Safety, April 26, 2011

Before working in any confined space

Before working in any confined space:

  • Review the confined entry procedures for that particular space. If a copy isn't posted near the entrance, notify your supervisor.
  • Ensure a qualified attendant will be present the entire time you occupy the confined space. The attendant is qualified only if he/she understands the relevant extraction and rescue procedures and has the required equipment at the location.
  • The confined entry procedure may call for specific tests pertaining to variables such as gases or temperature. Don't assume the tests have been done. Instead, check the written log to see who did them and when. If the tests aren't current, notify your supervisor, and don't enter the confined space. A test is current only if done for your crew on your shift.
  • Inspect your breathing and extraction PPE.

If anything isn't right, stop work and immediately inform your supervisor about the problems you encountered. Entering the confined space before all problems are solved could prove fatal.

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