Announcing Contractor Rewards: New Rewards at the Right Time

BI Coalition Marketing Group launches innovative new loyalty program to add value for both manufacturers and contractors

Minneapolis-based BI has launched Contractor Rewards, the latest addition to its roster of successful rewards programs. Contractor Rewards is the only coalition rewards program to target professional builders, remodelers, and contractors in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction industries in the United States. Manufacturers, including A.O. Smith, Edwards Signaling, Matheson, GE, GAF Materials Corp., and DuPont, have already signed on as participating sponsors of Contractor Rewards.

“These category-leading brands were eager to sign on with Contractor Rewards because it gives them the ability to identify and maintain a persistent voice with their professional trade customers,” said John Pierson, division VP of coalition marketing for BI. “Contractor Rewards gives their customers the ability to combine their point earnings from multiple manufacturers to earn rewards faster, which builds increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.”

Coalition marketing rewards programs like Contractor Rewards offer a unique benefit over standalone loyalty programs for manufacturers and their customers alike. A participating manufacturer can expect to increase sales by incentivizing purchase of its products, while also gaining valuable marketing insight about its customers, including brand preferences and other purchasing habits that may not have been otherwise accessible. This information can be used by manufacturers to acquire new customers and expand relationships with existing customers. For the participating customer, a coalition rewards program offers increased earning power by combining rewards points from different manufacturers.

“Contractor Rewards offers an exciting new opportunity for GE to improve our connection with contractors who serve the residential market and to gain maximum advantage in this competitive marketplace,” said Chris Bowler, general manager of consumer and industrial marketing for GE Energy Industrial Solutions. “Our contractor customers can boost their loyalty points by continuing to purchase GE products, as well as products from the other sponsors of Contractor Rewards, to earn even more desirable rewards.”

After purchasing a product from one of the many participating manufacturers, a customer can locate the yellow reward code label on the eligible product, enter the 12-digit code online, and begin earning points towards valuable reward items. Participating customers can redeem Contractor Rewards points for a wide selection of more than 30,000 tangible rewards, such as tools for a job site, a laser printer for the office, or a plasma TV to take home.

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