Bridgeport Makes Product Selection Quick, Simple and Easy for a Full Range of Applications

Bridgeport Makes Product Selection Quick, Simple and Easy for a Full Range of Applications

Online Application Tool brings users to an appropriate solution with just a click of the mouse

Stratford, Conn.-based Bridgeport Fittings recently announced the Application Tool, an easy-to-use, online graphic interface that automatically steers Bridgeport website visitors to an appropriate product solution for their application. Visitors just click the Application Tool button on the website homepage and are instantly brought to a page graphically showing seven different building or plant structures where Bridgeport products can be used. The interactive illustrations depict light industrial, education, healthcare, residential, commercial, hospitality and renewable energy applications.

Each graphic, using illustrated cut-a-ways, pinpoints exactly where on the plant site, or within a facility, a particular solution can be applied. For example, the renewable energy graphic shows the user an area populated by wind turbines. When visitors click on this spot, they are immediately shown a pop-up box on the screen that illustrates the use of Bridgeport’s steel liquid tight connectors in wind turbine systems. In another instance, a visitor may need assistance in choosing the right product solution for automated and control equipment in a light industrial application. Clicking on these selections will then bring the website visitor to the product’s specifications.

“These application solutions are part of Bridgeport’s complete range of products to help make the contractor’s job easier and more productive,” says Paul Suzio, Bridgeport president and COO. “The Application Tool is yet another way in which Bridgeport carries out its formula for guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.”

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