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Modular wiring system Softwire is a modular wiring system for lighting that offers a simple, fast, and inexpensive alternative to hardwiring. The ergonomic plug-in design and color-coded components provide the flexibility of complete modularity. The system is designed for fluorescent and recessed lighting in commercial and industrial buildings.AFC Cable SystemsCircle 302 Electronic ballasts SmartMate

Modular wiring system

Softwire is a modular wiring system for lighting that offers a simple, fast, and inexpensive alternative to hardwiring. The ergonomic plug-in design and color-coded components provide the flexibility of complete modularity. The system is designed for fluorescent and recessed lighting in commercial and industrial buildings.
AFC Cable Systems
Circle 302

Electronic ballasts

SmartMate Electronic Ballasts include four models that cover 15 major CFL 13W to 42W applications. Each model features color-coded, dual-entry connectors that permit push-in lead connection to the ballast's side or bottom. The multiple-voltage feature permits ballast operation on 120V or 277V systems.
Advance Transformer
Circle 303

Lighting fixtures

The Minima MH fixtures are track-mounted accent lights and wallwashers designed for use with metal-halide PAR-30 and PAR-38 lamps. Developed for energy economy and optical precision, the fixtures use 39W, 70W, and 100W metal-halide lamps.
Edison Price Lighting
Circle 300

Incandescent fixtures

The WFA incandescent fixtures are 120V-rated and can light construction sites, tunnels, bridges, and subways. They are UL-listed and weatherproof. They provide energy-efficient, bright lighting in areas where moisture, dirt, or corrosion is a problem. The heat-resistant glass globe extends fixture life.
Circle 301

Lighting power unit

The Pro Power Supply is a power unit for low-voltage lighting systems. It is available in load capacities up to 1000VA at 12V and 2000VA at 24V. The unit offers control features that include CVR, IDF, EVD, LND, PPS, and CLT control circuitry.
Adaptations Co.
Circle 305

Metal halide lamps

The MasterColor line of metal-halide lamps range from 150W to 400W. Additions to the line have a sustained color rendering index of 92 and are available in 3000K and 4000K color temperature. The higher wattage bulbs enhance colors and textures of products in retail displays, while accentuating natural skin tones.
Philips Lighting
Circle 314

Lighting-control software

WinControl is a lighting-control software that offers comprehensive administration and programming tools. Designed to accompany the company's Complete Control panel systems, it documents, programs, and controls lighting-control systems with a user-friendly format.
The Watt Stopper
Circle 318

Timeclock and contactor

The LiteKeeper 4 comes with four switch inputs and four standard relays, all fully assembled on a single panel within a dual-door NEMA 1 enclosure. The panel features on-board keypad programming, high- and low-voltage wiring compartments, and your choice of either 277V or 120V transformer.
PCI Lighting Control Systems
Circle 315

Molded string lights

The Construct-O-Lite temporary string lights are NEC- and OSHA-compliant. They provide illumination for construction and renovation work areas. The jacketed cable eliminates open conductors that can be easily cut by metal studs, thereby posing an extreme safety hazard. The lights are UL-listed.
Ericson Manufacturing
Circle 311

Lighting panel

The LP-3500 lighting panel features a small footprint, direct manual override of each relay, with or without power, relay layout numbering in each panel that matches the numbering of each circuit breaker panel, and flush or surface mounting.
Circle 312


The DuraLouver Parabolic (P4D) is designed using T8 technology for optimum performance. It is available with full air handling capabilities. The parabolic is manufactured with a special hardening process that produces a material with high tensile and yield strength. It also has a matte anodized finish that conceals dust and fingerprints.
Columbia Lighting
Circle 316

Lighting control switches

The advanced lighting control switches enhance lighting control by providing low-cost reliability. They offer architectural-quality lighting control with direct level control, scene controls, programmable fade rates, and lighting based on motion or activity, schedules, or sunrise and sunset.
Home Automation
Circle 308

Lighting control

With the GRAFIK Eye multiscene preset lighting controls, you can change the lighting in any room. Using a wall-mounted control or an infrared, wireless remote control, you can transform a room into preprogrammed lighting scenes — or adjust the lighting in a new way.
Circle 306


Vector luminaires provide optimum visibility to improve highway safety while reducing fixture numbers by as much as 30%. The fixtures supply high levels of vertical illumination, and may also be used in areas with critical security requirements.
Circle 309

Occupancy sensors

The H-MOSS ATP1277 sensor features a time delay that automatically adjusts itself based on the activity level of an area's occupant. The H-MOSS WS1277 sensor includes all of the ATP1277's features except the adaptive timing feature.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Circle 307


The EZ Bay series affords functional optics and durable construction for economical indoor applications. Six optical choices are available. The series is ideal for industrial, commercial, and public buildings that require medium distributions from mounting heights of 12 in. to 35 in.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 313

Recessed downlight

The PRO-OPTIC Firebox is a recessed downlight for fire-rated applications. With a photometrically contoured reflector and flame-tight technology, it's ideal for commercial facilities where a residential atmosphere is desired, high levels of light are required, and ceiling spaces demand fire-rated ceiling assemblies.
Progress Lighting
Circle 317

Halogen lighting fixtures

Industrial Task Lighting from Ajusco improves productivity and safety for machine tool operators. The Cool-Touch lighting head provides focused, abundant white light in any work environment. Various lengths of adjustable, high-tension goosenecks and mounts direct the light.
Adjustable Fixture Co.
Circle 304

Linear fluorescent lamp

The T5 Starcoat linear fluorescent lamp is a high-output, energy-efficient product designed with six Sigma programs. It provides optical control in fixtures and offers up to 20,000 hr of life. It offers increased lighting flexibility, especially in tight spaces and low-profile applications.
GE Lighting
Circle 310

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