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Red•Dot® Code Keeper® Extra-Duty Non-Metallic Weatherproof While-In-Use Covers

Red•Dot® Code Keeper® Extra-Duty Non-Metallic Weatherproof While-In-Use Covers

Red Dot Code Keeper  Extra-Duty Non-Metallic Weatherproof While-in-Use Covers make it easier than ever to comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for receptacles in wet locations. Weatherproof covers are often subject to bumps and impact through everyday use, but this reinforced design withstands abuse, featuring a stainless steel hinge pin for rugged cover attachment that’s great for high-traffic areas.

Preconfigured for GFCI, each cover ships with adapter plates to accommodate single or duplex receptacles and switches. Now, contractors can handle any application they encounter without needing dozens of different covers.

  • Complies with NEC Section 406.9 (B) (1) and 590.4 (D) (2) for Extra-Duty outlet box hoods — now required in any installation other than one- or two-family dwellings
  • Robust stainless steel hinge pin — ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Available in single and two-gang configurations with a variety of cover depths
  • Accommodates numerous receptacle configurations and almost every common plug and cord size
  • Keyhole mounts make it fast and easy to install — just loosen existing device screws and slide cover over
  • Combination box or device mounting design provides flexibility in installation
  • Lockable covers comply with OSHA lockout/tagout (LOTO) requirements
  • Complies with NEC Section 406.9 (B) (1) for unattended in-use plugs in wet locations
  • Ships with adapter plates and pre-mounted gaskets
  • Unique, included wasp guard keeps out unwanted pests
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