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Power line protector The PT 250 series of AC power line protectors is UL 1449 2nd Edition listed. The protectors' 10-in. 10-in. enclosure contains 20 high-energy, thermally protected varistors. Front panel protection status LEDs and 1 Form C relay contacts display the unit's status at a glance. Available in 120VAC to 347VAC, 1-phase to 3-phase, single-phase, wye, and DCT, the product's surge event

Power line protector

The PT 250 series of AC power line protectors is UL 1449 2nd Edition listed. The protectors' 10-in. × 10-in. enclosure contains 20 high-energy, thermally protected varistors. Front panel protection status LEDs and 1 Form C relay contacts display the unit's status at a glance. Available in 120VAC to 347VAC, 1-phase to 3-phase, single-phase, wye, and DCT, the product's surge event counter shows the number of times the protector diverts a surge. In addition, an abnormal voltage monitor LED tracks voltage between neutral and ground, illuminating when abnormal voltages are detected.
MCG Surge Protection
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Green Class E-Mon D-Mon electric submeters allow users to benchmark and monitor energy usage trends and to estimate CO2 emissions. Compliant with several EPACT guidelines, the meters feature a scrolling display of kilowatt usage on an eight-digit LCD display. Additional product features include current demand load, cost per hour (based on current load), estimated CO2 emissions in pounds (based on DOE standards), estimated hourly CO2 emissions (based on current load), and optional net metering — including utility-delivered vs. user-received power and net usage.
Circle 201

Rack-mount UPS

This line of 19-in. rack-mountable uninterruptible power managers (UPMs) conditions AC power continuously due to an integrated design that incorporates a high energy surge diverter, a power line noise filter, a low-impedance isolation transformer, and a low-distortion sine wave inverter. Available in four sizes — 600VA, 800VA, 1,100VA, and 1,440VA — the UPMs are offered in two versions: a standard UPM with UL and cUL listings, and a model with UL60601 and IEC60601 listings for use in patient vicinity health care applications.
Circle 202

Emergency light

The MAKO-3 series of outdoor emergency luminaires is available in nickel, black, dark bronze, and white finishes. According to the company, it provides a minimum of 90-min illumination upon loss of AC power. Additional product features include two 6W Xenon lamps, a polycarbonate lens, a mirrored reflector, a maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery, and dual-voltage input capability of 120V or 277V. ETL-listed for wet locations, product options include: photocell-controlled LEDs in white, green, blue, or amber; self-diagnostics; a cold-weather model; and a remote version for exterior use.
Mule Lighting
Circle 203

Tool bags

The 5002 series of 16-in, 18-in. and 20-in. multi-pocket tool bags is now available in blue, orange, and yellow. Constructed of durable No. 8 canvas, the bags include a vinyl-reinforced bottom and non-scratch studs. The 16-in. bag features eight pockets, the 18-in. bag has 10 pockets, and the 20-in. bag has 14 pockets.
Klein Tools
Circle 204


These factory-sealed circuit breaker panelboards are designed for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups BCD, and Class I, Zone 1, AExde IIB areas. In addition, the panelboards are prewired and factory-sealed from the circuit breakers inside a rugged, cast aluminum, explosionproof enclosure to the main distribution block and branch terminals housed in an IP66-rated, NEMA 4X stainless steel terminal enclosure. Other product features include padlockable external operating handles, copper bus, isolated neutral and ground bar, and GFI or EPF breakers, and terminal blocks.
Circle 205

Floor boxes

Designed for use in new installations or retrofit applications, these poke-throughs feature twin doors for easy access while providing watertight protection when closed. The cover locking system allows the doors to be unlocked independently, without the need for special tools. Made of cast aluminum, the units are available in black, aluminum, gray, and brass. In addition to meeting or exceeding UL scrub water exclusion tests, they also meet the fire rating requirements for 2-hr-rated floors.
Circle 206

EMT fittings

XJG-EMT expansion fittings eliminate the need for disassembly or external bonding jumpers, according to the company. In addition, the fittings are tamperproof and safe to install. Available in 4-in. or 8-in. travel lengths in ¾-in., 1-in., 1¼-in., 1½-in., 2-in., 2½-in., 3-in., and 4-in. sizes, the body is made of ductile iron, the EMT fitting is made of steel, and the nipple is made of iron.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 207

Pin and sleeve plugs

These 100A IEC pin and sleeve plugs offer a compact design for wall, pillar, and floor box applications. The 100A 90° angle plug can be assembled to permit cable to exit in any one of four different positions, including 12, 3, 6, or 9 o'clock. Measuring 8.61 in., the plug is suitable for indoor locations where space restrictions or obstructions require the power cord to lay parallel to the wall. The 100A short housing plug is for use with convention floor box receptacles. The device's overall length is 8.3 in. vs. 12.63 in. for the company's 5-wire 100A plug.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 208

Sine wave inverters

The REX series of pure sine wave inverters offers power ratings of 1,500W or 3,000W that can be paralleled for up to a total of 45kVA. Compact and ultralight, the units can operate as either an inverter or a 4-stage adaptive battery charger. In addition, they include a UPS function as well as power control and power assist features. Additional product features include a high-speed AC transfer switch, 3-phase capability, easy-to-read diagnostic displays, programmable relays, and comprehensive protection circuitry. Inverter options include a solar charger, remote-control capability, and a battery temperature sensor.
Circle 209

Floor boxes

This expanded line of commercial-grade floor box assemblies now includes a nickel-plated, brushed-finish duplex model. The 15A, 125V device is supplied ready-to-wire with a duplex receptacle, floor plate, floor box, and necessary seals. Designed to meet UL514A 2004 revision requirements for metal floor boxes in wood floor and carpet installations, the product features an impact-resistant thermoplastic receptacle face and a 0.060-in.-thick solid brass floor plate. To prevent moisture and debris from entering the assembly, threaded nickel-plated brass screw caps fit flush to the floor plate, with seals at both the floor plate and cap.
Circle 210

Hard hats

The K2 series of hard hats features a rigid shell design. The hat's front and center surface area provides room for custom logo imprinting. Offered in quick fit or ratchet suspensions, each hat includes accessory slots, four-point chinstrap anchorage, and three-level height adjustment.
North Safety Products
Circle 211

Battery tester

The Gold-IBT is a UL-listed, pocket-sized meter that checks the performance of batteries used to power security and fire alarm systems. Designed to determine when batteries need recharging or replacing, the meter tests 12V SLA batteries from 1.2Ah to 200Ah and automatically displays the battery's ambient temperature, DC voltage, and ampere-hour capacity in 6 sec.
ACT Meters
Circle 212

Automation controller

The Modicon M340 programmable automation controller (PAC) offers real-time logic solving as well as communication, motion, and database and manipulation capabilities in multiple programming environments. With 4MB of internal memory (upgradeable to 16MB) and 256KB data, the PAC can manage applications with up to 70K instructions. In addition, the unit can accept from four to 12 modules with maximum density of 64 channels per module.
Schneider Electric
Circle 213

Safety tag printer

The Desk Test ‘n’ Tag label printing system allows users to create cable wraps and test tags that are waterproof, tamperproof, and tear resistant. The system's software enables users to incorporate all test results, equipment ID, date of test, and barcode ID on a distinctive label. In addition to being linked for automatic use with the company's SafeCheck 8 rental equipment electrical safety tester, the printer can be configured for manual operation. Each printer package includes a roll of labels, printer ribbon, and PC software disk.
Seaward Group USA
Circle 214

Digital multimeters

The 6100 and 6300 are multi-function digital multimeters (DMMs). The 6300 “five-in-one” DMM features built-in light level, sound level, relative humidity, and temperature capabilities, in addition to normal DMM functions. Both models are auto-ranging 4,000 count DMMs with 3¾ digit display. In addition to measuring AC-DC voltages from 100mV to 1,000V, AC-DC current from 400mA to 10A, and resistance from 0.1W to 40MW, both units also offer duty cycle, frequency, capacitance, diode check, and transistor test capabilities. In addition, they both include “smart jacks” that light up to indicate appropriate input.
Protek Test & Measurement
Circle 215

Motor protection relay

The Cutler-Hammer brand MP-4000 motor protection relay offers the same capabilities as the company's MP-3000 model as well as voltage inputs for voltage transformers (VTs). According to the company, the VT inputs enable additional protection functions and metering such as over/undervoltage, negative sequence voltage, power factor, and frequency.
Circle 216

Fluorescent lamps

F28T8 linear fluorescent lamps feature a 25,000-hr life and are available in four color temperature options: 3,000K, 3,500K, 4,100K, and 5,000K. TCLP-compliant, the lamps feature 83 CRI. According to the company, they use 12% less energy compared to standard F32T8 linear lamps.
Circle 217


The threadless, M12-compatible Ultra-Lock connection system is comprised of a series of integrated cordsets, distribution boxes, and receptacles built on “push-to-lock” technology that facilitates installation without turning the coupler. According to the company, this locking feature, combined with an IP69K-rated radial seal, reduces downtime related to failed sensors and other control devices subjected to severe washdown.
Woodhead Industries
Circle 218

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