Business Briefs for Week of May 12, 2008

Akeena Solar, OTI, HelioVolt Corp.

  • San Francisco-based Akeena Solar, designer and installer of solar power systems, and Los Gatos, Calif.-based Sun Run, the nation’s first provider of residential solar service, recently formed a partnership to provide homeowners with Akeena’s innovative Andalay solar power system and Sun Run’s pioneering solar service.
  • Huntsville, Ala.-based Operation Technology Inc. (OTI) recently joined the Intergraph SmartPlant alliance program. The combination of OTI’s ETAP software analysis platform with Intergraph’s SmartPlant allows for the design and validation of power distribution systems prior to delivery and installation.
  • Austin, Texas-based HelioVolt Corp. recently formed a partnership with Alameda, Calif.-based Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. to develop and manufacture building integrated photovoltaic (PV) products. The joint offering will incorporate solar energy systems directly into standardized curtain wall products.
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