Wire management

New materials, configurations, and features are greatly expanding the use of traditional wire management systems and their components.Communications interfaces are keeping pace with growing premises wiring and wiring management systems. New fittings for fiberoptic and Category 5 cabling in raceway systems allow cables to be routed around corners, elbows, and tee fittings while controlling cable bending

New materials, configurations, and features are greatly expanding the use of traditional wire management systems and their components.

Communications interfaces are keeping pace with growing premises wiring and wiring management systems. New fittings for fiberoptic and Category 5 cabling in raceway systems allow cables to be routed around corners, elbows, and tee fittings while controlling cable bending in excess of 1.25 in., in accordance with the Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces, EIA/TIA-569. Bend radius fittings also allow the cable to be laid in the raceway without being subjected to pulling tension or stress. Easily interchangeable inserts and a common interface simplify original installation and later alteration of low-voltage twisted pair, coaxial, and fiberoptic cables. Modular raceways fill out the picture, by allowing expansion and adaptivity. One raceway, for example, allows the addition of snapped-in fittings, compartments, and covers. A modular power pole allows you to create exactly the pole you need. Also, you can buy a modular underfloor duct system, modular cable tray, and other modular wire support and wire management systems.

A new data cable support rack is made of aluminum that maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio, provides finish durability, and offers excellent grounding capabilities. Aluminum is easy to modify in the field and provides excellent manufacturing opportunities. Center rail-configured trays provide maximum freedom for cable installations and require only one splice. The splice, which inserts into the center rail, requires only two bolts to secure it. It's self-aligning, covers the center rail ends for cable protection, and utilizes the hardware vertically so the bolt threads are not in the cable fill areas. Pre-threaded holes in the splice unit eliminate nuts, which the installer invariably drops at the worst possible time. All fasteners use the same wrench, instead of 18 different sizes. The system is an excellent choice for congested applications, such as above a ceiling.

There's a new PVC-coated intermediate grade conduit. PVC and enamels form the coating instead of zinc. The advantages depend on the particular installation.

Specialized fixture mounting kits save time and money. There are kits for many different applications. For example, a new lighting fixture installation kit comes with a fiberglass reinforced nonmetallic four-in. box (approved for 15-lb fixtures) rated for a two-hour wall and ceiling fire mark, an installation block, and a "pop-in" non-metallic sheathed cable clamp.

The upper limit on ceiling fan boxes has been pushed higher with the introduction of a new box. Made of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, the box is so strong and rigid, it's rated for fan weight up to 35 lbs. (a fixture weight up to 50 lbs.) and has a two-hour wall/ceiling fire rating. Each box comes individually packaged with instructions and required hardware. You can order the boxes with factory-installed K clamps at no additional cost.

A new corrosion-resistant fiberglass cable tray is available in either polyester or vinyl ester construction. All components incorporate UV inhibitors and a surfacing veil to resist corrosive elements. Paper mills, refineries, and laboratories are some applications that benefit from this technology.

Category Five


These items have appeared over the past year in EC&M's Product News section and received the highest reader response in their category.

Electric wire covers

These three plastic wire cover systems - Flexin, Cable Tuck, and Hideacord - are designed for home or office use. All are self-sticking and allow for simple insertion and removal of electrical cords. Designed to cover, support, and decorate, the wire covers are available with snap-on accessories including elbows, couplings, and cable spacers. They are offered in three widths and several colors/finishes.

American Modern Home Accessories

Nonmetallic junction box

This nonmetallic union box is available in two basic types, "phenolic," or hard box, and thermoplastic soft-style. Products have one of the strongest methods of nail lug attachment in the industry. Both types of boxes feature molded threads inside mounting holes to provide a high torque and prevent the screw hole from striping. The phenolic boxes also feature a plaster seal that prevents debris from entering the receptacle holes during installation.

Thomas & Betts

Outlet box

The AD-232-W is a 34-ca-in. double gang electrical outlet box that also has a provision for range wire. The unit has a two-hr fire rating for both walls and ceilings and is UL-listed. The easy clip-on feature saves installation time for all applications and ensures a square and secure mount.

VECO Products

Four-gang plastic boxes

This new line of 4-gang plastic boxes has contractor friendly features. At 68 cu in., the internal capacity is large, allowing easy accommodation of more wires and shortening installation time. The patented molded in Auto Clamp feature ensures a reliable method to clamp wires into the box. These boxes also feature the Quick/Click spring steel insert, which allows quick device mounting.

Pass & Seymour/Legrand

All-in-one connector

This all-in-one grounding connector is for use with flexible metal conduit. Design combines a grounding device with the conduit fitting, eliminating need for extra, bulky grounding clamps. Available in 1/2-in. trade size with either a straight or angled body. UL-listed.

Global Direct Sales Solution

Cable tray system

Now offered is the SpecMate Cable Tray System, a flexible wire management solution for lay-in cable installation that saves users time and money compared with conventional wiring with conduit. The system is available with solid or ventilated bases and covers in a wide range of sizes and finishes to accommodate specific application requirements. Designed for use in suspended ceilings, open space or raised floor applications to distribute power and low-voltage wiring to points of use.

The Wiremold Co.

Category Five


Conduit hanger

The CD series of conduit hangers is redesigned for more efficient installations. The hangers now feature a built-in nut for most common conduit sizes. A retained bolt eliminates the need to disassemble components before installation. Available for 1/2 in. to 2 in. EMT and rigid conduit.


Raceway systems

The ELITE raceway systems have smooth, rounded edges/corners. The PVC line is quickly accessible when upgrades in telecommunications or power wiring are needed. Configurations are adaptable to a wide range of high- and low-voltage wiring applications.


Poke-through devices

The FIT Series of 2-in. fire-rated, poke-through devices is UL-classified for 4-hr fire-rated floors. UL-listed for seven No. 12 THHN wires and 100 No. 22 conductors. This broad spectrum of coverage is delivered via a single- or two-gang plate. Product line offers "mix and match" options that range from four duplex power to eight low tension with a myriad of power, data, and communications combinations in between.

The Wiremold Co.

Pull elbows

These pull elbows, sizes 1/2-in. to 1 1/4-in., come with gaskets for rigid-to-box, rigid-to-rigid, EMT-to-EMT, EMT-to-Box. Without gaskets, they are for EMT-to-Box, EMT to EMT. Die-cast from high-strength zinc alloy. UL-listed, the Rigid- and EMT-to-Box are assembled with locknut.

Regal Mfg.

Wire management system

The Media Trak nonmetallic raceway system can accommodate today's voice and data needs. Available in 7-ft length for vertical drop applications, a feature that reduces installation time and saves money by eliminating the need to join two lengths to cover distances from ceiling to housing. There are five variations offering a choice of alternatives, depending on the user's applications. Include a complete selection of boxes, fittings, and plates.

Hubbell Premise Wiring/Hubbell

High-temperature duct

Wiring duct from Noryl offers low toxicity and is free from chlorine. Limits smoke and toxins emitted in case of fire. The duct has an high temperature rating of -40 [degrees] C to 125 [degrees] C and is available in five sizes, from 1 x 1 in. to 3 x 3 in. The duct has dielectric constant of 2.7, and its dielectric strength is 20. Surface resistance is 10.15.


Box hanger system

The 512HD quick-connect T-Grid box hanger system includes break-off tabs and extension brackets. Tabs allow a 1 1/2-in. box to fit flush with ceiling tile. Accommodates 2 1/8-in. box with tabs left intact.

Erico/Fastening Products

Electrical boxes

Electrical boxes are made with fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin. Units are nonconductive, have high resistance to heat and cold, and do not melt or warp in high temperatures or become brittle in cold.

Allied Moulded Products

Cable tray system

Cable tray systems are available in aluminum, pregalvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, Type 304 stainless steel, and Type 316 stainless steel. Ladder-type trays feature rung design with cable tie slots and a continuous slot opening reversed every other run for accessories.

Thomas & Betts

Cable management system

The new Cable Management Panels can be mounted on a standard 19-in. EIA rack to sort entangled cables and patch cords for neat, well managed wire closet look. They are made of cold-rolled metal with black enamel paint and come in six different configurations.

International Connectors and Cable

Enclosure connector

Just developed is the E-Z Install Chase Hub. The Catalog Series STCH eliminates unnecessary and cumbersome use of Flex U-Bends. Available with two O-rings, and the nut portion features a ground tab for easy grounding.

Myers Electric Products

Knockout connectors

New 3-wire knockout connector can be installed by hand. The 1202 Hit-Lock connector for Romex wire uses no screws or locknuts. Accepts service entrance cable sizes 14-3 up to 6-3. UL-listed and CSA-approved.


Cable raceway system

Multi-Gard EMT, a UL-approved inside premise cable raceway system, provides efficient management of cables. Product is an industry standard 4-in. electrical metallic tubing housing a gasketed coupling body with three or four preinstalled innerducts and conforms to the 1996 NEC Sec. 300-22.

Carlon Telecom Systems

Liquidtight fittings

Liquidator liquidtight fittings are available in aluminum for protection in corrosive environments. UL-listed and CSA-certified fittings come in sizes ranging from 3/8 in. to 6 in. straight, 45 [degrees] and 90 [degrees] configurations. Available in steel, with or without insulated throats and aluminum or copper grounding lugs.

Crouse-Hinds Div./Cooper Industries

Nonmetallic conduit

Nonmetallic conduit, ONP-premium, is for repetitive motion machinery. Made of two PVC extrusions, separated by nylon mesh, conduit handles heavy treatment.

Eastern Flexible Conduit Technologies

Channel hangers

ShortCuts, new presized painted channel hangers, come prepackaged in 21 different lengths, ranging in size from 6 in. to 80 in., including those lengths used most on job sites. Channel hangars offer real savings in time and cost. On-site safety factor also increases. Pre-sized pieces of strut mean no more rough edges. The product line is available for the most common mounting applications.

B-Line Systems

Expanded fill fittings

The EYSX/EYDX fittings, a line of expanded fill sealing fittings with 40% wire fill capacity, are available in Feraloy and malleable iron or copper-free aluminum. They come in sizes 1/2 in. to 4 in. Suitable for Class I, Div. 1 and 2, Groups B, C, D; Class II, Div. 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G; and Class III applications.

Crouse-Hinds Div./Cooper Industries

Flexible ducts

The Dinosaur series of wiring duct's self-extinguishing, nontoxic polypropylene provides flexibility, so wires can be easily added or removed. Can be used in operating conditions with temperatures as high as 176 [degrees] F. Available in four sizes from 1/2 x 1/2 in. to 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 in.


Cable management

A new product offering includes duct-style cable management panels featuring rugged, all-steel construction, with a low-profile version available for cabinet use where clearance between door and 19 in. rails is an issue; split ring cable management panels in plastic or economical steel, available with or without integrated patch cord management saddles; and two new sizes of wall brackets.

Hubbell Premise Wiring

Aluminum raceway

The Prewired Isoduct Aluminum Raceway System combines customized applications with low installation costs. Finished to specified job site lengths, Isoduct prewired raceway comes completely assembled and ready to install.

The Wiremold Co.


This L2Bond line of coated electrical conduit is designed for less corrosive environments. It has the same gray PVC exterior coating as Red [H.sub.2]OT, and the interior is coated with a new corrosion-resistant polyurethane enamel.

Robroy Conduit Div./Evans

Drain plug

The Easy-dry Drain Plug installs at the bottom of electrical enclosures, draining water and condensation. Available in 1/2-in. copper-free aluminum or 316 stainless steel.

Myers Electric Products

Nonmetallic boxes

The Adjust-a-Box nonmetallic boxes offer features that allow the installer to adjust the box to finished wall level without the use of "goof rings." Products meet NEC Sec. 370-20.


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