Christenson Electric Acquires Tanner Creek Energy

Christenson Electric acquires Tanner Creek Energy to expand its renewable energy services

Portland, Ore.-headquartered Christenson Electric recently acquired local energy solution provider and general contractor Tanner Creek Energy. The acquisition will enable Christenson to expand its renewable energy and operational efficiency services to its customers.

Established by Alan Hickenbottom in 2007, Tanner Creek Energy will operate as a division of Christenson Electric. The Tanner Creek Energy division will offer Northwest businesses renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency improvements in lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, pumps, motors, compressed air, irrigation, and energy. The new division has worked extensively with commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers. In addition, it has broad knowledge of financing and incentives for energy projects.

Hickenbottom will serve as the general manager of the new division and will lead the team in integrating Tanner Creek Energy’s approach into Christenson’s offerings.

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