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Specialty equipment and engineering software

When selecting a protective device for a new installation, be it a fuse, circuit breaker, or protective relay, it's good practice to become familiar with one or more of the many manufacturer's guides. These not only give specific product information, they provide in-depth information on the engineering discipline known as circuit coordination. When installing a protective device, you are not only

When selecting a protective device for a new installation, be it a fuse, circuit breaker, or protective relay, it's good practice to become familiar with one or more of the many manufacturer's guides. These not only give specific product information, they provide in-depth information on the engineering discipline known as circuit coordination. When installing a protective device, you are not only protecting the specific device and circuit, you're also protecting the upstream devices and loads. Several companies make software packages that take the pain out of doing short-circuit analysis, coordination, application, and specification - all important aspects of providing proper protection to any power distribution system.

Selecting replacement fuses is easy now with Windows-based cross reference software and computerized catalogs. No longer do you have to flip through pages of charts. With a few keystrokes, the information you need will appear on screen. You can order periodic updates and stay on top of the latest developments in the fuse industry.

A fire-rated ceiling panel will not chip, crack, break, or flake. It's constructed of a nonfibrous, nonporous acrylic PVC alloy that can be repeatedly washed with no damage or staining.

A new truck-mounted toolbox incorporates a host of features to benefit the end-user. A solid steel latch striker improves the box's security, as does its 14 gauge steel construction. Gas springs help the lid move smoothly and easily. The hidden stainless steel cover hinges won't be separated by a thief with a chisel. Internal channel ribs of both sides and bottom give the box strength and durability. Its smooth, durable powder coat finish keeps it looking sharp, which is important for anything mounted on a truck that bears your company logo. The automotive style locks with wide-grip handles make this good-looking box easy to lock and unlock. Inside is a removable tray for small items. Everything in the box enjoys the protection of neoprene weather stripping. Truck boxes with these features are available in several configurations: dual-lid crossbody, single-lid crossbody, side-mount, topside, and utility chest.

A prejacketed pipe insulation will reduce heater cycling. The one-piece system cuts normal labor time in half.

A locking caster has tires available in non-marking gray rubber, super-soft rubber, conductive rubber, nylon, and polyurethane. The caster is perfect for maintenance carts that carry delicate diagnostic equipment, as well as other uses.

Category Seventeen


These items have appeared over the past year in EC&M's Product News section and received the highest reader response in their category.

Overcurrent protection software

The V-Pro overcurrent protection software program has been rewritten. It is now Windows-based, device driven, with a more comprehensive database, making coordination easier, faster, and more accurate. It produces crisp graphics and provides instant feedback for quick decision-making. It also is designed to accommodate both U.S. and international standards. The new program provides a cost-effective, highly graphics-oriented tool for coordinating overcurrent devices in commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

Cooper Power Systems

Computer-aided engineering software

A new object-oriented computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool for faster, easier, and higher quality control system design is available. Based on object-oriented database technology, the software is highly open and flexible, providing powerful integration between the control system schematic and extensive documentation capabilities. Carries out tasks including bills of materials, wire lists, terminal plans, and panel layouts.

EPLAN/Wiechers & Partner

Electronic catalog

The Trak electronic catalog contains thousands of actual manufacturer's catalog pages, providing the most comprehensive information available in the industry. The service is updated regularly to give users current, easy-to-locate information.

Trade Service

Control panel heaters

The PX an PXT control panel heaters are designed to maintain suitable temperature inside a control enclosure, pumphouse, or similar space. The CSA- and NRTL/C-approved products are available in five wattages from 100W through 400W, with or without a built-in thermostat. The heavy-duty, industrial-grade heaters are made with a large surface area aluminum convector, designed to lower operating temperatures, and feature long life and good heat transfer without fans. They are ideal for outdoor unsupervised installations.


Design reference resource

The Electrical Designer's Reference system includes 33 sections, all key electrical topics, such as current protection, grounding, wire and cable, race-ways, lighting, generators, fire protection, power quality, etc., plus checklists, standards, specifications, plan notes, abbreviations, and a design information resource guide to the electrical industry. It includes Excel spreadsheet software for calculations and multicolored Mylar tabs. A subscription update program is also included.

John Cool & Associates

Control system software

The ABECOS Engineering System, a comprehensive software system for electrical control panel design, provides product selection, engineering, and graphic layout for control panels. Time-saving features include heat/cool requirements for panel enclosure, main/branch short-circuit protection, and labor cost estimates. The Engineering System can interface with CAD systems by transfering panel layouts to DXF and IGES formats.

Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation

Category Seventeen


Fire stop

This fire stop blocks smoke, flame, and water from passing through electrical, plumbing, and other penetrations in floors and walls. The Firecode compound is easily mixed with water and applied around the penetrant. Therma fiber Safing Insulation, a forming material, is fit snugly into the space around the penetrant prior to application.

United States Gypsum

Terminal boxes

These 48 preconfigured enclosures are suitable for hazardous locations with DIN rail mounted terminals factory installed. One must know the quantities of terminals required and wire size of the conductors to order a TECHNeTERM enclosure. The 8146/1 series is intended for use on circuits designed for power and motor control applications while the 8146/2 series is for intrinsically safe circuits.

Killark Electric Mfg./Hubbell

Hostile location enclosures

The EXB series of electrical enclosures is available in 35 sizes, ranging from 6x6x4 to 24x36x10 in. The wider selection makes for a more precise match to user requirements. The series is typically used as junction boxes for splicing taps and termination of conductors and as enclosures to house control stations, instruments, and electrical control equipment.

Killark Electric Mfg./Hubbell


These pole-mounted units are available from 2.4kV through 34.5kV, accommodating ratings to 4800 kvar. Lightweight and sturdy construction allows for 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-capacitor arrangements. Capacitors utilize an all-firm dielectric type design with a non-PCB fluid. Units are offered in fixed and switched schemes, with oil or vacuum switches.

ASC Industries

Window enclosures

These custom enclosures are made to order in sizes ranging from 8 in. W x 8 in. L x 4 in. D to 24 in. W x 36 in. L x 8 in. D, with window sizes ranging from 3 x 3 in. to 13 x 13 in. The wide rectangular viewing window makes them ideal for digital readouts or other visual displays in hazardous environments. This explosionproof custom window enclosure is approved for use in Class I, Div. I, Groups B, C, and D; Class II, Div. I, Groups E, F, and G applications.


Hanger for box installations

The hanger features a screwless, twist-and-lock design to speed installation of electrical boxes between tee bars and eliminates the need for tools. This 512HD fastener combines a spring steel clip with a 24-in. slotted galvanized bar to enable infinite and multiple box positioning within the span of support. Construction keeps installation centered and prevents rocking on tees. The box mounting snap clip grips the support bar for a positive lock installation.

Erico Fastening Products

DIN rail adapter

The DRA-1 DIN rail adapter is designed for quick attachment and detachment, for single or multiple applications of surface-mount devices, onto a standard 35mm DIN rail. There are four No. 3-32 mounting holes. Product is constructed with two high-tension extension springs.

Time Mark

Harmonic/PF correction

The VAR + Filter filters harmonics while maintaining a desired power factor. Voltage and kvar ranges are 208 to 5000V, and 50 to 3000 kvars. A fully programmable microprocessor controller continuously monitors reactive current, active current, apparent current, and harmonics. Digital readout displays various parameters including actual PF, number of capacitors energized, system kvar, type of harmonics present, etc.

VAR + Controls

Feeder load calculation software

This software calculates the loads for feeder and subfeeder, sizes the conductor and the conduit sizes for variety of building occupancy categories, including buildings with mixed occupancy categories. Calculations are done per 1996 NEC and include optional calculations as allowed by the Code. The program prints to a printer and/or to a disk file in ASCII format. The disk file can be retrieved by CAD software and placed on drawings or word processing software.

Orloff Computer Services

Electronic software

CyberCircuit is a Windows program that contains hundreds of circuits along with formulas, IC dimensions, interface pinouts, dB tables, and DTMF frequencies. Also has thermal information, graphs, charts, etc. Circuits include power supplies, amplifiers, filters, timers, oscillators, and more.


Power pole

The EZ-POLE is a 2-channel power pole that is UL-listed and approved for air handling plenums. The product is provided with two prewired 120V 15 or 20A grounded duplex receptacles. Other receptacle types are available. The communication channel provides capacity for up to 12 25-pair telephone cables or up to 18 coaxial data cables.

Dual-Lite/Wiring Products Div.

Job and tool tracking software

The JobCenter program creates, records, and tracks correspondence on any job. With direct linkage to Microsoft Word, the software produces professional documents and maintains consistency throughout your business. Tool-Manager tracks tools and equipment by job location, storage location, and employee. With barcode compatibility, the program will dramatically reduce tool equipment expense.

Quick Pen International

Bird diverter

The SPIKES Needle Strips block birds from landing on concerned locations. These all-plastic barrier strips protect upward and outward at varying angles to both sides of a base strip. "Branches" protrude from vertical spiked shafts to offer full, dense coverage. Birds avoid surfaces treated with SPIKES. However, they are not lethal, just extremely uncomfortable.


Circuit breaker enclosure

The B7C Series of enclosures for motor control and circuit protection in hazardous, hostile, and corrosive environments features a universal mounting pan for Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse, General Electric, ITE-Siemens, and Square D circuit breakers, spring-loaded breaker handles, more wiring room, and quick release cover bolts.

Killark Electric Mfg./Hubbell

RHS tank heater

The RHS tank heater provides constant heat output from 150W to 1400W for freeze prevention and temperature maintenance in aboveground industrial tanks. The heating pad assembly is designed to be installed by just one person, lowering costs. The heater is approved by FM and CSA for use in hazardous areas.


SCADA automation software system

The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Automation Software System is designed to give operators complete interactive monitoring and control of the company-supplied power control systems. SCADA permits accurate systems monitoring, supervisory control, alarming and alarm management, real-time and historical trending, distributed networking, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) connectivity, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. The system screens are designed for each customer operation to provide realistic and accurate real-time display of the power control system.


Bidding software

Powerbid, an affordable software program, is designed specifically for smaller residential and commercial projects. It includes an easy-to-use unit pricing feature, data base of 17,000 items priced and labored, and 2000 prebuilt modifiable assemblies. Also available is ChangeOrder for Windows, a standalone program that is used on the job site to expedite the process and minimize errors. In addition, the unit displays pending, approved, or rejected status of each change order.

Accubid Systems

Estimating software

This new line of Windows-based Estimating Software programs includes Win 1000, Win 3000, Win 6000, and Win 8000. Other products available include DOS-based estimating programs PC Scale, T Bill, ESI 3000, ESI 6000, and ESI 8000.

McCormick Systems

Power factor software

The new software program calculates the 3-phase power factor capacitors necessary to correct an existing power factor to any new power factor. The program has the capability to handle a single motor up to an entire plant. Will calculate the new line current, new phase angle, and feeder capacity freed-up by the installation of the capacitors. The software is available on 5 1/4 or 3 1/2 disks. Printouts are produced by the program.

Frederick J. Seufert & Associates

Quick connect heating cable components

The New RayClic quick connect splices, tees, and terminations are developed to work with heating cable for roof and gutter deicing, pipe freeze protection, and hot water temperature maintenance. A splice, tee, or termination installation, which once consumed 30 to 45 min, now can be done in one-fourth the time. The components are UL-listed and CSA-certified for use with HWAT-PIus cable for temperature maintenance on hot water pipes, XL-Trace cable for pipe freeze protection, and IceStop cable for roof and gutter deicing.


Cable tray software

The Tray-Pro cable tray application software makes electronic cable tray design user-friendly and efficient. Available in AutoCAD Release 12 format in both DOS and Windows versions, the software can produce single-line, 2D, and 3D drawings. Features automatic bill of material generation with multiple database file merging, full editing and anytime revision capabilities, and automatic selection of the most economical tray system.

Thomas & Betts

Online construction data

The Dodge Market Leader software, a companion integrated product for DataLine service, organizes and customizes downloaded information, such as specific construction project data for negotiated and competitively bid jobs. Allows user to integrate provided information with existing databases.

F. W. Dodge/McGraw-Hill

Electronic Dodge reports

The Dodge Lead Time, an electronic version of the daily Dodge reports, provides advanced information on building projects as material is transmitted directly to a user's personal computer. Based on Microsoft Windows environment with easy-to-use, quick-to-access electronic format. The program has word and phase search capability.

F. W. Dodge/McGraw-Hill

Accounting software

Sirius Gt Accounting is a modular accounting package for Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT. This accounting solution is comprised of 18 separate applications, allowing for flexibility and expansion to meet future needs. There are modules such as Service and Rental Manager, Time & Material Billing, Job Cost, Estimating, and all general accounting applications to keep control of finances.

Sirius Software

Electrical software

This software, for IBM PC and compatibles, MS Windows, allows modeling of standard vis-a-vis premium and high-efficiency 3-phase induction motor and calculates energy savings in kW and in percent (%), dollar savings on energy, and payback period for the new motor. Pull-down libraries include standard, high and premium efficiency motors, and standard capacitor sizes (for PF correction) with voltage ratings of 480V to 12,470 V. European motor rating in kW is included. Handles 50 or 60 Hz.

Orloff Computer Services

Protective coordination software

Captor for Windows (IBM or compatibles) integrates protective device coordination with a graphical interface and power system analysis. Drag-and-drop protective devices, from the one-line diagram to the coordination drawing, graphically adjust device settings on-screen. Includes an expandable library of protective device characteristics, automated one-line diagram generation.

SKM Systems Analysis

Software for ladder diagrams

The Constructor software allows you to design, draw, edit, test, teach, and print electrical ladder diagrams quickly and efficiently. Faster and easier than most CAD programs, the Constructor also allows you to test the circuit on your computer before it is wired. Free demo is available.

CMH Software

Air conditioner

Designed for narrower electrical/electronic enclosures and cabinets, the ProAir CR23 air conditioner measures only 10 in. wide. It offers CRC-free refrigerant, maintenance-free features, and advanced temperature regulation in the optional Smart Control. The condenser coil is at the bottom for easy cleaning, and filterless operation is possible in most applications. Has a rating of 1600 BTU/hr at 131 [degrees] F and is available in 115V or 230V, 50/60 Hz.

McLean Midwest

Product/pricing software

The Relay software is a list and materials module that enables easy import of pricing and product information from TRA-SER for Windows. With Relay, the user can create price quotations, material lists for invoices and RFQs, purchase orders, and credit memos.

Trade Service

Outdoor electrical bushings

These outdoor bushings for 25kV and 38kV are now available. The advantages of this new design are the elimination of oil and the short lead times for both standard and special designs. These "dry" bushings incorporate resin impregnated, capacitively graded insulation overcast with POLYKERAM sheds.

Piedmont Dielectrics

Cable tray software

The new TrayCAD 3.0 simplifies cable tray layout and design by allowing the user to draw centerlines in seconds, switch from 2-D to 3-D with one keystroke, and customize specs and costing. Product covers manufacturer's line of cable tray types, including Cent-R-Rail and is available without charge. Works with AutoCAD Revision 12 or 13 for all Windows applications.

B-Line Systems


This shelter line uses prepainted G90 galvanized steel exterior over an aluminized steel structure. Product is for switchgear, power generation, and other equipment.

Pritchard Brown Div./Enviro Industries

Downtime solution software

An enhanced interactive graphical program for analyzing electrical power systems, the EasyPower Version 2.3, includes the ability to verify equipment data input directly on a dynamic one-line. Features load factor changes that enable "what if" diagnostic scenarios, and import and export load and generation data that helps make future planning less complicated.

Electrical Systems Analysis

Nonmetallic enclosures

The CVJ "Tough Box" series provides FRP protection for electrical controls in harsh environments. The boxes come in seven standard sizes, from 6 x 6 x 5-in. to 16 x 9-in., with custom options available. Some versions feature stainless steel or nonmetallic hinges.

Vynckier Enclosure Systems

Flashings for electrical masts

These roof flashings, in neoprene and galvanized versions, are for electrical service masts. The neoprene version is used with copper, cast iron, galvanized, or plastic pipe applications. Both styles range in size from 1 1/4 in. up to 4-in.

Bridgeport Fittings

Electric mat heaters

These mat heaters are for product blending transportation and storage in refining, chemical, and food processing. Mats are tailored to conform to any size/shape. With MI cables on SS wire cloth, the mats are maintenance free.


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