Safety, May 24, 2011

A little reading can help you stay safe

A little reading can help you stay safe. For example:

  1. Safety signs give you safety information about a specific location, such as "Splash goggles required." When entering an area, stop and look for safety signs. Don't disregard a new sign; it's probably there because conditions have changed.
  2. A container label gives you safety information about the specific product in the container. This information may have changed since you last used this product, so read the label each time. If a coworker must be evacuated due to injury from this chemical, ask the EMTs if they want the container.
  3. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) also provides safety information about a specific product. But this sheet comes with a shipment rather than being affixed to a container. Someone, such as your storeroom administrator, has this on file. Be sure to read it before obtaining a given chemical. As with labels, this information is subject to change.
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