South Dakota First State to Adopt ConsensusDOCS for Public Construction

South Dakota is first state to adopt HB 1212, authorizing the use of standard ConsensusDOCS contract document templates for public projects

After Gov. Mike Rounds (R) signed legislation authorizing the use of standard contracting documents, it may cost less to get publicly funded construction projects started in South Dakota. The first state to authorize the use of standard ConsensusDOCS contract document templates for public projects, South Dakota's new law (HB 1212), which passed both chambers of the state legislature unanimously, establishes the terms and conditions in ConsensusDOCS as a pre-approved option for use on government-funded construction projects in the state.

“Adopting these documents will make it easier, faster, and cheaper to turn good project ideas into actual construction successes,” says Larry P. Zikmund, president and CEO of the South Dakota Building Chapter of the Associated General Contractors. “South Dakota is showing the nation that there is a better, more efficient way to handle contracts.”

A library of already-drafted contract documents that are available for use in setting terms between an owner of a project and their contractors, ConsensusDOCS was created by a coalition of more than 20 construction organizations, including the Associated General Contractors of America, the Construction Owners Association of America, and the Construction Owners Roundtable.

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