Bobcat dealers offers GPS, theft-recovery, and equipment-management package

System can be accessed online or integrated into existing software

Bobcat dealers are now offering equipment owners a system that creates virtual boundaries or “geo-fences,” and triggers an alert when one of the user’s machines leaves certain areas. It also enables GPS tracking and transmits equipment’s location data, operating status, and engine hours on-demand or at automated intervals.

The package will help contractors and rental stores monitor equipment operation so they know whether equipment is sitting idle or being used to full potential. Engine-hour monitoring helps keep track of when service is due and enables strategic planning in taking equipment off-line for maintenance.

Future capabilities of the system include remote diagnostics, like machine health-status reports and remote troubleshooting, and system enhancements will be added using wireless communication.

All applications can be accessed online at or integrated into existing back-end business software solutions.

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