Business Briefs for the Week of March 1, 2010

Alpha Energy, Southwire, Siemens

Alpha Energy

Alpha Energy recently relocated its corporate headquarters to Phoenix. The new office will serve as the primary Alpha point of contact for renewable energy customers throughout the Americas.

Southwire Co.

Carrollton, Ga.-based Southwire Co. has completed the asset purchase of American Insulated Wire Corp. (AIW), a subsidiary of Leviton. Southwire has acquired certain assets of AIW, including the AIW brands and two manufacturing facilities: one in Douglas, Ga., and Coffeyville, Kan., both of which produce a variety of building wire products for commercial, industrial, and OEM markets.


Siemens has acquired a 10% stake in Bristol, England-based Marine Current Turbines (MCT), a pioneer in the design and development of tidal current energy turbines. "Siemens' investment in MCT underlines the significant commercial potential that exists for tidal energy across the globe and enables us to draw upon the company's extensive knowledge and experience in turbine-generation technology. Marine current turbines generate electricity by utilizing water flows such as tidal currents. The turbine is fixed on a pile and is driven by the flow of the tides.

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