E-Mon receives GSA’s Federal Supply Contract

Company product now available to federal facilities managers

E-Mon was recently awarded a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Contract for its advanced metering products. It’s the first full-service submetering company to be added to the approved product purchasing guide and catalog for federal facilities managers nationwide.

The GSA schedule also includes the D-Mon and the Pro-Mon submeters, which enable organizations to benchmark, analyze, and allocate their energy consumption costs, and RightEnergy software, an integrated energy intelligence system for electricity, gas, water, steam, and other energy sources.

In the past, E-Mon has assisted federal facilities managers like those at the Smithsonian Institution, the Los Angeles Air Force Base, and the U.S. Naval Station at Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico to achieve utility cost reductions as well as perform cost allocations and bill users.

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