California Program Aims to Unmask Unlawful Electrical Contractors

California program aims to unmask unlawful electrical contractors

A program was recently created to expose electrical contractors in violation of safety and quality regulations in California. Launched on February 1, the Construction Trades Compliance Program (CTCP) seeks to educate the community about the negative impact of hiring electrical contractors that use uncertified electricians, pay workers with untaxed cash payments, and operate without legally required workers’ compensation insurance.

“The purpose of industry regulations is to ensure that contractors operate businesses that provide safe working environments for their employees and that generate quality work for consumers,” says Brian Peters, the head of CTCP. “The underground and semi-underground contractors who violate quality and safety regulations put employees at physical risk, jeopardize consumer safety, and compromise product quality. They also create an unwinnable economic situation where business owners who do follow industry regulations are at a financial disadvantage when they bid against contractors who illegally cut corners on quality, safety, and training.”

According to a press release from the Western Electrical Contractors Association (WECA), a Rancho Cordova, Calif.-based nonprofit organization serving independent/merit shop electrical contractors, their employees, and the industry suppliers that support them and that recently entered into a strategic partnership with the CTCP, the program will also promote the value of hiring a contractor that employs only qualified, certified electricians and follows all applicable laws.

To encourage compliance, the CTCP will undertake efforts to investigate contractors that are suspected of violating industry safety and quality laws. Any evidence collected by the program will be submitted to the appropriate state agency for further investigation and enforcement.

People who want to report suspected violations are asked to contact the CTCP tip line at (877) 334-1777. Callers may remain anonymous, but they are asked to provide the job site and address, the name of the company or individual, and the suspected violation.

Source: Western Electrical Contractors Association

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