nine companion switches with one multi-location switch.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 260

Frame-in kit

The Lytecaster product line has been expanded to include Performance IC frame-in kits that incorporate CFLs. The product line includes 11 frame-in kits with all optics optimized to a specific trim and lamp combination, offering multiple lamp options. In addition, the kits feature pivoting mounting bars to allow for installation and wiring below the ceiling line. Pre-positioned fasteners facilitate installation in wood, steel, or composite construction while integral T-bar table allow for installation in suspended grid ceilings. Available in 3¾-in., 5-in., and 6¾-in. aperture sizes, other product features include hinge locks as well as tool-free knockout panels and conduit tabs.
Circle 261

Mounting brackets

Available in single- through 4-gang and round, these nonmetallic mounting brackets are designed for low-voltage, Class 2 wiring installations in existing construction. UL- and CSA-listed, they adjust to fit ¼-in. to 1½-in.-thick wallboard, paneling, or drywall, and allow for flush seating of the wall plate to the wall surface. Other features include a thin front lip, oval holes, a recessed screw hole, and “wings” that flip up and hold the bracket secure as screws are tightened.
Arlington Industries
Circle 262

Track lighting

These halogen track lighting fixtures are constructed of die-cast aluminum and are offered in black, white, and silver finishes. Each fixture can be rotated 360° and vertically aimed up to approximately 105° to eliminate aiming dead spots. For line voltage assignments, several models are compatible with PAR20, PAR30, or PAR38 halogen lamps. For low-voltage assignments, some models are compatible with MR16 halogen lamps.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 263

LED light

The Prop Light is a pin-switch-activated LED light that mounts inside a fiberglass tonneau cover or truck cap. According to the company, the light can be used with any tonneau cover, truck cap, or toolbox equipped with type 16-2 gas springs. The product's pin switch attaches directly to the gas springs, which are wired to an LED light mounted to the roof of the truck cap, tonneau cover, or toolbox. The light automatically turns on when the lid is opened.
Circle 264

Load center

This residential generator-ready load center features two interiors. During normal operating utility conditions, both interiors are powered. During generator backup conditions, however, only the lower interior (containing critical circuits) is powered. In addition, the load center features 30 spaces that can hold 42 circuits. All 42 circuits are powered by utility power, but the generator backs up 18 spaces, which can hold 30 circuits. Once a generator is connected, the UL-listed power switch operates automatically.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 265

Prefab products

The Ruff-In prefabricated product line includes floor-mount box supports, uni-mount box supports, telescoping slider brackets, double-sided box supports, single-sided box supporting brackets, and multiple box mounting brackets. According to the company, the products arrive at the job site ready to be installed, eliminating most of the need for on-site measuring, cutting, and drilling. In addition, the products can accommodate on-site design changes.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 266

Work truck

The MetroStar walk-in work truck is available on 86.5-in.-wide and 93-in.-wide bodies. Cargo body lengths are from 10 ft to 22 ft, built on the full range of the company's gas and diesel chassis options from 9,400-lb gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) to 23,500-lb GVWR.
Workhorse Custom Chassis
Circle 267


Designed for new construction and retrofit projects, the KeypadLinc can be used as either an on/off switch or an in-wall keypad to allow remote control of Insteon-compatible lighting and appliances. As an in-wall keypad, the product can control up to eight scenes or more than 417 remote devices at the touch of a button. As an on/off switch, the product's 13A relay can control devices such as ceiling fans and fluorescent lights.
Circle 268


HighMax self-ballasted CFLs feature a 10,000-hr life and provide up 12,000 lumens, according to the company. Available in 120V, 277V, and 347V models with either an Edison or mogul base, the lamps also feature a shortened MOL to fit common fixtures. Other product features include instant-on and an operating temperature of 0°F to 100°F.
Circle 269

Steel boxes

This line of ETP brand steel outlet and switch boxes features a pre-installed ground wire. Offered in a variety of trade sizes, many of these boxes additionally feature the company's Groundskeeper raised boss inside the box to prevent contact with the mounting system.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 270

Software module

Spectrum Mobile is a new module for the company's Spectrum construction software. According to the company, the product eliminates the need to fill out paper time cards in the field and re-enter that data into a payroll system. Instead, users enter labor, materials, and other information directly into a mobile device or laptop, and the data flows to payroll for processing.
Dexter + Chaney
Circle 271

Concrete drilling/anchor kit

This 9-piece concrete drilling and anchor kit includes a masonry screw drill bit holder and Allen wrench; drill bit sleeve; 5/32-in. and 3/16-in. carbide drill bits, both featuring a flat shank; two magnetic nutsetters; and two Phillips head screws.
Circle 272


These combination-type AFCIs are equipped with LED trip indicators. The LEDs located near the handle of the circuit breaker can distinguish whether the trip was caused by arcing faults, arcing to ground, or overcurrent conditions. UL-listed, the AFCIs are available for use on 120V, single-phase, 15A and 20A branch circuits.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 276

T8 lamps

Watt Saver F25 and F28 4-ft linear T8 lamps save 7W, reduce energy costs an additional 25%, have a lifespan of 30,000 hr, and feature low mercury content. For maximum performance, use with the company's Universal Anti-Striation Instant Start ballast or with other anti-striation ballasts.
Circle 203

Cable puller

The Pipe Eel cable-pulling system uses a high-strength fiberglass rod in ⅜ in. and 7/16 in., and is available in lengths up to 500 ft in a 30-in. cage and 1,650 ft in a 40-in. cage. The fiberglass rod provides high push force stability and flexibility and features a smooth polypropylene coating. Constructed of galvanized steel tube, the product features a torsion-free design. In addition, the cage features special bearings that allow it to be moved by one person.
Circle 273

T5 linear fluorescent lamps

The F54-T5-WM-ECO Watt-Miser lamp provides a 5% energy savings over comparable T5 lamps, according to the company. In addition, the lamp produces 5,000 initial lumens while using only 51W and offers a rated life of 25,000 hr. Available in five color temperatures, the product is suitable for high-bay retrofit applications. The company also says its F54-841-WM-ECO Watt-Miser lamp delivers a lumen output that is 5% greater than standard F28WT5 lamp while operating at the same 28W and providing a 25,000-hr rated life. The product also allows use of a 2-lamp T5 replacement in place of a 3-lamp T8 system.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 205

Outdoor luminaire

The Treviso LED outdoor luminaire features large ribbed domes with top-mounted finials and three decorative supports. In addition, a coordinating socket cover and fitter attach to a choice of pole- or surface-bracket mounts. Lamp options include energy-efficient, LED light engines, providing high-lumen output with 18W of power, with a more than 50,000-hr operating life. A range of metal-halide, ceramic metal-halide, and high-pressure sodium lamping options may also be specified.
Beacon Products
Circle 274

Tap wire connectors

Buchanan brand B-TAP insulation-piercing tap wire connectors require only 2 min. to install using a standard box/socket wrench, according to the company. At 600V dual-rated, the product's hardened copper teeth cleanly piece wire insulation to bite into conductors. Grease-filled boots protect the teeth from corrosion while preventing electrical arcing. In addition, the single- and double-bolt models feature Turbo Spacers that hold the housing open during the install process.
Ideal Industries
Circle 275

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