EMCOR Group, Inc. Subsidiary Awarded Contracts for Installation of Electrical Systems at Fort Benning

EMCOR Group, Inc. recently announced that its subsidiary Dynalectric Co. has been awarded two contracts for the installation of electrical systems at the new Resiliency Campus at Fort Benning, Ga. Dynalectric will be responsible for installing a number of different electrical systems in two buildings at Fort Benning’s new Resiliency Campus. Dynalectric is required to preserve and restore the building’s historical and prominent architectural features.

For one building, a 103,000 square foot, three-story building constructed in 1934, and which will become the keystone of the new Resiliency Campus, Dynalectric will be responsible for a complete electrical and telecommunications reinstallation, as well as installation of LED lighting and a digital lighting control system, new fire alarm system, lightning protection system, new telecommunications riser, and upgraded electrical distribution.

For the second building, a two-story structure, Dynalectric will be responsible for replacement of existing lighting with digital controlled LED fixtures, replacement of the existing fire alarm system, and upgrading the existing electrical systems.

“Dynalectric is pleased to have been selected to provide the range of electrical systems that Fort Benning requires at the Resiliency Campus," stated Ray Hopkins, president of Dynalectric. ”Fort Benning is an historical military facility with an important mission, and we look forward to being a part of the team."

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