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Datacom test software

The LinkWare Stats cable test analysis software option works with this manufacturer's cable test management software to turn cable test data into graphical indicators of overall performance. Project managers can use the program to verify correct completion of a cabling project, and systems manufacturers can use it to verify warranty specifications. It provides statistical analysis beyond page-per-link reports, and it summarizes the entire cabling infrastructure so users can see a complete performance view.
Fluke Networks
Circle 300

Tool tracking system

Through the use of barcodes and portable scanning devices, ToolWatch Express tracks a tool's location by jobsite or employee. The system helps to reduce theft by having employees sign tools in and out of an electronic tool crib.
Bosch Digital Power Tools
Circle 310

Graphics-based tool set

The Dashboard is a graphics-based summary reporting addition to this manufacturer's Internet-based software. It automatically gathers project and program data, presents it in summary graphics, and alerts users to potential problem areas. It can produce dozens of reports on items like costs, schedule, and other project risk indicators.
Circle 304

System manager software

The updated V3.3.2.3 version of the PowerLogic system manager software now features power quality index readings that tell users the status of the quality of their power, system-wide or on a single piece of equipment, based on historical data. The software reports alarm summary readings, alarm trend readings, interval energy readings, and monthly and yearly summaries of overall power quality for multiple meters.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 301

Tablet PC

Designed for workers in the field, the Stylistic ST5000 tablet PC features a 10.4-in. indoor/outdoor display that uses reflective light technology. Users can view text and graphics in a variety of lighting environments, including under direct sunlight, where the display gets brighter as opposed to typical computer screens that appear darker. The tablet PC is powered by a low-voltage Intel Pentium M processor that operates at 1.0 GHz.
Fujitsu Computer Systems
Circle 307

Scheduling software

Created with designers and engineers in mind, the ESCHED and MSCHED software creates industry standard schedules and allows users to input data and coordinate equipment. Both programs can automatically check and incorporate modifications to equipment into the schedules, and users can connect motors, equipment, and circuits to panelboards, switchboards, and transformers. ESCHED can also track all motor, connected, demand, continuous, and noncontinuous loads in an electrical system and indicate connections between equipment in the feeder schedule.
AcadAME Software
Circle 303

Motor selection software

Now available in CD format, the RPM AC Motor Wizard software program helps users select inverter duty motors from 2 hp to 1,000 hp. The program includes a duty cycle calculator that allows users to input values of load torque versus time, and the program will compute rms horsepower and rms torque values. With a minimum amount of data, the program can calculate the motor frame size, amp rating, and inverter kVA required. Users can display and print typical performance data and motor dimensions in NEMA and IEC formats.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 306

Project planning system

The eTaskMaker project planning system generates tasks, durations, resources, and PDM scheduling logic that can be exported to project management systems like Microsoft Excel. The system now also has an export integration feature that allows users to generate customized project plans and export the results into an Immpower SP schedule.
InterPlan Systems
Circle 302

Management software

WorkTrack software uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to give companies a real-time centralized view of mobile workforces. Through the use of a GPS-enabled mobile phone, workers out in the field use one-button commands to report job start, break, and finish times. A dashboard view option centralizes employee and job information, and a work track report engine allows managers to generate time, job, and location reports to automate billing and payroll functions.
Circle 309

PDA estimating software

The Pocket Bid estimating software for PDAs allows users to perform a complete estimate, generate a bill of materials, and produce a final price on the jobsite. The program will run on any PDA that uses Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system or the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. It features full extension, bid summary, and customizable screens. The program can support multiple databases and projects at the same time, and it can update from the PDA to the desktop and back.
Circle 305

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